Tuesday 7 September 2010

The BNP National Demo

After advertising for a national BNP demonstration outside the courts of justice on the main BNP site and also on the Green Maggot site, with directions on how to get there as well, take a look at the picture of the BNP members attending the demonstration taken from the BNP site and then count them.

Link here ;


There are 18 of them.

Yes, 18.

That is the amazing amount of members that now go on a national BNP demonstration.

What with the amazing number of BNP councillors now being 24 thats almost as many councillors as the BNP have now.

Well done Griffin.

The BNP is now literally defunct.

That is your legacy.

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Anonymous said...

"The BNP is now literally defunct"

Better 18 nationalists than 1000 traitors!

Defender of Liberty said...

And so shall it be.

The glorious 18 !

( AH - how apt )

Seegar said...

No, 1000 is definetely a bigger number than 18. I think.

1000 traitors? Do we know who they are, cos I'm having nothing to do with them and I suggest you don't either starting with not reading this blog.
That doesn't make sense.I'm confusing myself.Maybe I'm a Griffinite.
Griffinite? Isn't that what makes Superman weak and powerless?

Defender of Liberty said...

Not if its a 1000 in the BNP accounts.

100% BNP said...

Dead in the water Barnesyboy.

Our leader took his place today at the RCJ.

Where were you? Signing on at the dole office?

Hail the plankton and you are THE plankton.

Anonymous said...

Why do so many Griffinites come on to this site and abuse you, Lee? At least you have the balls to print their comments. Try getting an anti-Griffin/BNP comment onto the Green Faggot or the MacBNP website - you can't. I wouldn't travel to the bottom of my garden to support Griffin now never mind all the way to London (I, and others, have travelled to London before for him at great expense) - never again. 18 people. It would have been much more had all the good and patriotic London activists not already been suspended or sacked for telling the truth.

Seegar said...

Yeah,if Mr Barnes is so insignificant and unimportant, then why bother coming on here to read and comment. I find that strange to fathom too.

I look at sites that I don't agree with but wouldn't dream of leaving a comment.Oh,ok,I have tried to but they don't get published.

Stupid comments don't change anything and just make the author of them look stupid. A valid argument...now,that's another story.