Monday 29 June 2009

More Labour Bullshit To Win Votes

Here we go again.

More old bollocks from Gordon Brown.

If you believe this below then please send me a cheque for ten thousand dollars as I have a zillion dollars to exchange as my uncle was the Finance Minister in Papua New Guinea. The idea that the government will actually have the time to pass such laws before they get kicked out and are replaced by the fop Cameron is pure nonsense.

The fact that the Labour government are now making up their housing policies and enacting legislation, including apparently brining in ew laws to tackle BNP leaflets shows us three things ;

1) The BNP is now making the government take notice of the interests of the indigenous British people for a change and out our interests first.

From British jobs to British workers, housing and the chaos of multi-culturalism - it is the BNP that is making the government act. A vote for the BNP makes real changes in British society.

2) The government are totally terrified of the BNP and are floundering around backtracking like crazy over the insane laws they have passed over recent years.

3) The government are now stealing BNP policies, showing the public that we are the only ones with any decent political ideas.

Gordon Brown - a bankrupt politician in a bankrupt country.

The BNP - Leading the way to a New Britain.

British-born families will jump ahead of immigrants and asylum seekers in the queue for council housing under far-reaching plans unveiled today.

Gordon Brown will tear up the rules in a bid to win back Labour's working class heartlands, where support has grown for the far-Right British National Party.

The 'British homes for British workers' plan, if it succeeds, will force councils to end the unfairness which sees immigrants with large families vault to the top of the council house list.

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Anonymous said...

Whilst he's at it, take down all those cameras, de-politicise the police, scrap affirmative anti white hate laws, outlaw political correctness, sack all jobsworth, get rid of absurd elf'n'safety laws, stop immigration, I can't be bothered to think up any more, just give us our old country back and he can 'eff off' to the culture of his choice, as long as it ain't white.

British voter said...

Lee, you're spending a lot of space telling us about Liebore's policies here. What about using your blog to inform us of the BNP's policies? Brons and Griffin are in Brussels right now. How can we find out about what important and ground-breaking policies they're going to drive through the EuSSR Politburo if you don't impart your knowledge as a key BNP insider here?

Defender of Liberty said...

Read their blog.

I dont have anyhthing to do with Brussels.


Anonymous said...

scrounging for votes. disgusting.

Andraste said...

British Voter... there is a website, a rather popular one that has lots of information on it, it's ... perhaps you might find some information there?!