Wednesday 1 September 2010

Simon Darby Back Again

It appears that simon darby is doing the BNP 'hokey cokey' = is he in or is he out ?

Any ideas.

If he stays he is just as much of a mug as the other cult members who have decided to put loyalty to Griffin before common sense ;

Here are some great election results to prove just how successful the BNP is lately ;

On 26 August 2010 a by-election was held in the Woodhouse Ward.

The result of the by-election was:

Jonathan William Arnott - UK Independence Party ( UK I P) - 491
John Francis Grant - Green Party - 83
Laurence George Eyes Hayward - The Conservative Party Candidate - 154
Derek Anthony Hutchinson - Independent - 58
Joe Otten - Liberal Democrat - 757
Jackie Satur - The Labour Party Candidate - 1855 - ELECTED

Jordan Michael Pont - British National Party - 143 (4%)

Turnout was 26.39%

Redcar B.C. (Brotton)-26th Aug

Doreen Rudland (Labour) 565 ELECTED
Barry Hunt (Independent) 351
Valerie Miller (LibDem) 315
Don Agar (Conservative) 220
Michael George (BNP) 33

Labour Party- 38%
Independent- 23.69%
Liberal "Democrat"- 21.2%
CONservative- 14.8%
Nick Griffin Party- 2.2%

But hey - Griffin has said he wants nothing to do with Civic Nationalism at his latest scam, sorry group, the Indigenous Forum Meeting even though the BNP constitution is a civic nationalist document, the BNP has ethnic minority members in it and as senior officers of the party and can be sued for hundreds of thousands of pounds it hasnt got for Indirect and Racial Discrimination if it tried to enforce Racial Nationalism or Ethno-Nationalism in the party.

Only the biggest mugs on the whole planet will believe an idiot who says 'the BNP is not a civic nationalist party' when it has been taken to court and paid costs to the EHRC and drafted up a constitution to become a civic nationalist organisation.

When any party has ethnic minority officers in it - then it is a civic nationalist organisation.

I know some of the idiots on VNN Forum think that the BNP will never be a civic nationalist party, primarily by pretending that Mr.Rajinder Singh is in fact an Aryan, but he is not.

He is a very nice Sikh gentleman.

These are the same idiots that trust Griffin with the accounts even though the party is bankrupt and the Electoral Commission is fining the party for not delivering the accounts to them.

Thats the BNP for you - a party dead on its feet, which is bankrupt, being run by crooks and filled with idiot cult members who pretend the many Sikhs and blacks in the party are all oddly coloured Aryans.

As for the Indigenous Forum weekend - I just saw the speech by Green Arrow and the attendance at the event.

The phrase 'An idiot fish in a very small polluted small pond' comes to mind.

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Anonymous said...

Should a party be civic nationalist or ethno-nationalist? The fact is, it has to be both because life is both.

If one were to attempt to live in an entirely ethno-nationalist way in our world, then one would find that one simply couldn't function in the modern world. One would be driven insane.

For example, one would have to avoid using an Indian restaurant, (I was at one the other night and the waitress was Chinese). One would have to avoid using a Chinese acupuncturist, not let an ethnic friend in one's house, not speak to ethnic people in one's workplace, not let an ethnic postman deliver one's mail, not sing in a choir that had a black person in it, and on and on and on.

One's life would descend into absurdity and madness. One would be shunned by normal people.

One would have to go and live in a remote island and try to cut oneself off completely from the world. But even that would not work. (Colin Jordan attempted to live in a remote area of Scotland only to find his next door neighbour was some multi-racialist hippy). In short, one could not function.

So unless you are to go insane, you have to have a political philosophy which integrates the best of both points of view.

At the same time as having to live most of one's normal life in a civic nationalist way, one shouldn't blind oneself to the ethnic reality. One should be able to see ethnic consequences of certain things and make ethnically-based decisions.

We should have a party in Britain which acknowledges and works to this fact!

Life, as someone once said, is full of contradictions, and that is perfectly normal! I might also add that this fact of life seems to be borne out by the BNP members who have non-European spouses!

John said...

'I just saw the speech by Green Arrow and the attendance at the event.'

Absolutley heaving, not a spare seat in the house!

Some future.