Wednesday 3 June 2009

Who Pays the Pollsters Produces the Polls

For weeks we have been reading bogus polls produced by pollsters who are paid to produce the polls the people that pay them want produced.

Note the article here states how this con is perpetrated on the public.

BNP and Greens 'to make big gains' in Euro elections - think-tank

Published by Jon Land for in Local Government , Central Government
Wednesday 3rd June 2009 - 8:53am

BNP and Greens 'to make big gains' in Euro elections - think-tankBNP and Greens 'to make big gains' in Euro elections - think-tank

Tomorrow's elections to the European Parliament could produce "the most volatile voting patterns in living memory", with the British National Party winning as many as five seats and the Greens also making big gains, according to a report published today.

The report by think-tank Democratic Audit said that conventional opinion polls could be misleading in an election where turnout is likely to be low and where regional variations may be crucial.

Controversy over MPs' expenses and the recession could combine with the proportional voting system used in the Euro-elections to produce a significant drop in support for the main parties and major gains for smaller groupings, said think-tank director Stuart Wilks-Heeg, the author of the report What are European Elections For?

"This promises to be one of the most unusual elections we have ever seen," said Dr Wilks-Heeg.

"The voting system, the current political climate, and regional concentrations of support could see smaller parties fare exceptionally well on Thursday.

"If turnout remains at just under 40% and regular voters switch support away from the main parties, rather than stay at home, we would see seats won by the Greens and BNP. We don't expect Ukip to improve on their high water mark of 2004."

Today's report said that the D'Hondt voting system used in Euro-elections in England, Scotland and Wales favours smaller parties, whose share of the vote has steadily increased since 1994.

Based on closed 'lists' and dividing the leading party's share of the vote in each counting round, it means that a party with around 10% support can secure an MEP in an eight-seat regional constituency.

The report set out five possible scenarios for tomorrow's election, depending on how many voters desert the main parties for a smaller rival and how many mark their protest by staying at home.

In the scenario most favourable to the smaller parties, Democratic Audit predicted that the BNP could win a single seat in as many as five English regions and Greens gain an additional two seats while successfully defending their existing two.

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Anonymous said...

"the proportional voting system"


Anonymous said...

"with the proportional voting system/ said think-tank director Stuart Wilks-Heeg, the author of the report What are European Elections For?"

This guy is so good and his "democratic" (P.S if the left say `democratic` or `British` in any sentence you should be very worried, along with the totalitarian danger words `global` and `world` - think, stealing your democratic rights - the only power poor people have)think tank so intellectual and credible that the imbecile does not know that the European elections are not proportional, it is a lie.


Anonymous said...

Well the report was OK but I am still confused why they first state the election is proportional and then later clearly show it is not!

It is one of the most undemocratic systems ever invented other than reversing the results!

What else would you expect from an undemocratic organisation?

SSL said...


I just came across this poll. It is down in the right-hand corner.

"Who will you be voting on June 4 at the European Parliamentary elections?"

This tallies pretty well with what we're getting on the streets around here :^)

The LibLabCon and their media whores are getting desperate about hiding the truth about our popularity from the people..

There are loads of positive comments for the BNP. It is worth taking a look..