Saturday 20 June 2009

Belfast and the First Stage of the Coming Crisis

Very interesting article in The Daily Mail about the Romanian Gypsies in Belfast.

What is most interesting though are the comments at the bottom about the behaviour of these Romanian Gypsies wherever they are settling. They seem to exhibit the same standards of behaviour as regards criminality wherever they go from Australia to Berlin.

Nobody seems to want to discuss the reasons why the Romanian people want the Gypsies
out of their country and nor why the Gypsies who are given every assistance by the countries they settle in - including benefits and housing vastly superior to what they had in Romania - and yet they still, according to the people who have to live near them, still indulge in crime, theft, anti-social behaviour etc.

It seems that it is easier to scream 'racist' at the people who are forced to live near them ( a situation not experienced by politicians and journalists who live in nice middle class areas not working class areas where they are allowed to settle ) than to truthfully debate what the real situation is.

There comes a time when people have to ask themselves why so many people in so many countries, including the police of all those different countries, all say the same thing - that the movement of Romanian Gypsies into their countries and cities means there is a massive increase in crime related to those gypsies.

These people are given every opportunity to integrate and are welcomed into our countries and societies with open arms and blank cheques by the Liberals that infest our public services - to the point that they are even given priority over indigenous peoples in institutions such as the NHS or local doctors surgery's.

This form of Positive Discrimination of immigrants such as Gypsies at the same time as the increase in crime begins to hit the local area will inflame local opinion.

Rewarding crime with extra rights is bound to anger those who are the victims of those crimes and who are also being forced to pay for those people through their taxes.

Not only are we paying for them with our taxes whilst certain members of their community are busy robbing us - they are given extra rights in our society as regards access to public services than we get !

Those who then speak out about this are then called 'racists' by the liberals and the media.

At every level this is just a recipe for disaster.

The politicians will not admit the truth that people are sick and tired of immigration, political correctness and liberal social worker wankers who prat about pretending to be police officers.

What we are seeing in Belfast is just a portent of what is coming.

This country is getting ready to explode into a frenzy of communal rioting and violence.

We will see a civil war in this country within a generation unless the multi-cultural experiment is rolled back.

Its not just me who says this - the government are already aware that a civil war is likely in their own reports about future threats to the UK ;

The rolling back of multi-culturalism and the peaceful repatriation of many millions of immigrants in our nations can be done with consent and with both sides profiting from the process.

They get their cheques and return home and we defuse the timebomb ticking in our cities.

If the process is not begun, and all further immigration stopped, then the Civil War will begin.

It will start in an inner city somewhere and will begin with violence between immigrant groups who historically hate each other. We have already seen this in every one of our cities with various feuds between different racial groups causing mayhem on our streets.

They will start communal violence against each other and then the indigenous British people will be caught in the middle.

Once the indigenous British people are attacked as being in the middle of this process then all hell will break loose.

What we are seeing in Belfast is merely this process in action.

Unlike in the rest of the UK the people of Belfast do not wait for the police to sort out their problems - they deal with them amongst themselves.

Sooner or later process will begin in the mainland itself, though the trigger will not be conflict between the indigenous British and Gypsies, it will triggered by one of the hundreds of various racial and religious fault lines that have been allowed to grow in our society in the name of multi-culturalism and 'tolerance'.

The irony is that the same liberals that fought so hard for anti-racism will have been the very same people that triggered a future civil war in our country and across Europe with their idiotic mass immigration policies.

The tragedy will be that it wont be the liberals who will be the victims of this process, it will be innocent people of all sides dragged into it simply because of their race, religion or culture.

The scum liberals who allowed mass immigration into the UK will not live in those areas, and have never lived in those areas, where the civil wars will begin - because the white, middle class liberal idiots that created the problem have never had to live alongside the millions of immigrants they shipped into our countries.

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