Friday 12 June 2009

Details for BNP Members

It appears that my BNP e mail accounts have been suspended.

I will update people on what is going on once I have more information.

For BNP members who I am assisting with legal cases please contact me by e mail and I will either seek to pass your documents back on to you or I will seek to arrange alternative arrangements re representation.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, does this mean there won't be a cushy job for you in Brussels, Lee?

Anonymous said...

Still, thank goodness for multinational corporations like Google, eh? At least you can rely on them.

LLB (Hons) said...

I wonder what sorts of legal cases BNP members could have pending against them that would require Lee's help.

Anonymous said...

Are we to infer that there is dissent in the BNP ranks?

I love Mark Collette said...

Why the fuck have you got a BNP email address when you aint even a member.

Steve Blake and Simon Bennett have been right all along you shouldnt be allowed anywhere a BNP member you mentally disturbed piece of lowlife benefit scrounging scum.

BNP loyalist said...

Thats good news, you shouldnt have a BNP email address anyway.

Well done Simon Bennett for shutting your account down, you vile cunt. You are an embarrasment for the BNP and should be locked away for your own safety and the safety of society. I hate you more than any member of UAF because you do more damage to the BNP than those twats. I hope you fucking die of cancer you cunt, and as quickly as possible to get rid of a piece of walking human flotsam who serves no fucking purpose.