Sunday 28 June 2009

Peter Herbert - Liberal Fascist Hypocrite

Here we go again.

Another liberal fascist idiot has crawled out of his hole and demanded a further restriction on our rights of free speech and a further erosion of our democratic rights because he doesnt like the fact that people are seeing through the lies and propaganda of the failed multi-cultural Two Party Liberal Fascist State and are voting for the BNP.

Liberal Fascists like Peter Herbet are the most loathsome people on the planet, for they are the enemies of free speech and liberty who hide their fascism beneath a thin veneer of politically correct moral cant.

Peter Herbert of the Society of Black Lawyers doesnt like the BNP.

Big deal.

It appears this liberal fascist hypocrite thinks he and members of the black community should have the right to run and join ethno-centric organisations that represent the collective interests of their community, but that whites should not have the same rights as all other groups in our supposedly 'equal' multi-cultural society.

Seeing as the BNP is the only organisation that represents the interests of the White Indigenous British community in the political process, then attacking the BNP is evidence of the racist motivation of such people.

Peter Herbert is a racist, but is too stupid to realise he is.

Theres nothing more sickening than a liberal fascist who is so thick they are unable to see they are nothing more than a sickening hypocrite.

Furher proof if it was needed that multi-culturalism, democracy and free speech are incompatible.

The logical absurdities in his garbled and ridiculous arguments in the article below are so amateurish that one wonders how this insidious little creep ever got to be a judge.

They must be hard up for judges if such people are being elevated to the bench - it apears that a basic requirement for the ability to understand legal logic and arguments is no longer required these days.

The 'insider' at the CPS who said that distributing leaflets in the street is not considered as being 'in public' must have been the teaboy in the office as it appears that the idiot doesnt even have a basic understanding of the law.

The idea that being in a street and distributing leaflets is not a 'public act' is probably the most pathetic thing I have read for a long time.

One wonders if these are the fools employed by the CPS then its no wonder only 1 in 100 cases ends up in court and the convictions rates so pathetic.

These comments by Herbert and The Insider are scandalously stupid.

The idea that the BNP delivers illegal leaflets is simply pure bullshit.

Every leaflet the BNP delivers is legal - and if the Liberal Fascist morons that support Herbert manage to change the law then we will simply change our leaflets again to ensure we are within the law.

The idiots like Herbert wont stop us delivering leaflets - they will only kill democracy and free speech in their insane pursuit to try and stop the rise of the BNP and nationalist politics.

We will evolve and adapt, and at the same time we will point out that yet again the morons in the Labour Party are destroying our right of free speech.

We will turn any assault on us into an assault on free speech and use it as evidence that the real fascists are the Liberals that are removing our rights of free speech.

Senior prosecutors are calling for the laws on race hate crimes to be strengthened to counter the threat posed by the British National party.

The threshold for securing a conviction is so high that far-right activists are able to evade prosecution for material that many people would consider to be threatening and racist, according to sources at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Prosecutors blame the lack of convictions on the strict legal test, which requires showing an intention to "stir up racial hatred" or a likelihood that racial tension would be stirred up.

The offence, which was created under the Public Order Act, only applies to acts that take place or are witnessed in public so it does not cover leaflets that are pushed through people's letter boxes. It also offers no protection against the publication of inaccurate or false information.

Several BNP leaflets have been referred to the CPS over the last five years – some by senior police officers and one by a judge – but no further action has been taken.

Peter Herbert, the chairman of the Society of Black Lawyers and a part-time judge, submitted a complaint last year over a leaflet called The Changing Face of London that had two pictures, one depicting an all-white street party from the 1950s, the other showing three Muslim women wearing a niqab, one of whom is making a V-sign towards the camera.

"Under the law, it has been extremely difficult to mount a prosecution against extremism and hate speech," said Herbert. "But with the rise of the BNP, and the subsequent rise in racist attacks and the fear the party's leaflets can provoke, it is essential we are given the tools to deal effectively with this threat."

Herbert said the law should protect people from material that creates a fear of racist attacks as well as those that are deemed to incite racial hatred. "All the evidence suggests that it is people from minority communities and the faith communities that are put in fear of violence when racist leaflets are delivered in town centres or on estates. If someone handed out the same thing in the workplace, most employers would consider that gross misconduct; if someone does the same thing in the street, there is very little we can do."

Another complaint was submitted to the CPS by Lancashire police who expressed concern about a BNP leaflet which blamed Muslims for the heroin trade. Four people were arrested and released on police bail last year but detectives are still waiting to hear from the CPS about whether they have grounds to prosecute for "incitement to stir up racial hatred".

In another incident, Derbyshire police alerted the CPS about a BNP election leaflet claiming three asylum seekers had raped a woman. The police said the rape claims were "unfounded", but the CPS said there were no grounds to prosecute under existing law. "Whilst those details in the leaflet regarding the alleged rape are factually incorrect, this in itself does not constitute a criminal offence," said a CPS spokesman at the time.

A senior prosecutor told the Guardian: "There are numerous problems. The test to show incitement is very high and the material has to be distributed in public rather than put through people's doors. This makes it really difficult to get convictions for material which many people consider racist."

A CPS source confirmed that the organisation would review its policies on prosecuting race hate crimes following the election of two BNP candidates, including the party's leader, Nick Griffin, to the European parliament.

"We will need to look again at the situation with prosecuting incidences of this material," the source said.

Last week, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the official watchdog on race and equality, wrote a formal letter to the BNP giving them one month to remedy three alleged breaches of the Race Relations Act, including the party's whites-only membership policy.

That announcement increased the likelihood of legal action against the BNP in the civil courts, but critics say there have been too few criminal proceedings, despite material distributed by the party which many regard as inflammatory.

Herbert, the former chair of the Metropolitan police race hate crime forum, said a number of anti-racism and human rights bodies would back a change in the law.

"I expect a strong coalition will form around this idea and put pressure on the government to instigate a change in primary legislation as soon as possible," he said.

Anti-racism campaigners welcomed the crackdown on inflammatory or racist leaflets but warned more was needed to effectively counter the threat posed by the BNP.

"Where the BNP has been distributing racially offensive material, it is right that they should be prosecuted with the full force of the law," said a spokesman for the anti-fascist organisation Searchlight. "However, the way we will defeat Nick Griffin and his party is street by street and estate by estate, not lawyer by lawyer and courtroom by courtroom."

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Andraste said...

Spot on Lee. These idiots are so arrogant and out or touch. We will adapt to anything they throw at us. In fact it is good actually the more they stifle free expression, because it reveals them for the fascists they are.

We cannot be defeated. BNP onward, ever onward into the fray.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant as ever, Lee. Let the foes of the BNP know what sort of intellectual power they're up against!

ValiantKnights toy soldier said...

AT last, GREAT. I want to know what is realy going on with the British National Party. I have been following info on BNP for some months now. Gathering as much as I can find from both for and against fractions. I am fed up with reading all the swearing and name calling done by both sides with no factual account or body to the subject.
I have just stumbled on this site and congratulations, I have managed to read it without working over Swear words, the second world war,Nazi,Facists, Pigs, etc. None of which are needed to explain what we are doing today. I found the article most informative and look forward to reading more.
Valiant Knight

Andraste said...

ValiantKnights toy soldier is a complete idiot, the BNP website is the official resource for all matters BNP - therefore if you have not tried there in your apparent exhaustive research then you are a fucking twat.

ValiantKnights toy soldier said...

In reply to Andraste, Its a shame you did not read my comments, as stated, I have checked the BNP site and receive the daily news emails.
Thank you for your email it states my point very well. When people cannot understand the written word or cannot offer factual argument to support their case, they retort to name calling and swearing out of illiterate frustration. Shame you cannot converse, but the more you act this way the better it is for the opposition.(I bet you are prone to loose your temper and shout as well)

Andraste said...

ValiantKnights toy soldier my apologies, I misread your comments, and this was down to my hot-headiness [sic]. I hope you will stay on Lee Barnes' blog and also that you find more information that you are seeking. best regards.