Tuesday 30 June 2009

Housing, Gordon Brown, the BNP and The Guardian

Another (yawn !) shit article in The Guardian attacking the BNP - and yet again the most informative part of the article are the comments ;

FOI request. Below is a list of new tenancies for the year ended 31 March 09 for social housing by Birmingham City Council, broken down by ethnicity. Thanks to Birmingham City Council for their open and prompt response. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share it. Make of it what you will.

Afghani 25
Albanian / Kosovan 8
Any Other Asian Background 27
Any Other Black Background 46
Any Other Ethnic Background 67
Any Other Mixed Background 19
Any Other White Background 110
Arab 2
Asian Kashmiri 24
Bangladeshi 62
Black African 316
Black Caribbean 426
Black Somalian 184
Bosnian 1
Chinese 17
Gypsy / Roma 1
Indian 58
Information Not Yet Obtained 367
Iranian 30
Iraqi 26
Irish 84
Kurdish 55
Mixed Asian and Black 9
Mixed White and Asian 22
Mixed White and Black African 20
Mixed White and Black Caribbean 163
Other Eastern European 4
Other Western European 1
Pakistani 370
Refused 22
Traveller of Irish Heritage 1
Vietnamese 5
White British 2637
Yemeni 6

Total 5215

So 0ver 50 % of all council housing allocated so far in 2009 in Birmingham has gone to immigrants.

The author tells us. He kicks off by saying `most`, so under normal English usage that leaves a lot of scope for the rest. But there was an interesting CIF post today from a person called Chorus, for which thanks.

I worked in London Council Housing Department. We were inundated with calls from angry housing applicants complaining about "asylum seekers" jumping the queue. We generally viewed these people as racist and felt within our rights to end these conversations abruptly with a simple "Asylum Seekers aren't entitled to Council Housing." This was true, but it was disingenuous.....The reality was that statutorily vulnerable asylum seekers who had gained leave to remain in the UK often did automatically become entitled homeless applicants once their asylum application had been determined and the temporary housing support they were being provided by social services was withdrawn.

If you accept Chorus`s story, Mr. Fletcher looks exteremely close to being a liar.

Only last year Tower Hamlets council was considering a sons and daughters policy because Bangladeshi's wanted to live closer to their extended families. This policy was abandoned as racist years ago when Tower Hamlets was overwhemingly white.

This just about sums our politicians up, they have no qualms about breaking up white communities but go out their way not to do the same to other communities.

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Anonymous said...

In Coventry, although Black Africans make up around 3% of the population they are allocated over 14% of social housing stock, guess which group has had their allocation cut.

Anonymous said...

White British 2637

Total 5215

50% of 5,215 is 2607

Therefore LESS than 50% of of housing has gone to immigrants

If you want to try and make a point using statistics at least make sure you can do simple arithmetic...

You just continue to make yourself look like a complete numpty.

Keep it up and make sure you keep taking our meds.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of numpties Anonymous, the difference in percentage between Defender's 50% and yours, is slightly less than 1.20%. I didn't know that the immigrant influx was now up to almost comparative levels with the indigenous peoples of Britain. How positively heroic of you to warn us of the imminent take over of the nation. Better not let the immigrants know, for with numbers like that they wont need NuLabour to champion their plight for much longer; hell, with the current political elites showing the way, why not vote themselves in and take the whole pot, after all, who needs middle men, when you can legally steal for yourself just by voting for your own caste