Saturday 27 June 2009

The Positive Discrimination President

Obama is worse than useless.

You all know it.

You voted for him not because of his skills or the content of his character but simply because he was black and because the media told you that if you didnt vote for him then you were a racist.

And you suckers fell for it.

Obama is a glimpse of the future, a prefiguration of the inevitability of the death of the West from the pernicious infections of Political Correctness and Positive Discrimination.

Americans were faced with a choice - a President who had decades of political experience at all levels of politics but who was white or one who had virtually no political experience but who was black.

America therefore opted for Positive Discrimination - they chose to give the less qualified candidate the job simply because he was black and by so doing signed the death warrant for America's future.

Do you liberal morons really think that in China they give a toss about Positive Discrimination - of course they dont.

In National Socialist China they have only one aim for their society - the most brilliant get given the best jobs.

Whilst in the West what happens is that the less qualified, the less skilled and the less intelligent are given jobs simply because of their race. The better qualified if they are the of the wrong race dont get the job.

At the moment we have Affirmative Action where if two equally qualified people apply for a job then the Non-White gets it simply because they are not White, but the Equality Bill legalises Positive Discrimination where the less qualified non-white will be given the job instead of the better qualified White.

Though this has been happening informally for decades, where the less qualified Non-White are being goven jobs so that the employer can demonstrate their anti-racist and politically correct credentials or apply for lucrative contracts with councils that demand quoatas be filled as regards non-whites - the Equality Bill will allow Positive Discrimination to be legalised and in effect create an Anti-White Racist state.

It is no coincidence that the same Equality Bill enacts legislation that will seek to ban the BNP, the one organisation in our country that represents the interests of the White indigenous community and that seeks to prevent politically correct racism against indigenous whites, at the same time as it legalises Positive Discrimination.

The Equality Bill is a declaration of war against us. It is the creation of a Liberal Fascist State and it must be resisted.

The idea that recruiting less qualified non-whites and leaving better qualified Whites on the dole will increase racial harmony is insane. As soon as people start dying because less qualified non-whites are getting jobs not on merit but simply because of their race then the faster the whole PC state system will collapse.

How do you think this insanity will affect the West in the future when we have idiots running the country simply because their skin tone dictated their ability to get employment ?

It is just so ironic that within one generation we have gone from a situation where skin colour damaged a persons employment ability to one where skin tone is now the primary basis for an individuals employment - and in the process we have abandoned talent, qualifications and individualism for a politically correct system which is even more pernicious than the old 'nudge, nudge wink, wink' type of informal racism.

The old style of informal racism was usually the preserve of pathetic venal people who knew what they were doing was wrong and illegal but they did it anyway, whilst now the New Racism is state sanctioned and legalised and regarded with almost moral fervour.

The New Racism is explictly racist and has legalised every form of racism that it once frowned upon - in the name of 'equality' it has imposed Positive Discrimination and quotas, both of which are the most de-humanising racist dynamics present in our society today.

The New Racism doesnt see individuals it only see's races and thereby legitimises race hatred against whites.

If you are white male in this country you are now in a far worse position than any black male in British history - primarily because whilst previous forms of racism were shunned by most of society and illegal, the New Racism is legal, accepted by the mass of society and because it is based on the terrorism of the word 'racist' being deployed against anyone that dares point out the innate racism of the New Racism, goes unchallenged in the media and society generally.

Positive Discrimination is the most evil and insidious form of racism ever invented.

It is based on lies and deceits, and yet anyone daring to question it is instantly designated a racist.

Positive Discrimination in effect states that our entire society is racist and everyone everywhere who is white is racist and that therefore a racist anti-white state must be built which removes the civil and legal rights of white people to ensure that blacks and other privileged groups are able to take extra rights for themselves.

Positive Discrmination says that white people, who are the majority in Britain and America, have their jobs not because of their individual skills and talents but simply because they are white. It also says that the reason why blacks and other non-white groups are not 'represented' in proportion to their numbers in the overall population in any employment sector is because of racism - regardless of the fact that those jobs may be in areas of the employment sector that have traditionally may not have attracted members of those non-white groups.

At every level the White population are attacked and denigrated and excuses made for those who are not white - and in order to rectify this 'racist' imbalance then better qualified non-whites must be employed instead of better qualified Whites.

China must be laughing its bollocks off.

The more the West indulges in the suicidal death cults of Political Correctness and positive discrimination the faster it is about to fall.

China and those nations such as Russia that have lived through this trite Communist nonsense, as both Political Correctness and Positive Discrimination are both relics of the 20th Century Communist ideology, reject them in their entirety.

In both those countries they have built meritocracies where the issue of race is totally irrelevant - what matters is simply that the best and the brightest are promoted to the best jobs so the whole country benefits.

China and Russia regard political correctness and positive discrimination with the utter loathing and contempt it deserves - for both are nations predicated upon NATIONALIST politics.

Russia is a civic nationalist system predicated upon patriotism and meritocracy, whilst China is a National Socialist State predicated upon patriotism.

Only in the West has the ghost of Communism been allowed to haunt contemporary politics in the guise of political correctness and positive discrimination.

In those nations like Russia and China the entire Communist ideology has been exorcised completely - both may retain the symbols of Communism but both are Nationalist states.

Here in the West we retain the symbols of Nationalism for our states such as the national flags we wave for sports events (if the local councils are able to resist the fear of being called 'racist' when they do fly the national flag) but we are run by variants of liberalism and capitalism that are infected with the poison of Communism itself.

Obama is a glimpe of the future.

A man voted into power not because of the content of his character but simply because of the colour of his skin.

A man voted into power by the most racist vote in history - the black vote that was 96 % for Obama. Just imagine the howls of racism if whites voted as a racial block.

A man who is incapable of doing anything other than reading a teleprompter whose words were written for him ( and for doing this he is celebrated as a great orator by the white morons that run the media - even though a White man writes most of his speeches and all Obama has to do is read them, which he fails to do very often and then when the teleprompter breaks he is utterly lost ).

The West deserves all it gets.

The faster the fools that run the West destroy the West the better.

That way we, the inner barbarians who are despised by the liberals and leftists who are in the grip of their cults of political correctness and positive discrmination, can take power in the ensuing chaos with a mandate for radical change.

The faster the West implodes and collapses the sooner we can start to rebuild the West from within.

The sooner the idiot masses have their illusions ripped away from them and they are forced to confront cold, hard reality the better.

The day the West dies, is the day its rebirth begins.

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Anonymous said...

What percentage of the BNP vote was white, Lee?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, Lee. We need to look towards RUSSIA and CHINA to lead the way forwards in Nationalist Politics. Enough of this kowtowing to multi-culti America.

Anonymous said...

Lee, it seems such a pity that someone with your powers of insight and firm grasp on Nationalist issues does not yet hold a senior position in Brussels. Let's hope those in charge of handing out those top jobs take note of your sterling efforts to promote the cause!

xenon said...

Don't try to pass off Juan McCainstein as being any better than Obongo. Both candidates were bought and paid for by the same people (Soros was a major contributor to both).

Defender of Liberty said...

Whoever is elected in the US works for the Shadow Government (Military Industrial Block) and the Banksters - the point is that McCain had far far more political experience than Obama.

On those terms alone, as someone with more political experience, he was better qualified to run the country - but he wasnt black was he.

alanorei said...

About sums it up, Lee (also for MJ dec'd), thanks.

A Baptist pastor friend in NY State forwarded me the photo of a pick-up with an expression emblazoned across its tailgate that reads: One Big Ass Mistake America

Crude but shrewd. Though I wonder how long it will be before that kind of display lands the exhibiter in Rikers Island or the equivalent elsewhere in the US for an indefinite stay.

Anonymous said...

Alanorei, do you find that your being an immigrant yourself has hindered your acceptance among British Nationalists?

alanorei said...

Re: Alanorei, do you find that your being an immigrant yourself has hindered your acceptance among British Nationalists?

No. The BNPrs here are all pretty well genned-up on WW1, 2 and see my presence among them as simply an extension of that*, i.e. folk from the Old Dominions are perceived as family, not immigrants.

*Providentially not as a shooting war, of course.

See Identity articles for December 2007 and November 2008, on Flanders and 1918 - 90 Years On.

You might also like to check Sarah, Maid of Albion's blog, for D-Day - 65 Years On.