Thursday 2 September 2010

The BNP and Civic Nationalism

Image - Rajinder Singh BNP member and officer ( and a nice chap as well )

One of the defining features of a cult, and the defining feature of many BNP members, are their rejections of reality and total belief in the pronouncements of the leader.

Lets take for instance the speech Nick Griffin gave at the recent Indigenous Forum weekend.

Now the Indigenous Forum is supposed to be an independent group separate from the BNP as regards its role in the idiotic BNP constitution drafted up Nick Griffin and his solicitor Jane Phillips, a woman well known in English Nationalist circles for her legal work.

Yet it is run by the BNP, is filled with BNP members, is funded by the BNP and its events set up by the BNP, organised by the BNP and filled with BNP members.

Yet much of the BNP membership believe that its role in the BNP constitution is such that it will prevent ethnic minority people from joining the BNP.

The entire BNP constitution drafted up by Griffin and Phillips is the most ridiculous and rubbish constitution I have ever read.

In one of the court hearings with the EHRC the judge in the hearing stated that the constitution was the worst drafted constitution he had ever read.

He was right.

It was drafted up simply for one reason - not to protect the BNP, but to protect Griffins power and his position as chairman of the party.

It is now impossible to remove Nick Griffin as chairman of the party.

That was what Griffin wanted the new constitution to do - to ensure that there is zero democratic accountability for him inside the BNP.

Griffin appoints and hand picks the people who sit on the Advisory Council, and therefore he ensures those who are loyal to him remain on the AC whilst those who dare deviate from Griffins demands are removed.

There is no democracy inside the BNP - and democracy would be destroyed if the British public were ever insane enough to vote for the BNP under Griffin.

A man who cannot respect democracy and accountability inside the BNP cannot be trusted with any level of power in our society.

Yet the mass of the membership are so indoctrinated that they refuse to see what is before their own eyes.

These are good people in the main, but they have become cult members and hence are now a disgrace to British Nationalism.

The belief in the party that Griffin must be obeyed is a fundamental betrayal of everything that British Nationalists should hold dear.

Our ancestors fought against kings and invaders to ensure that liberty and our ancient rights were protected from all usurpers - internal and external.

Yet the BNP cult members now stand by and assist a man whose actions have created a party that no longer protects the interests of their own party members, the party itself, democracy, accountability and the principles of liberty and free speech that we are supposed to be defending.

If you say anything counter to what Griffin demands, which is unconditional obedience or total silence, they you are removed from your position.

The fact that BNP members have tolerated this, and still tolerate it, makes me ashamed of them.

The BNP as it exists today under the control of Griffin is the enemy of everything Britain should stand for.

It is a cult of lickspittles and cowards who put their own personal positions in the party before their loyalty to the party itself, their fellow members and the principles of British Nationalism.

They are not British Nationalists - they are as much the enemy of British Nationalism as the Islamo-fascists, for both would destroy our country if they ever had power over it.

In any normal party, filled with normal people, then Griffin would resign or the members would demand his resignation simply for the Gross Incompetence and Gross Misconduct the man has demonstrated over the years.

Griffin remains as leader only as the lickspittles keep him there.

As evidence of this cult like nature of the BNP, then the primary example is demonstrated over on the VNN Forum site.

The VNN Forum is run by neo-nazis who want the BNP to remain a haunt for nazis and racists.

Therefore when Griffin gave his idiotic speech at the indigenous forum weekend, where he said the BNP would reject all civic nationalism, on VNN Forum they Hitler saluted away with delight until they got cramp in their right shoulders.

Yet whilst the nazis were delighted with what Griffin said, the reality did not invade their tiny minds one little bit.

Here is the reality ;

1) The BNP has a constitution that is civic nationalist

2) the bnp has a Sikh officer - Mr. Rajinder Singh

3) the BNP now accepts and has dozens of black and ethnic minority members

4) sooner or later one of those ethnic members will want to attend BNP meetings

5) If the BNP ever tried to dump its civic nationalist constitution it would be dragged back in court again

6) if the BNP rejected applications for membership from ethnic minorities it would be sued for hundreds of thousands of pounds

7) if an ethnic minority BNP member was refused entrance to a party event, such as the Indigenous Forum, then that is Direct and Indirect Racial Discrimination and hence unlawful, simply as the Indigenous Forum is an emanation of the BNP with a constitutional role in the BNP and therefore to refuse an ethnic minority BNP member access to their events is unlawful.

8) the man Griffin is grooming to take over the party when he decides to 'retire', Adam Walker, has a Japanese wife. Therefore the idea that Griffin and his chosen puppet will retain the BNP as a racial nationalist or ethno-nationalist party is frankly laughable

Yet the Nazis think the BNP is not a civic nationalist party.


So on every level the lies, and yes they are lies, peddled by Griffin to the BNP mug punters at these events and meetings are interesting not for the lies he tells, but for the response by the cult members.

They still believe him.

They have abandoned all capacity for rationalism, rational evaluation of the facts, they have lost the ability to differentiate between reality and propaganda peddled by the BNP and they now have become so cult minded they believe every lie they are told.

Frankly the BNP under Griffin is a total embarrassment.

The scenes I have seen at BNP meetings where Griffin postures as a peacock in front of his moronic fawning minions is a sickening sight.

Its like watching a real life version of the TV series The Office, but with a David Brent who thinks he is a cross between Oliver Cromwell and Stalin.

I have cringed in some BNP meetings to the point where I have literally sweated with embarrassment at the arse licking going on in front of me.

Some of the BNP meetings I have attended have been as bad as that.

To see the British people fall so low they will lick the jackboots of a man with the morality of a jackal is a sight to sicken any freeborn Briton whose ancestors died to defend liberty and democracy in our country.

The BNP is not a political party under Griffin, it is a Griffin Cult.

Those cult members who have decided to be cowards and lickspittles and stay in the Griffin cult are not rational normal human beings, they are cult members with the minds of cult members.

Sooner or later the BNP will split in two.

At the moment the BNP is simply experiencing another 'Officers Rebellion', the same as it sees every three or four years under Griffin.

These 'Officer Rebellions' occur on a regular basis after Griffin purges one tranche of disgruntled and disgusted officers who are sickened by his idiocy, corruption and incompetence then appoints another group of officers who then, after getting to know Griffin, also resign or rebel.

It has happened in every political party that Griffin has been involved in.

Decade after decade, party after party, year after year the same thing happens - the officers appointed by Griffin get to know him, come to despise him and either resign or are purged.

It has happened in every party Griffin has been allowed to take a senior role in.

Yet the majority of the BNP membership are so stupid and cult like, that they ignore the reality of what is happening and simply continue to deny reality.

I cannot work with such people.

Anyone who has accepted a position from Griffin and replaced a sacked / expelled officer or member or who remains as a supporter of Griffin's leadership is no longer a British Nationalist.

They are Griffinites, and hence they are traitors to British Nationalism.

I have have known some good people who I once respected in the BNP, but the fact they have taken positions from senior members who have been suspended / expelled by Griffin proves they are either fools or cowards.

You know who you are.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Those who support Griffin and the present leadership are a disgrace to British Nationalism.

As for those who have been suspended by Griffin but who will then go crawling back on their knees to kiss the ring of Griffin and be let back into the cult, then you are a disgrace to humanity let alone British Nationalism.

Such gutless cowards and spineless weaklings have no business pretending to be British Nationalists, they are cowardly idiots whose actions disgrace the heroes of our nation who have suffered and died for our people over the centuries.

Now wonder the BNP is ruled by such a creature as Griffin when its members are such gutless cowards.

Anyone who will crawl back into the BNP and surrender themselves to Griffin, surrender their soul to him as well.

Such fools and cowards cannot be trusted by anyone, and when Griffin goes they will be regarded as the worst pariahs of all.

No man can trust a traitor, especially one who is a traitor to himself.

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sessi said...

You seem really pissed about something Lee, could it be because your pathetic "reformist" (i.e. traitors) rebellion has fizzled out and Nick has outsmarted his critics yet again?

Loyalty to the leader is one of the most important things a party member can have. Nick is the democratic elected leader of the BNP and he will have my loyalty as a BNP member for as long as that is so. I didn't join the BNP to work against my own leader.

Nick has transformed this party into what it is today and I for one am very proud to call him my leader and the saviour of British nationalism in this country.

Ffs why don't you just get a job instead of waxing fat on the hard toil of others?

Defender of Liberty said...

Here we see the classic mental condition of the moronic cult member, or one of the BNP payroll spongers doing their 'job' which is to attack whatever their master orders them too.

I am not pissed off, I ashamed of the BNP and what it has become and that is why I am going to help reclaim British Nationalism from the septic scum like yourself that have brought its name into disrepute.

Anonymous said...

Ok there appear to be valid complaints, I've no reason to doubt you but we are running out of time.
Even flawed, practically any real semi intelligent Nationalist would be the best PM this country ever had bar Churchill perhaps because he or she would put country and people first.

Eisenhower said, ' a good plan, executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week'

Defender of Liberty said...

Griffin isnt a nationalist - he is a crook who is interested only in enriching himself.

Any imperfect plan put in effect by an idiot would be disastrous regardless of when it was put into effect.

All dictatorships fail as no man has all the right answers - the BNP is a dictatorship and therefore unless Griffin is removed it will continue to fail.

Anonymous said...

You can't destroy the BNP, I've spent ages putting this Vid together.


Stop the fighting and unite, go have a happy meal together at McDonalds or summink.

Anonymous said...

Lee Eisenhower said a Good plan executed right now is better than a perfect plan executed later.

He didn't say a bad plan.

Ade said...

It's worse than we thought, divide and conquer is part of the agenda.

Global Depopulation Underway

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones on the Islamic threat and why we all need to unite.

Alex Jones on Islam

The Elites want Nationalists to fight each other.

Defender of Liberty said...

Eisenhower was right.

Griffin couldnt work out a good plan if he tripped over it.

The elites have put their own people into nationalism in order to incite fall outs within the movement for decades.

I hate mcDonalds.

James said...

One thing's for sure..

If the BNP couldn't make massive gains at the last election, in the dire circumstances the country is now in, that means it's failed and will never make massive gains in its present format.

THe BNP needs a rebrand fast, and replacing Nick Griffin with someone who can appeal to 'middle England' and cannot be got at by the media, would be a start.

Face it, we failed miserably at the election and need to adapt accordingly.

Anonymous said...

(1) anyone with two years membership in can vote EVERY year on whether or not they want Griffin or someone else. If you can't get 20 percent to nominate an alternative candidate you sure as hell can't get 51 percent to elect him
(2) If you asked a hundred people how they would run the BNP you would get a hundred different ways
(3) An organization can only be run under one set of rules at any given time when you elect a leader in the BNP you choose his set of rules.
(4) as you pointed out people did not want Butler because of his lies, but their is no reason someone else cannot run next year.
(5) Your schizophrenic ramblings on civic vs ethnic nationalism obviously make you unsuitable to lead anything. The open membership policy was dictated by the so called Equalities commission.(And that obviously biased caricature of a judge whose opinion of the BNP constitution you seem to relish) Yet you simultaneously castigate Griffin for spending money fighting it and at the same time blame him for the policy imposed by the court? This is an interesting picture of how the mind of a mad man works, and Lee the Mad Man is you, not NG.

Defender of Liberty said...

1) wrong. Only voting members can vote in a leadership election and Griffin managed around 3 % of the total of the party supporting him as leader.

2) And virtually all of them despise Griffin except if they are a cult member of the griffinite party.

3) No-one voted for the new constitution did they dickhead.

4) what for - to face another bent leadership election with a bent constitution that ensures griffin cannot be removed.

5) My writing is not schizophrenic, you are just thick and are too stupid to understand it.

The constitution that was laughed out of court, and which was supposed to stop us getting into court and has cost the party about £ 300,000 so far was so rubbish it allowed the equality commission to do as they wish in the court.

That level of incompetence and gross misconduct on the part of Griffin, as he alone drafted up the constitution with phillips, should have ensured he was forced to resign.

In a normal political party the idiot would have resigned, but the BNP is not a normal party but one filled with cult member morons like you.

Griffin is a fool.

The constitution he drafted up failed completely.

The idiotic constitution allowed the EHRC to bankrupt the party, impose its own legal definitions on the party and allowed them to claim their costs back in the hundreds of thousands of pounds from the party.

All that was griffin the idiots fault.

I dont know what planet you are on, but get back to earth fool.

You are an embarrassment to British Nationalism, you idiotic cult member.

Anonymous said...

Lee you are starting to bore with this constant shite, not only that but people are staring to wonder if you now have any merit at all in nationalist circles, no Nick is not perfect, the whole EU MEP thing needs to be addresses, propganda needs to be reworked and and future credible new leader found to move us to the next step.

so far their is no new credible leader, if you cant tie paxo in a knot then you are dogmeat for the press and a laughing stock.

yeah Nick screwed QT but given the pressure he was under I think many people would have had a nervous breakdown before they even got in the studio and he still made some good points.

You now just sound like some UAF turd who has highjacked a once respected nationalists blog, the civic thing is the downfall of the BNP not the making, go the civic route and you may as well join and infiltrait UKIP who have and always will have a lead on that front, yet more often than not we give UKIP a bloody nose at elections, so to go civic throw away the BNP vote and split the UKIP vote is the actions of a destuctive mole, not a real nationalist., Lee let's face it, you have surrendered you are waving the wite flag.

No doubt you would claim you never really meant any of it should a more purist approach started to gain ground, fair weather nationalists that capitulate is what will destroy the BNP, nothing else.

Go and form your new wonderful civic nationalist party that will obviously shoot to the top and be admired by all including the press Lee and stop playing semantics, backstabbing and nationalist trivial pursuit.

You failed you are old news!

prove you have not failed with your new party Lee, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Anonymous said...

I, for one, have had it with British Nationalists, they wouldn't recognise the 14 words if they slapped them in the face!

Defender of Liberty said...

I agree - I have no merit in YOUR 'pseudo-nationalist circles', nor do I want any merit by those morons, and cowards, who stay in a pathetic cult around a crook and idiot.

Hopefully when I have finished my work, you will have no merit in the eyes of the public as well.

If the BNP cannot be saved from griffin and retards like you, then it has to be exposed for what it is to allow something else to take its place.

As for a new party, thats on the horizon, first the BNP needs addressing - so get used to it, this is just the start.

Anonymous said...

I have just had a quick perusal of your blog, Lee. Entertaining and informative, ahem, to say the least, and you make some good points about the current state of the BNP and those who currently run it despite your feverish and excitable tone.

However, I do remember during the Decembrist revolt a few years back that you were vehement in your denunciation of them and all their works and backed Nick Griffin to the hilt, along with Dave Hannam and Mark Collett, who were at the centre of their grievances at the time. OK, the antics of Graham and Single later was damaging to their cause, (though they were swiftly denounced by the other members of the group and the case comes to a head at the end of the year in Newcastle) but, if I remember correctly, you did your best to scotch any attempt to patch things up.

So, what is to stop you coming full circle in twelve months time? Martin Wingfield and Pat Harrington now work happily for Griffin, as you once did. Could history repeat itself with you?

Incidentally,in an attempt to scotch one of those half-baked internet rumours, I will happily confirm Adam Walker's wife isn't Japanese, but his ex-wife (whom he married while living in Japan) is!

They are now, obviously, divorced!!