Sunday 14 June 2009

Liberal Treason Continues

If you find this image offensive, then please leave my country.

You do not belong here.

Soldier badge is banned

ARMED cops patrolling Heathrow Airport have been banned from wearing tiny Union Jack badges in support of British troops.

Top brass claimed the tie-pin badges - which cost £1 with proceeds going to the Help for Heroes charity - were OFFENSIVE.

But one officer asked: "How can the Union Jack be offensive?

About 100 officers in the Metropolitan force's SO18 Aviation branch, which patrols Heathrow, bought the inch-square badges.

Seventy per cent of them served in the Forces and many have children fighting in Afghanistan.

Another cop said: "We're wearing the badges with pride. Most importantly, they are to show support for our soldiers at war.

"Nobody has put out orders to remove rainbow symbols that gay and lesbian officers wear. Why discriminate against us?"

A statement from the Met said: "The dress code states only approved corporate badging may be used."

"This ruling is even more absurd coming this weekend on the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

"We must be the only country ashamed to display our national flag."

1 comment:

fellist said...

These cops are beginning to join the dots, or at least to see the disjoints in the official narrative.

If the spontaneous public expression of patriotism is considered by the government a threat to peace, what kind of country is this -- whose country is this?

What kind of regime only allows a 'patriotism' that can be used in service of unpopular government projects like the Iraq war and celebration of multiracial Britain?