Tuesday 7 September 2010

The Big Question

Can anyone explain why Griffin and Dowson are issuing fund raising appeals to the BNP members to pay for legal costs for the ERHC case when Griffin is representing himself ?

Have we got another Truth Truck scam on the go here ?

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Anonymous said...

You are just pissed off because yous services are no longer required. The advice you gave left a lot to be desired. Im sure the barristers the party currently employs are a tad better than you

Defender of Liberty said...

I resigned dickhead.

You wouldnt know what my advice was to anyone, as you are an insignificant know nothing sock puppet.

The party doesnt employ any barristers you moron, Griffin went to court on his own as the party is skint and cant afford one.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather like an answer to that question as well Lee.

Defender of Liberty said...

Well mate, if we use the BNP accounting system, then that makes 754 of us that want an answer to that question.

Jane said...

If I was Nick, representing myself, I would also avail myself of legal advice so as to present my case all the better while maintaining control on how the case is presented on the day in court.

Seegar said...

I have asked a similar question on several sites.BNP,green maggot but they were not published.
Jefferson stated on camera that there was no case to answer and that it was a question of EHRC wanting costs covered.BNP were going to tell him where to go.So according to Jefferson, there was no case to be answered.So why was Mr G thinking he was going to jail and why the need for such fund raising?
EHRC had already agreed to lose according to him,so where is all the cost?
Either Mr Jeffers don't know what he's talking about OR he does and has scored an own goal...what is going on?

Mr G said...

Isn't it illegal to raise money for this and spend it on that? Is that a criminal or civil offence?

Anonymous said...

If i am an insignificant sock puppet, then that puts me on the same par with you, because now your just an angry little man shouting out, hoping someone will listen. No one cares what you think because your nothing to do with the BNP anymore thank God

Defender of Liberty said...


but you are not Nick are you.

Therefore we are dealing with Griffin not you - and therefore we can assume that the money is being raised not to pay for legal costs but to fund Dowson and Griffins idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Most charities fund raise with a stated target they hope to exceed using an appeal that motivates givers , knowing the excess is necessary to maintain the organisation .
Our problem is once Dowson initiated Griffin to this wonder of the mysteries , after the first big appeal ostentiably for a new truth truck , they realised that the givers were so desperate to see something happening that they would give even if what was delivered was far less than they had given for .
Subsequently the appeals related increasingly to money to keep the Griffin-Dowson project afloat rather than an objective such as paying barristers let alone gaining political influence .