Monday 22 June 2009


She lay on her back, silently surrendering,
This world as her life ebbed away,
Her eyes were wide open, watching us,
As we fought to stem the flow,
Our palms pressed together as if in prayer,
Sought to keep her spirit within,
To stop it escaping from the tortured cell,
But nothing we did could stop the blood,
Nor our revolution, in all its infant joy,
Not bullets or butchery, bombs or plots,
Nor the old men in black robes raised on hate,
Whose sermons sold lies to the masses,
And kept the people in a prison of faith,
For as her blood blushed upon the street,
In timeless motion we watched the world turn,
And as Neda died, the regime died too,
Slain with the same gun, in the same street,
By the same hand and by the same killers.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think she should have been allowed to claim asylum in Britain, Lee? What about other Iranians?

Anonymous said...

Lee, if people like Neda (such a pretty girl, I can see how you would be inspired to compose a poem about her) wanted to escape from under the jackboot of fundamentalist Islam, would you welcome them to Britain?

Anonymous said...

I bet even you as a true nationalist and patriot wouldn't have minded giving the lovely Neda a safe haven, eh Lee?

David Hill said...

Beautiful poem, for a beautiful young lady sadly murdered by a brutal regime. Unfortunately this could very well be re-enacted on the streets of Britain in the not-too-distant future.

Anonymous said...

poor Neda. She has been used by the US as a propaganda tool to unseat the present Iranian regime. The CIA has spent $70 million to try and topple the Iranian regime, channeling funds into groups which are anti Armadinajhad. Truly an evil empire.