Friday 12 June 2009

Contact Details

If you need to contact re any outstanding legal issues then please e mail me on ;

I will be providing a telephone contact number on this site in the next couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

Google mail eh, Lee? I wouldn't have thought you'd want to have anything to do with a major multinational corporation like that.

They've got all your email correspondence saved on their servers, you know.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Lee. Who knows, perhaps even a sexy lady BNP supporter might give you a ring? Be careful who you choose to give your virginity away to though, it should be a special moment.

Von Curtis said...

Dear Lee , Thank-you for your very informative site . My husband and I are small farmers in Australia, Family farmers are struggling to stay alive in Australia. A lot of things particularly the government and the mining corporations are hell bent on wiping us out.
You have very interesting articles - our national party in Australia is very weak and has largely been swallowed up by the neocon liberal party traitors.
I wrote this piece on our situation as farmers in Queensland being bullied by gas corporations after I read your article about 'Eurasia and NATO'

also another of your very good articles I placed on This is how much it takes to keep us down