Monday 1 June 2009

Gordon Brown - war criminal lackey attacks BNP

Image - Gordon Brown, War Criminal, Corporate Fascist, usurper of our ancetral rights and liberties, hypocrite and snivelling pseudo-christian whose hands are bloody with the blood of a million dead Iraqi's.

Gordon Brown likes to portray himself as Christian.

He isnt.

If he is a Christian then so are Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot and Hitler.

You cannot be a Christian and a mass murderer, a war criminal and someone who plots illegal wars and crimes against humanity.

He is a war criminal, an accomplice to genocide, a liar who gave false testimoy and peddled false propaganda to get Britain involved in the Blair-Bush Junta war and an unelected puppet of the Corporate Media.

Over a million people have been slaughtered in the Iraq War that he supported, worked for and continued once he was Prime Minister.

The blood of those people are on his hands as much as it is on the hands of the Butcher of Baghdad Tony Blair.

Brown and the Labour Party have dragged our nation into the gutter.

He sold us out to the bankers, has saddled us with a Youth tax based on public spending that will cripple the UK economy for decades and he has imposed the cult of political correctness on our country that has stolen our rights and liberty.

He has worked with the demented harridan Harriet Harman to impose racist laws that directly discrminate against indigenous whites on the grounds their race and sex.

He has passed laws that have created an Orwellian surveillance society including putting a CCTV on every street corner and even put tracker bugs in wheelie bins.

He has imposed internment without trial, removed the right to protest outside Parliament, politicised the police, is bringing in ID cards and created a state security apparatus under the control of the US that regards our ancetral liberties as a joke.

He has created a Corporate Fascist State, as affirmed by John Pilger a few days ago, where the corporate media dominate democracy, politics and peoples minds. We no longer live in a free society, we live in a society enslaved to the corporate media.

He took us into a war that inflamed the Islamic world and led to the July 7th bombing and the 21/7 attacks and various other terrorist plots in the UK.

The fact that this peice of pond slime has the front to write about making Great Britain great again when he destroyed our nation, is like pissing on the grave of the murder victim he killed.

Brown is scum.

The Corporate Media are scum.

If you vote for any of the Establishment parties then you are either a brainwashed fool or you have no morality.

Those that voted Labour and Tory are as much accomplices to genocide as the politicians that voted for the Iraq War.

There is no excuse any more.

We all know the Corporate Media are corrupt evil scum that are working only for their interests and not those of the country.

Therefore if you vote for the parties that are pimped out by the media then you are collaborating in their crimes - you are an accomplice in their actions for they act in your name.

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pete said...

The media just do not understand. Having Gordon saying dont vote BNP is really the same as having the Archbishop of Canterbury say exactly the same. It will increase the BNP vote on Thursday by a few thousand as people realise the way to really annoy them is to vote BNP and the British electorate really want to annoy them!

Anonymous said...

Brown is an evil bastard!

Oh please let me put it round his vile neck!

Anonymous said...

If there is footage of Gordon saying `don't vote BNP` then i would have it looped 24/7 on the main site on election day.

If that doesn't get the voters out, nothing will!

Iris said...

Vote BNP if you want to survive ....

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Stalin Brown not realise just how much he is despised ? To tell people not to vote for the BNP will have the opposite effect.

Yes he banned demonstration outside Parliament for the British people but if your'e a Tamil you can demonstrate there, this law is designed for the natives because i can't imagine "Lord" Ahmed's threat to "mobilise 10,000 muslims" would have been seriously opposed by this Dhimmi Government. politicalMIZZ