Sunday 7 June 2009

Congratulations to Andrew Brons

Congratulations to Andrew Brons and his campaign team.

Andrew is a former law lecturer with over forty years experience of Nationalist politics, and he will be superb at representing the interests of the British people and his constituents.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew will expose the Tories and UKIP for the fakes they are.

Well done everyone.

pete said...

The BBC smug panel were full of horror that someone from the BNP had been elected. Oh my God the fascists have won cried Dimblebore and Andrew Robinson admitted that all three parties had met togetther and worked out their strategies for beating the BNP; isnt that a conspiracy??

Voter Apathy said...

All it took was to wait until voter turnout was so low that 10% of the electorate could swing it for you. Well done!

Andraste said...

Voter apathy... it matters not, our vote was up the second highest amount. We won, you lost. Job done.

fellist said...

Yes. This Yorkshireman is thrilled! Well done, and thank you, Mr Brons.