Saturday 20 June 2009


UPDATE ON THE BEXLEYHEATH ATTACK - during the attack his 8 year old daughter was hit by the gang and given facial injuries.

This afternoon I rang the police and asked them to classify the attack as a racist attack under the McPherson Report requirements and to send a team to interview him.

The police refused.

He has rang the police and asked them to send a team to stand outside his house as he removed his belongings - the police refused and warned him that if he caused any trouble whilst emptying his house they would arrest him !

He rung the police at 4 pm and they said they would ring him at 6 pm to take details.

No call back by 8 pm.

He called back just now ( 8.15 pm ) and the police said they are too busy to take any details and send someone out to see him.

Tonight his family are homeless, his daughter terrified and he is distraught.

I said to him that what was probably happening was that the Police are linked with the gang and that they have been working with them as part of some anti-gang intitiative and that they dont want to upset the gang for fear of being called 'racist'.

He said that the local play ground was closed down and a community centre built on the land for black kids to record rap records in a community centre.

Bexleyheath police are a total joke.

Unless this is dealt with now then the entire White community in this country are defenceless as the police now work for the gangs.

This cannot be tolerated - all Nationalists of all parties must co-operate to highlight this issue and get the police to act.

Call Bexleyheath Police station and ask why they tolerate racist attacks against white people.

E mail the Met Police and ask why they are ignoring racist attacks against whites.

This has to be stopped right now.

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Anonymous said...

this is not unlike another recent attack on a white couple who were tortured and beaten and raped in London where the police said '''this kind of thing is rare'''

Defender of Liberty said...

The amount of comments I am being sent where the idiots are saying' this is bullshit' or' he is a bnp member and deserved it ' -

1) He is not a BNP member - he contacted us after getting no help from the police or council

2) What you read is true - and will be revealed more in the next week

lormarie said...

The amount of comments I am being sent where the idiots are saying' this is bullshit'-DOL

I think what people might be reacting to is the fact that it sounds too shocking to be true. I'm NOT saying it's a lie...just shocking. You wrote two posts about young black males, crime, and how they are targeted more often. Whether they deserve it or not isn't my concern. But, It is hard to believe that a targeted group all of a sudden gets support from the police. I'm not denying that this attack could have taken place. It's ridiculous for anyone to believe that gang members don't commit such acts. I'm just surprised that the police aren't taking it seriously. Perhaps England is a lot worse than I thought.

or' he is a bnp member and deserved it ' -DOL

Let's say a gang member is the victim of a racist attack, one could argue that attacks on black gang members are justified. After all, they're gang members.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi lormarie,

England is in the grip of the most pernicious form of political correctness in the west.

The police are so terrified of being called racist that they now arrest, stop and search old white people and young white kids as suspected ' muslim terrorists' or 'gang members carrying guns' in mainly black or muslim areas simply to ensure they do not get called racists for targeting muslims as potential terrorists and black male youths as the primary suspects in gun crime in mainly black areas.

The police know all the gang members personally as they arrest them all the time - and therefore they develop a relationship with them. The police do not have relationships with victims of crimes, therefore they do not give a toss about them as they are simply passing through the system.

The police see themselves as social workers now and not crime fighters.


Anonymous said...

All of this is remembered. It will never be forgotten, like the inhuman bombing of Kosovo, which seems to have disappeared into the memory hole. The Officers behind this will have had their names recorded, one day they will have to explain themselves. No lies, no conceits...