Monday 1 June 2009

The Sun newspaper - MORE BULLSHIT

A few days ago The Sun printed this story about a UFO and the Tunguska explosion ;

They printed this story without even bothering to do the most basic research as this article here confirms ;

Off the bat let us just say that the ‘ferrum silicate only found in space’ argument is weak. After all - we’re talking about a meteor here - and where do they come from? If you answered Thailand there you’re wrong. The presence of something like that would certainly not indicate a spaceship. Also - ‘Ferrum Silicate’ doesn’t seem to exist. Go ahead - Google it.

Next - the website that originally ran the story, although it’s clearly from Macedonia, is written in English, and is apparently on a strict budget that doesn’t include editors of any sort. It doesn’t seem to us that a low brow and largely unknown website without any kind of financial backing whatsoever would be the first place a scientist of one sort or the other would run with earth-shattering news.

Lastly, does the great scientist Dr. Yuri Labvin exist anywhere outside of this story? Yeah - Google him too. We couldn’t find anything else. Granted we didn’t look farther than page two of the search results, but still.

Still - the thought of a bunch of aliens on a spaceship yelling something like ‘For the Queen!’ just before throwing themselves in front of sure-death is amusing. "

This is how low modern journalism has fallen.

They print this total bollocks without even bothering to check the most basic facts.

Its like journalism is run by a group of idiotic monkeys who can type but have their brains in their swollen red arses.

They can print lots of pictures of young girls showing their barely pubescent breasts and make up lies about the BNP, but when it comes to printing real stories they barely know what they are doing.

If I worked for the Sun I would be embarrased to tell anyone.

If I was one of their lawyers I would lie and say I was unemployed if asked at dinner parties.

The shame of saying ' I work for The Sun' must be unbearable to them.

However much they get paid they must still go home at the end of the day feeling grubby and soiled, rather like a cheap hooker must after a day of blowing strangers for a few bucks.

This is the Corporate Media you read and trust.

These are the people who tell you who to vote for.

These are the idiot monkeys that pimp out the whore parties that you idiots vote for.


You are slaves to the corporate media not free.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, -- that well-respected source.

Defender of Liberty said...

Do the google thang knobhead - facts is facts (unless of course if you write for the sun and then facts are simply what bullshit you print )

A productive tax-paying member of society said...

"If I was one of their lawyers I would lie and say I was unemployed if asked at dinner parties."

What a relief it must be to be able to say it with a clear conscience, eh Lee?