Friday 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson Dies - The world weeps

If you lived down the street from a man who used to let little boys sleep in his bed, who was accused and prosecuted for having oral sex with a 13 year old boy, who masturbated in front of children and who paid a 13 year old boy millions of pounds to not testify in a criminal trial against him for molesting him, having oral sex with him and masturbating him - then that man would be reviled, despised and hounded.

Yet when this person is a POP STAR, then the world weeps.

Forget the music - it is irrelevant.

The pleasure that he brought people with his music was destroyed the moment Michael Jackson used little children for his sexual pleasure.

The man was a monster who groomed little kids into becoming his sexual playthings.

He abused them in a way that will damage them and their lives forever.

Yet today the media and the most stupid people on the planet weep for a monster.

Just because he was famous and rich he was seen as above the law - and of course being black helps.

I wonder if the death of Gary Glitter or Pete Townsend will be met with pathetic media generated mass hysteria ?

Of course not - only if they are black and rich like Jackson and OJ Simpson are they above the law and above the moral standards that the rest of the society adheres too.

Everyone weeping for this degenerate scumbag is a total moron and hypocrite.

Those that buy this monsters records are the grossest and most pathetic people on the planet.

Those in the streets, inclusing those idiot blacks in America who are in the grip of some primitive tribal hysteria, are truly pathetic.

Whilst they dance in the streets in homage to their hero - do they spare a thought for the children he molested ?

Of course not - they are simply mindless morons enslaved to the image of the rich and famous as being icons they should abase themselves before.

This is a sick world - a sick place where sick people worship monsters because they are rich and famous.

The black man in America is now above the law if he can hire the best lawyers that money can buy - whilst the victims are despised, abused and hounded Jackon was adored and feted.

America is sick.

The world is sick.

The media is sick.

The sooner this sick society destroys itself, and devours it own monsters in its collapse, then the better.

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Anonymous said...

Defender of Liberty, I sure as hell didn't weep for him like the sad masses but I wondered what sort of sick world made him go the way he did and inevitably helped him die the way he did? I think great art/music transcends all human weakness and behaviour and some of MJ's earlier stuff (Ben, She's Out of My Life) before his innocence was finally stolen and his mind totally warped is fine by me - even if listening to it does come with an edge. It's no different to the EUSSR/Lib/Lab/Con Marxist perverts who are now trying to do the same to our own children at 5 years of age here in Britain by 'teaching' them the joys of alternative sexual lifestyles. I totally disapprove of the way Oscar Wilde chose to live his life but I still enjoy his works and condemn his incarceration in Reading jail but that was the law of the land at the time I suppose, even if it does seem somewhat misguided today.

Anonymous said...

Too right Lee, just look at the way black football player OJ Simpson/that self-loather Phil Spector/black rap "artist" Michael Jackson were able to buy their freedom under the corrupt US system.

And just think of the huge fortune Jackson will be passing on to his children.