Wednesday 3 June 2009

A Conversation About Race

This is a must watch documentary.

It is simply stunning

For decades we have been waiting for someone to lead the ideology of White Nationalism, or as it should really be known in the case of the video being based in the US, The European American Civil Rights Movement, out of the gutter of historical extremism.

This video does it - it shows that the movement required today is a civil rights movement for white rights, and it is more urgent than ever that we begin to organise one at all levels of society from politics, economics, the law to lobby groups.

This video could save the European American people in America, it is that powerful.


Craig Boedeker has done us all a great service and this film demands we all buy a copy of his DVD to thank him for it.

A gripping film that will devastate the left and we can use its logic and arguments in debates and media interviews.

Watch this and learn how to destroy the media lies and brainwashed lemmings.

10 out of 10

It reveals the reality behind the pathology of liberalism, the media and social conditioning as regards racism that impacts upon individual perceptions of racism as a dynamic in society.

The perceptual lens of false beliefs concerning racism inculcated into individuals via the media, makes the meaning of racism and the definition of racism meaningless, and ensures that it exists as an ideology as nothing other than a means of attacking the White European majority in White European nations or predominantly white European nations.

Racism does not exist.

But the ideology of racism does exist and the very existence of the ideology of racism itself creates the only real form of racism within our societies which is always directed against the indigenous majority of any multi-racial society.

Therefore the bogus ideology of racism predicated upon the ethnic minorities as victims of a racist white society itself creates a real racist society that is actively and directly racist against the white indigenous majority.

Incidences of racial discrimination involving all races exist, but the ideology of racism is nothing more than racist subjectivist nonsense predicated upon emotionalism rather than objective scientific evidence. It is a political weapon.

The ideology of racism is evidence of a liberal pathology, a sickness of the soul in the elites in White European nations - and a sickness that must be removed from our society. Political correctness and the ideology of racism have combined to usurp democracy, impose a tyranny of minorities upon our society and destroyed free speech. The ideology of racism uses the Marxist Leninist 'Racial Terrorism of the Word' to terrorise and intimidate individuals within society whilst the interests of the indigenous majority of White European nations or predominantly White European nations are attacked, undermined and ignored by non-indigenous minority groups within our societies and politically correct treasonous elites within our own people.

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andraste said...

This is so revealing, this is how they all think... they are mentally ill... self-loathers.

andraste said...

Must read this to understand the mental condition of these people:

andraste said...

@ 31:00 The question is posed is "Jesse Jackson a racist?"

Listen to their answers... fascinating...