Tuesday 9 June 2009

New Labour Taliban Attack Nick Griffin

Image - members of the same coalition as the UAF demonstrating for free speech and exercising their right of protest in order to kill a police horse and murder a policeman.

The all white, middle class, thugs of the UAF led by their 'token non-white' Weyman Bennet, who fronts the group in order to disguise the fact it is an all white wing of the Socialist Workers Party, are merely doing what the Corporate Media want them to do.

The role of the Far Left is to assist the Capitalists that control the Corporate Media by attacking those Nationalist forces in British society that could challenge the Corporatocracy for control of Britain.

Whilst the role of the Corporate Media is to pump out the hate propaganda and lies the corporatocracy want disseminated into society in order to control the political process, the role of Far Left is to use violence against Nationalists if the quarantine process of the Corporate Media does not work.

If they cannot defeat us with lies - they then deploy violence.

But we are used to this.

We have put up with it for decades, and this colour doesnt run.

We never have and never will.

No Retreat and No Surrender.

The only people who arent used to seeing this sort of political violence - IS THE PUBLIC !

The more the British public see the sort of brainless thugs that physically attack the BNP, the faster the anti-racist coalition will break apart as the liberal moderates split from the Far Left thugs.

The moment the British public realise that these people are the McDonalds fire bombers, the Barclay bank window smashers and the police beating thugs that riot at the May Day Festivals and who organised the violence during the Poll Tax riots - the sooner the public will turn away from them and their fake message of anti-racism which they use to hide their innate violence.

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Anonymous said...

"this colour doesnt run"

What colour would you be referring to there, Lee?

Anonymous said...

What proportion of the British public who DIDN'T vote BNP would you say have been using violence, Lee?

I don't vote SWP said...

Lee, how representative are the SWP of all Britons who didn't vote for the BNP?

Andraste said...

These leftists are so stupid it's unreal... reading their comments is fascinating to observe just how utterly confused and contradictory they are.

Andraste said...

This statement is utter garbage:

"What proportion of the British public who DIDN'T vote BNP would you say have been using violence, Lee?"

How stupid these leftists are is unreal. Ok then by your own logic, so what proportion of BNP members would you say have been using violence?

Answers on a postcard.

Andraste said...

"What colour would you be referring to there, Lee?"

That of the indigenous British people who are the ones under establishment, media and the braindead goons of capitalism such as the UAF of course. Isn't that obvious? Oh yeah how silly, it's evil to defend our ethnicity though right? What was I saying about self-loathers? Hook, line and sinker. Job done.

Andraste said...

One way we can roughly gauge the level of visitors to the BNP website it by the viewing figures for the streaming video feed. Now, around the election it had peaked at about 3000, and for the last few days had started to slowly drop off, so that I noticed this morning the viewers was at approximately 1300... now that this story has broken the viewing figures have topped 3400 - wow, thanks UAF... looking forward to your next own goal which gets us more massive publicity.

Anonymous said...

Stay the fuck out of Manchester, you f***king yobo chav.

Anonymous said...


Andraste said...

HAHA - there we go, thought we was the thugs, oh whats that you can beat our arguments in debate? Really, that would be a first. Oh and btw how come no-ones called us cunts yet?!

Anonymous said...

Aryans, were an indigenous Indian tribe who 'immigrated', if you will, from India. I doubt you're anglo-saxon, I certainly am not (being scottish). You're just an ill educated oik, and scumbag- I don't know what absurd little polytechnic you graduated with Law from. But my grandad didn't fight against Rommel in north-africa, for pathetic little low-life scum like you to waltz into parliament. You're party is full of criminals and yobs, without a university degree to their name. Griffin? One-eyed, fat ugly cunt, with a 2:2 from Cambridge- might as well not have bothered mate.

Andraste said...

"Stay the fuck out of Manchester, you f***king yobo chav."

LMAO - how come you wrote "fuck" then "f***king"? The pressure getting to you.

I am going to Manchester at the weekend actually, we go quite regularly, will be at the Arndale Centre probably about 3pm, then going to go to Caffe Nero for regular Americano. Be sure to say hello.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I haven't read the Griffmeister's recent 'book' (just published this year, folks!) but you know, judging by the title I'm not so sure how heartfelt the rebranding of Nu-BNP is:

£4.95 for 22 pages?? You're 'avin a laugh...

alanorei said...

Good points, Andraste

Some things about Zanulab (and all the old gangsters), Hitler and the BNP.

1. The BNP wants out of the EU. The Zanulab/oldgangsters want Britain totally absorbed in the EU and broken up into regions. Hitler imposed an EU-style governance on occupied Europe and created regions. The Channel Islands, German-occupied 1940-45, were part of the Channel Region.

2. The BNP opposes paedophilia. The Zanulab/oldgangsters are all for lowering the so-called 'age of consent' and, as the Green Arrow has shown, are riddled with liars, buggers and thieves. The bulk of the Nazis were homosexuals and/or pedarasts, see The Pink Swastika by Lively and Abrams. Sodomites whom Hitler eliminated e.g. Roehm, were removed because they threatened Hitler's power base, not for their 'sexual orientation.'

3. The BNP believes in free debate. The Zanulab/oldgangsters do not, as shown at the Oxford debate where Nick was present and today. The hammer attack on Tony Ward is another example. Hitler stifled dissent until the 3rd Reich was a one-party state, as Britain effectively is now, via the unelected EU-Commission 'party' and their Zanulab/oldgangster boot-lickers in Westminster.

4. The BNP opposes Islam. The Zanulab/oldgangsters welcome Islam, with all its attendant horrors (7/7 bombings, Muslim paedo gangs, Muslim incitement to violence (Behead those who insult Islam etc.), Muslim attacks on the police, (Gaza protest etc.), Muslim baseball bat or other violent attacks on individual white folk in 'Muslim-rich' towns, e.g. Gavin Hopley, Chris Yates, Sean Whyte, Mary Ann Leneghan etc.). Hitler's Waffen SS had 2 Muslim divisions, Hanza and Skanderberg, from the Balkans, noted for extreme nervousness in the face of determined opposition and sickening cruelty against unarmed civilians. Sound familiar?

5. The BNP has not robbed anyone, not that the Left can prove. The Zanu/oldgangsters have been robbing Britain blind for years. Hitler plundered every country he invaded.

So who are the real 'Nazis'? Any honest person could answer that. I'm not sure any lefties could, though.

I also note that for all their invective against the BNP and Nick, they never have a word to say about all the atrocities committed under the umbrella of 'multi-culti-ism,' such as those listed above. The height, or depth, of total callousness, cowardice and hypocrisy, I suggest.

SSL said...

We can all DIGG the dirt on the LibLabCon..



BNP Alert! Tory Councillor Jailed for Sex Assault on Child

harlowherald.co.uk — David Kirton, 55, formerly of Longbanks, Harlow, Essex, later of Stevenage, also admitted committing two other sexual offences on the girl during an eight-month period. Kirton, who won his seat in the Staple Tye ward at the local elections in May last year but has since been suspended

Anyone suspect a Common Purpose connection regarding that nursery and the kiddy porn by the way?

Remember that Karl Marx and Engles both supported the Pederasts..

Lacnunga said...

Please DIGG Lee's excellent article as every DIGG gets around 1000 extra views:


BNP UK New Labour Taliban Attack MEP Nick Griffin

leejohnbarnes.blogspot.com — Thugs of the UAF led by their 'token non-white' Weyman Bennett,who fronts the group in order to disguise the fact it is an all-white wing of the Socialist Workers Party,are merely doing what the Corporate Media want them to do.The role of the Far Left is to assist the Capitalists that control the Corporate Media by attacking those who expose them.

Andraste said...

The idiots posting comments don't actually understand anything the BNP stands for, they just blindly swallow the lies of the establishment because of their low self-esteem which means they are so desperate to fit in and be liked they will do absolutely anything so long as they are "one of the good guys". Remember those kids at school who used to change what football team they supported depending upon who was top of the league so they could be popular. Well, that's what these leftists are, desperate children inside adult bodies, pathologically driven by their own immense sense of inadequacy to be part of the group, to be liked, to be accepted - to get some feeling of self worth.

Wes said...

Can you please give me a link to the story about the policeman and the horse?

Andraste said...

Thanks Alan, great post, I wouldn't hold your breath for a reasonable response though, these idiots aren't capable of it. Although it is incredibly easy to demolish these lunatic lefties statements, I must admit the only negative to this sport is that I can't type fast enough to take them out. A bit like clay pigeon shooting, only I can't reload quick enough to get each one. This is because, ant-like that they are, when they are aggitated they are come flooding out - and soon you are overwhelmed by a tiny brained mass, that are basically no more than unthinking automatons.

Anonymous said...

Please Lee; I was trying to be helpful! Putting a capital letter at the first letter of each word you think is significant is just wrong and makes you seem a bit mad!!

Andraste - bearing in mind the likes of Copeland, Lecomber, Tracey, Dobson, Hoy and many others I suspect your party has a very much higher proportion of criminals than the general public. Oh, and by the way, you might make more sense with less words - maybe.

Omelette anyone?

Andraste said...

To the anonymous idiot, you are just regurgitating old rubbish (just as you have been programmed to do). For information on the real criminals see here:


As regards your other trite and pathetic comment, as has been mentioned many times before on LB's blog, one of the standard attacks of idiot self-loathers (such as yourself) is to critise grammar or make other facile observations, and this just shows how vacuous your position is if you have to resort to such pettiness rather than responding the actual content of post.

By the way, I award myself B+ for my comments, as there is always room for improvement. However, your comments are fucking shit being as they are plagiarized and unoriginal garbage - and they have been shit-canned.

alanorei said...

You're welcome, Andraste

You're right, of course that the anti-BNP criticisms tend to be a kind of conditioned response such that either of us could easily write the subversives' script for the next confrontation.

It was the same with the C4 interview last night with Andrew Brons and Margaret Hodge.

She also came out with the notion of a "free and open society."

But she wasn't too keen on freedom and openness back in 1992 when she was the Islington Child Minder. That's something else the Left tends to have lockjaw about, likewise the case of Stewart Brown, the Kincora Boys Home and the alleged high level associations of Thomas Hamilton.

If all the skeletons fell out of the Zanulab/oldgangster closet, the pile would dwarf the Verdun ossuary.

Anonymous said...

Gable on talksport also regurgiatetd the same old rubbish,slurs and misinformation and what a disengenuous, fake yet dangerous person he is ..listened to by the three parties

Anonymous said...

We need to keep the momentum of publicity going and using the UAF to achieve this is excellent. So I hope someone is planning the publicity for the summer. Nicks first speech in Strasbourg must be sensational so it makes the press worldwide and has as many views as that weird Tory got on you tube.

Stephen said...

Read the wikipedia article on the BNP. There are the skeletons in your own closet.

You're trying to make out like you're pariahs when you really aren't.

Anonymous said...

Andraste. Do you deny those quoted have criminal records?

Your comments are bullshit too, but I was just trying to make them readable.

"Shit-canned"? My word!

And what on earth is a self-loather? No, don't bother

alanorei said...

Re: Read the wikipedia article on the BNP. There are the skeletons in your own closet.

Pots and kettles, Steve, mate.

Re: You're trying to make out like you're pariahs when you really aren't.

Sorry, old chap, I think you mean paragons, or, according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, models of excellence, which we aspire to be, certainly.

A pariah is, according to the same source, a member of a low caste in S. India; member of a low or no caste; (fig.) social outcast.

I think the Party's identity and recent election results show that we're not that for the general public and not even outcasts with the political 'old gangsters.' With them we were never 'in' in the first place.

alanorei said...

Re: Read the wikipedia article on the BNP. There are the skeletons in your own closet.

Pots and kettles, Steve, mate.

Re: You're trying to make out like you're pariahs when you really aren't.

Sorry, old chap, I think you mean paragons, or, according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, models of excellence, which we aspire to be, certainly.

A pariah is, according to the same source, a member of a low caste in S. India; member of a low or no caste; (fig.) social outcast.

I think the Party's identity and burgeoning election results show that we're not that and not even outcasts with respect to the political 'old gangsters.' With them, we were never 'in' in the first place.

Stop Globalism said...

The UAF and so-called Socialist Workers Party are faux commie, slave labour lobbying, globalist scum. Only Nationalists are true Socialists. Kin selection = Socialism and altruism.

Wes said...

Any news on that link about the police horse and policeman murder please?

Stephen said...


I'm not going to defend the people who deny you free speech, and seeing as you come across as several degrees of intelligence higher than andraste i'm going to take your comments about the meaning of pariah to be facetious. You understand exactly what i mean.
The BNP is playing the beaten underdog and basically refuses to acknowledge the concerns of many and the actions of a few extremists as being a direct result of you're recist past.

10 years ago the BNP was racist, it could still be argued that it is.

If people do not buy the rebranding exercise since the leadership of Griffin came about that is their right. They are neither reds, liberal freaks, or self loathing brain washed idiots. They just don't beleive you guys have changed, and that you just want people to think you have.

alanorei said...


Re: facetious, no, merely a matter of clarification

Re: beaten underdogs, I for one don't feel beaten. I don't know any real BNPrs who do, even if locally we're still a bit thin on the ground. I'd say our MEPs are not beaten men, either.

To paraphrase the American Revolutionary naval victor, Captain John Paul Jones, we've hardly begun to fight.

Re: having changed, I don't think I've changed greatly since 2004, when I became a BNP member, except in being better informed about the perils this country faces from many quarters. I think the same is true for local BNPrs that I know.

Re: BNP racist, I'd say that the Muslim Asians who kicked a white Englishman, Chris Yates, to death in 2005 and declared (as reported by the BBC), "That'll teach an Englishman to intefere with Paki business!" are racist. (The judge at their trial didn't think so.) I'd say the black killers of 3000+ white farmers in South Africa are racist, likewise the Arab Muslim persecutors of black Christians in the Nuba mountains of the Sudan.

To be 'racist' according to the dictionary, an individual has to have antagonism towards members of another race.

Working on those bases, therefore, why is the BNP (in 2009 - we can't turn the clock back to 1999) 'racist'?

Anonymous said...

Stupid Cunts. Accidents can happen on the way to EU. Jorg Hader, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Regular Americano, thought you were british? Cafe Nero? Just what a pathetic little upwardly mobile petit bourgeois choice of a yobbo. Just post a photo and we'll pop in and say hello.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys watch interracial porn? Man those guys cocks are big, makes me feel like starting a party to protect my identity, and meet some other ugly fat, middle aged mates. Oh wait, I'll just join you guys.

Anonymous said...

Andraste, if you're so proud of your party- why don't you give me the name of you're employer and I'll ask them what they think of it?

Patriot said...

I'm on your side but My thoughts are, for what thay are worth are that your site may be visited by wavering members of the public, the posts I have just seen might put them off.

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