Tuesday 16 June 2009

Pickled Politics - a few answers to your questions

Pickled Politics have a list of 20 questions for the BNP and the Egov Monitor magazine here ;


Has asked someone to answer those questions.

I have asked the ones that could be answered based on an analysis of the BNP's ideological positions, though other questions could not be answered that related to the subjective opinions of individuals which can only be answered by themselves.

Here's the list of first 20 questions:

Role models, affiliations, and policies of senior members of the BNP

1. Would Nick Griffin, Andrew Brons and all other members of the BNP be willing to submit to multiple independent DNA tests in order to confirm that none of them have any non-European ancestry within a particular timeframe (eg. the last 3000 years)?

Why ? It is not BNP policy to utilise or demand DNA tests on members.

2. If Nick Griffin, Andrew Brons, or any other members of the BNP are found to have any non-European ancestry at all within the timeframe mentioned above, would the individuals concerned be willing to resign their membership of the BNP immediately and, upon the election of a future BNP government, submit to all the policies which would be implemented, including repatriation to a country which is the closest match for their non-European ancestry?

Another non-sequitur - as the BNP do not ask members to submit to DNA tests why should we require someone to leave the BNP on any such basis.

3.On what basis can the BNP, specifically Nick Griffin, credibly insist that it is not actually a white supremacist organisation, when non-white British citizens are barred from joining it despite the fact that no such restrictions apply to white/Caucasian people originating from outside Britain?

We live in a multi-cultural society predicated upon the principle that every community has the right to organise ethno-specific groups to represent and protect their community interests in our multi-cultural society.

All other racial, ethnic, national, religious groups within Britain have specific organisations to represent and promote their community interests from charities to legal lobby groups. The ONLY group in our multi-cultural society that has no ethno-specific community organisations to represent their interests as a racial group are the indigenous White British, English, Northern Irish, Welsh and Scottish. The Equality Bill presently before Parliament adds to the plethora of existing laws under the Race Relations Acts and will impose positive discrimination, affirmative action plans and quotas as regards non-white racial groups that will actively discriminate against indigenous Britons and White Europeans in Britain on the grounds of their sex and race. Therefore until the Race Relations Acts, all anti-free speech laws and the Equality Bill are repealed then the BNP will exist to fight for the interests of all indigenous White British citizens, and all assimilated White European peoples within Britain who self classify themselves as White British, who suffer direct and indirect racial discrimination based on their racial origins as a result of the racist Race Relations Acts and the Equality Bill.

4.Specifically which policies of the National Front in relation to non-white British citizens do Andrew Brons and the BNP as a whole renounce or support?

Ask him. The BNP have no interest in the National Front or its policies.

5.Specifically which policies and ideology of the historical German Nazi party does the BNP as a whole renounce or support, considering the confirmed admiration for Hitler and his organisation amongst several senior members of the BNP?

All of it. Calling the BNP 'fascist' or 'Nazi' makes about as much sense as calling the Labour Party 'Communist' or 'Bolshevik', it bears no basis to reality. When the media start to believe their own propaganda then the media are in the grip of a self constructed psychosis.

6. Specifically which aspects of Hitler’s book Mein Kampf does Nick Griffin agree with, considering that he is on record as stating that he has “learned a lot” from it ?

Ask him.

7. How does the BNP reconcile historical and ongoing admiration of the Nazis and their policies with a) the fact that Britain went to war to destroy the Nazis, including subsequently supporting the prosecution and execution of various senior Nazis and other captured members of Nazi Germany for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and b) the fact that the BNP has been declaring the actions of Britain during WW2, including several major victories, as “examples of British greatness” ?

1) The BNP does not admire the Nazis

2) Our fathers and grandparents were the ones who fought and died against the Nazis - did yours ?

3) Our fathers and grandfathers fought for freedom from fascism, today we fight for freedom from Liberal Fascism, Political Correctness, Globalism, Islamism and the Corporate Media that undermine our democracy. The struggle is the same, only the enemies are different.

8. How does the BNP reconcile the above with a) Nick Griffin praising the Waffen SS and simultaneously attacking the RAF for its bombing of Nazi Germany during his time as editor of The Rune between 1995 and 1997, b) the fact that, during a demonstration at Coventry Cathedral in 1998, Nick Griffin accused British airmen involved in the wartime effort of having engaged in “mass murder”, and c) the fact that Nick Griffin has been on record as claiming that the Holocaust is a “hoax” perpetrated by the victorious Allied powers, making the following statement in 1998: “I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that 6 million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the Earth was flat…..I have reached the conclusion that the “extermination” tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria” ?

Ask him.

9.Will the BNP’s proposed policies in relation to non-white British citizens also be applicable to Jewish British citizens ? If the answer is “Yes”, then all further queries in relation to non-white British citizens should be interpreted to also include Jewish British citizens.

It may have escaped your notice that most Jewish people in the UK are white. Those Jews who are not white mainly live either in Ethiopia or Israel. Note that the Israeli government have been accused of racism for stopping any more Black Jews entering Israel - http://www.africaresource.com/rasta/sesostris-the-great-the-egyptian-hercules/ethiopian-black-jews-denounce-racist-israeli-minister/

10.Nick Griffin has claimed that the BNP’s policies and ideology are in line with the teachings of Christianity. Is the BNP therefore claiming that, as the Head of the Church of England, Queen Elizabeth II agrees with the BNP’s interpretation of Christianity ? If not, is the BNP claiming that the Queen’s own interpretation of Christianity is wrong ?

1) The BNP is a secular party that defends British culture which includes Christianity.

2) We have no idea of the Queen's interpretation of Christianity and nor would we assert we do.

3) What the Queen believes is her own private opinion and we would suggest that you mind your own business and leave the Queen alone and not use her as a political football in your infantile attacks upon the BNP.

11.After the election of a BNP government, what would be the official policy in relation to Gurkhas who have served in the British armed forces and/or are serving at that particular time, ie. Will the recently-awarded right to British citizenship be revoked; will Gurkhas already possessing British citizenship due to military service be “encouraged” to engage in “voluntary repatriation”; will Gurkhas possessing British citizenship be afforded identical legal rights and protections as white/Caucasian British citizens ?

1) Gurkhas who served in the British armed forces will be given by a BNP government a much larger inflation linked army pension within their own country based on the exact same amount of money as those pensions that all ex-British Army veterans get in the UK, which we will also link to rises in inflation, and they will also have the right to enter the UK and utilise British NHS services etc at any time. Those who wished to settle in the UK on medical grounds would be allowed to settle in the UK with members of their extended families and receive NHS treatment and government relocation assistence.

12.Under a BNP government, would other non-white members of the British armed forces currently possessing British citizenship be afforded identical legal rights and protections as white/Caucasian British citizens ?


13.During its various references to Britain’s historical participation in the two World Wars of the 20th century, why does the BNP never mention the fact that millions of non-white soldiers from the former British Empire fought alongside white/Caucasian soldiers on the side of the Allied powers in both World Wars, including 2.5 million soldiers from the Indian subcontinent during WW2 (comprising the largest volunteer army in recorded history), and including numerous non-white soldiers who were awarded medals for their military service and performance by the British authorities of the time ?

Yes they did, as did many of their own peoples who also fought alongside the Nazis from members of Indian Legion in the Waffen SS to Muslim dividions in the Waffen SS. All Empires in history have utilised people within the boundaries of their Empire to fight for them. That does not mean we in Britain should open our borders today to every one who fought for the British Army in World War Two or their descendants. They were handed back their countries after the fall of Empire as the prize of their sacrifice in WW2 and therefore we, and our children, do not owe them anything today. Britain no longer has an Empire, therefore we no longer owe them any debt or have any responsibility for them in any way.

Their reward was to be given back their own countries after the war.

14.To what extent does the BNP renounce or support the policies and ideologies of modern-day Neo-Nazi organisations across Europe, especially considering Nick Griffin’s ongoing efforts to build a pan-European alliance with organisations similar to the BNP based on the European mainland ?

We are Nationalists. Nazis are pan-nationalist Aryanists. They are not nationalists. Therefore the BNP has no contacts with Neo-Nazi organisations. Unfortunately the media suffering in the grip of its own psychosis, is not intelligent enough, rational enough or impartial enough to actually educate themselves about the facts nor tell the truth about what the BNP actually stands for.

15. To what extent does the BNP renounce or support the policies and ideology of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, considering Nick Griffin’s confirmed links with the organisation ?

We are 100 % against such groups. Nick Griffin has never had any links with the KKK. This is just another media lie. I once stood in a lift with Keith Richards, does this mean I am member of The Rolling Stones ? Tony Blair has met and shook hands with Gerry Adams and Nelson Mandela, does that mean he was in the IRA and the ANC ?

16.What percentage of BNP members, especially those at the senior levels of the organisation, are currently or have historically been active in participating on the white supremacist Stormfront internet forum and agree with the primary ethos of the website and its founder ?

Who knows and who cares. We believe in free speech. We may not like what some of our own people believe or say but as long as we live in a democracy and they stay within the law that is their own business. We do not police peoples minds. Only Liberal Fascists feel that they must have laws and powers to invstigate what people think and say. The real fascists in this country are those who in the name of anti-fascism and ' The War Against Terrorism' have created the most pernicious fascist regime in this countries entire history - from the CCTV surveillance society where we have the most amount of cameras in the world in Britain, trackers bugs in wheelie bins, all E Mails being collected, all phone calls being tapped, secret police databases being built up on peoples opinions, ID cards, DNA swabs, samples and records stored in secret databases, secret evidence allowed in court cases, internment without trial and extraordinary rendition flights from UK airports. Whilst the real fascists are in power, their lackeys use the media to peddle myths to the public about the 'fascist BNP'. How dumb must people be not to see the New Labour Police State all around them.

17.As public figures seeking high political office, would the BNP be willing to release the names of senior party members who are currently or have historically been active in participating on the Stormfront internet forum ?

We do not collect that information and frankly no-one cares, apart or course, from those liberal, leftist and media idiots that see fascists everwhere, except in the reflection of their own mirrors or in the New Labour government that has created the Police State we are forced to live in today.

The real fascists in this country are the ones in Parliament and the Media. They conspire to steal our rights and liberties and then to divert peoples attentions away from the truth by pointing at the BNP and calling us 'fascists'. The real fascists run our country, the police, ACPO, the Trades Unions, the Corporate Media and the nationalised banks.

18.How will a BNP government ensure the safety of Britain’s female population, considering that a senior member of the BNP has been on record as stating that he believes “women enjoy being raped” ?

What this BNP member said was idiotic. That was one members stupid opinion. He is not alone though in saying idiotic things. This entire questionaire is full of idiotic questions and statements and the entire country run is by corrupt idiots who believe in nonsense and talk lies and speak rubbish.

Seeing as women in London who are raped or sexually assaulted are most likely to be victims of foreign criminals allowed into our country, then once we have deported most of them then all women of all races in our country will be far safer.

Race is clearly a factor both in victims and perpetrators of rapes in London.


Scotland Yard is treating the evidence with care because it has sensitive racial overtones. It suggests a disproportionately high involvement of young black or Asian males in group sex attacks and that a high proportion of the victims are white females.


Women and girls of white or European appearance accounted for 59% of victims with 28% of victims described as African or Caribbean.

Suspects of African or Caribbean backgrounds were identified in 49% of attacks or allegation of assaults and 13% were committed by men of Indian or Pakistani appearance.

We also have exposed the issue of Muslim gang rape of young white children and will impose Capital Punishment upon any individuals involved in grooming childen for sex and prostitution.


FOREIGNERS carried out one in six rapes in Britain last year, police figures have revealed.

And migrant workers, illegal immigrants and even tourists were responsible for up to a third of all sex attacks in some areas.

In Greater London, the worst area affected, foreigners were charged in connection with one in three rapes, statistics obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show. Other areas with large immigration populations – Cambridgeshire, Merseyside, Hertfordshire, Avon and Somerset – also recorded high numbers of non-UK citizens charged with sex attacks.

Police blame the influx of eastern Europeans into Britain following EU enlargement in 2004 for compounding the problem and have called for tougher border controls.

19. How will a BNP government ensure the safety, protection and welfare of Britain’s current and future disabled population, considering that a senior member of the BNP has been on record as stating that he supports forced euthanasia of the handicapped and others deemed to be “a waste of time, money and resources”, including the very old and (especially) newborn babies, in response to the death of David Cameron’s baby in spring 2009?

Once again a single member said something stupid. What he said has nothing to do with BNP policy. The BNP have not passed the Abortion Laws that since 1967 have killed 6 million babies in Britain. Nor are the BNP the government that allows abortion for babies over 24 weeks if they are disabled. Many of the disabled in this country are lucky to have ever been born seeing as they can aborted at any time under the present abortion laws. They are lucky to be alive today due to Labour, Liberal and Tory policies which made a disability as grounds for a late abortion. The BNP respect all our people. Many of our top activists are also either disabled or have family members who suffer from disabilities.

Below is a story about comments made by individual Tory councillors talking rubbish, so does this mean the Tories are anti-disabled and will sterilise the White working class ?


A sick Tory has suggested saving cash by killing off disabled children in care.

Senior councillor Hugh Jackson made the vile remark just days after David Cameron visited his area and claimed the party had changed.

Tory John Ward, who sits on Medway council, Kent, quit on Tuesday after calling for jobless mums, like Karen Matthews, to be sterilised.

Medical impact of a BNP government

20. What contingency measures does the BNP plan in order to effectively deal with the likely massive increase in accident- and illness-related casualties and deaths amongst the British population due to the rapid collapse of the NHS upon the pre-emptive emigration and/or expulsion/repatriation of non-white British citizens currently working as medical professionals in the NHS, considering that 16% of nurses are non-white, as are 40% of new dentists and 58% of new doctors ? (Figures: June 2009)

More nonsense conjecture based on media rubbish. The BNP will begin a phased plan of re-nationalising the International Health Service that used to be the National Health Service. We will no longer steal medical staff from the Developing World and rob the poorest people on the planet of their precious doctors and nurses. We will ensure that the NHS is able to run and function with British medical graduates as opposed to asset stripping the Developing World of their medical staff and leaving hundreds of millions of poor, mainly Black people without any health care. The theft of nurses from Africa is a crime against humanity. In the midst of the AID's epidemic, famines and social collapse the NHS has plundered the continent for its most essential and valuable people. This has to stop. There is no moral argument for using African doctors and nurses in the NHS, only what should be shame. As the NHS is re-nationalised then contracts for foreign staff will be phased out.

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Andraste said...

What I find most significant about these type of questions is not the questions themselves, but the mentality of the questioner. We get the same questions being asked over and over again, and these questions have all been answered, and all available for anyone who is truly interested but no-one ever takes notice of the answers. And that's the point, most of the time, those who engage themselves most with attacking the BNP never actually take the time to actually review first hand material, i.e. watch speeches by Nick Griffin, instead they are so locked into their frenzied self-loathing reality tunnel that they simply are kept in such a state by feeding of a constant stream of misinformation and lies - this reveals so much about the mentality of these people - they are not interested in truth, rather perpetuating their own beliefs.

An interesting example of the delusional state of these people occurred recently whilst a group of us was out leafleting. Now our group of six, consisted of four middle-aged men (smartly dressed), one woman and a man who were both in their sixties, and we heard from a lady who answered the door when we approached that a group of leftist students were also in the area putting out their usual garbage leaflets - but she said don't worry their won't be any confrontation because they think that you are all skin heads and will beat them up - we all had a good laugh about that. But this reveals just what utter idiots these people are, whereby they have created a lie, they then believe their own lies, and then it defines their reality - you would be well justified to question the sanity of such people.

Another excellent example of the extremely confused leftist mentality was performed by that idiot Nicky Campbell on Radio 4 when "interviewing" Andrew Brons MEP. Nicky Campbell acknowledged that the indigenous people of Australia are the Aborigines, therefore he acknowledged that indigenous peoples exist... and yet he cannot accept that indigenous people exist in our islands... such mental acrobatics are common place with lefties.

Going back to the questions. Even though they have been answered don't expect the questioner to take any notice, because they are not really interested in reaching an understanding, they are singularly fixated on creating and justifying their own reality, therefore they will readily distort any information in order to satiate their own pathological impulses and feed their own unstable mental conditions.

Being part of the "anti-BNP" gang is part of the psychodrama of these deluded lefties... it doesn't matter about reality, what matters to them is twisted reality in whatever way possible so that they can justify their own sick mentality.

alanorei said...

A most useful set of answers, Lee, thanks

Is there likely to be any space for the D-Day article? No problem if not, just wondered.

alanorei said...

An astute overview, Andraste

We've had the same thing in our area.

They raely if ever check BNP policies or the Manifesto and if they do, drag statements out of context, like an interviewer did with Mark Walker some time back.

Nicky Campbell seems ignorant of the fact that the name Australia derives from Terra Australis Incognita (Latin: "unknown southern land").

No Aborigine tribe thought of itself as 'Australian,' for that reason. If it hadn't been for the English seafarers' command of Latin, there would be no 'aborigines' either. The name derives from ab origine, "from the beginning". The expression seems to have been first used in 1789, the year after the arrival of the First Fleet under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip RN, into what was designated Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour).

In other words, the native folk of Australia even owe their most publicised identity to white Englishmen.

Andraste said...

Btw, thanks Lee for the answers, regardless of what I think of the people who posit such questions I am grateful for your post.

Andraste said...

Thanks Alan. You make an excellent point:

"In other words, the native folk of Australia even owe their most publicised identity to white Englishmen."

It does indeed seem ironic that the same people who try to deny that our people are the indigenous people of our islands are the same people who then go on about the historical and continued abuses against the indigenous peoples of other lands such as the Aborigines and the American Indians. Another classic example of confused leftist thinking.

Angharad said...

These repetitious questions are part of a strategy to tie us down in circular arguments so that our message doesn't get through.

alanorei said...

Re: confused Leftist thinking, thanks Andraste, most insightful.

Anonymous said...

O dear - it would seem the NHS is guilty of institutionalised discrimination against the indigenous peoples!!! Investigation anyone?