Saturday 25 September 2010

The Pink Mafia

The British people are getting sick and tired of the undue attention given to the demands and views of homosexuals and lesbians when they represent just over 1 % of the population.

If one reads the media it appears that the heterosexual majority are the minority in our society, not the homosexuals and lesbians whose demands dominate every debate.

Yet the media peddle their every demand and statements as though they are somehow more important than the views of the majority and should reflect the social consensus, from the simply vulgar whores like Lady Gaga to apologists for paedophilia like Peter Tatchell.

We are getting sick of the Pink Mafia dominating our society.

The fact that the homosexuals and lesbians in the media, and their straight politically correct accomplices, seek to turn every issue into an excuse for some homosexual or other to pontificate to the majority are transforming tolerant people into angry people.

The fact is that the media are not breaking down barriers, they are erecting new ones.

We want our society to reflect the interests of the heterosexual majority, not for it to be under the domination of the endless demands of the homosexual and lesbian minority.

The Pink Mafia must have real contempt for the majority in our society as evidenced by their constant attacks on us.

No democratic society remains a democracy unless it reflects the interests of the majority, it becomes The Tyranny of the Minority when the interests of minority groups take precedence over the majority.

We must restore society back the majority and wrest control of our democracy from the minorities that seek to impose their will on us.

There will come a time very soon when the majority will no longer allow themselves to be manipulated by the media and the minorities, and they will rise up against them and demand their rights and interests are promoted.

The more the Pink Mafia and the media seek to impose their liberal fascist regime upon us, the more harsh the response will be.

There comes a time when a people say 'enough' and demand their country is returned to them.

That time is fast approaching as we are sick and tired of living under this sick, degenerate politically correct liberal fascist regime.

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alanorei said...

"The Pink Mafia" is exact, Lee (along with "vulgar whores" with mouths to match).

They are described in Genesis 19 as violent, vicious, depraved and unreasoning (where they can get away with it), with only the KJB telling the truth about the child-molester association in Genesis 18:20. The new bibles all cover up for the paedophiles.

They have not changed in 4,000 years of recorded history and as one KJB Baptist pastor in the US said some years ago, their lives are as filthy as a backed-up sewer and an abhorrence to 95%+ of the population in any country.

The original sodomites were Hamites, btw, which has non-pc racial implications as well.

Anonymous said...

The Pink mafia are inspirational. They work as a single unit towards a common purpose. Politicians quiver with fear at the might of the Pink mafia. Sadly, there is no such thing as a White mafia for politicians to bow before.

Why has the Pink mafia been successful, but nationalists unsuccessful?

Also, notice how the gays have achieved their objectives without even having a dedicated political party. They did it through some other means. I think there is something for us all to learn from that.

John said...

Quite agree Lee,

So lets have no more slagging off the Pope and stand behind our christian heritage.

Catholics are fair game as usual but answer me this, who do we need on our side with the threat of Islamifaction of our country?

Like I've said before, we need to show a united front and stop petty bickering that does us all no good.

We seriously need to find someone who will stand up and present a strong platform, with no baggage, and a clear direction.

Courage is contagious, so keep the faith and spread the word. I'm positive times are going to change but patience is required.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your website whilst, bizarrely, looking for an image of Basil Brush. What's being said here is absolutely captivating. Like staring at a car crash, I know it's appalling, but I can't help having a good look....

What on earth makes you have these views..?

The overriding message I get from you all is fear - fear of anyone or anything which doesn't fit what what you know or are comfortable with. Fucking pathetic...

Defender of Liberty said...

Basil Brush seeker,

so you are a poof then I take it ?


Anyone who disagrees with a homosexual is a bigot.

Another liberal fascist retard.

Anonymous said...

You've called yourself a 'defender of liberty', presumably because you think that liberty (freedom) is something worth defending.

Why then have you included the word 'liberal' in the random string of words meant to offend me at the end of your comment..?

'Fascist' describes someone with extreme right-wing views. What in my previous post suggest that..?

I never mentioned the word 'bigot'. I talked about fear. Feel free to refer to yourself as a bigot though...

And, no, I'm not gay. I'm white, British & hetrosexual, I'm guessing just like you, but without the fear....

Anonymous said...

All I see here is some impotent, angry "nationalists" (an insult to the word - you're really not worthy of the name) hand-wringing and swiping at shadows because homosexuals have been exponentially more successful at getting political clout behind their arguments than you have.

A proper nationalist would recognise that the true threat to the British people does not come from a small, predominantly white sexual minority. The true threat to the British people comes from the barbaric hordes of Islamists currently assaulting our way of life both from inside our country and out. Now if you'd set aside your petulant little tantrum for a minute you might realise that homosexuals do not, in fact, have very much in common with Muslims - Sharia law is very clear on the penalty for being caught engaging in it.

When it all comes down to it, in fact, homosexuals don't have anything to thank the blacks for, either. A true nationalist would see a very vocal and politically active group who vote - and, importantly, vote en-masse - on single-issue politics. As anyone who is at least basically conversant in British politics will know, 1% of the population does not equate to 1% of the vote, especially when contending with increasing voter apathy.

Nationalists should recognise homosexuals as, at heart, a politically insecure and easily manipulable voting bloc who can be very easily swayed with buzzwords such as "equal rights", "dangers of Islamic theocracy" and "anti-discrimination laws".

Self-delusional faux-nationalists such as yourself can continue to delude yourself that the greater mass of the British people are behind us, but recent electoral performance puts lie to that. Nationalist parties are simply too exclusionary and too imposing for anyone except the ideologically dedicated or the disgruntled looking for a protest vote to vote for.

A lot of gays who would otherwise have voted for the BNP were scared away by idiots like Collett and Griffin - but it's their loss, because nationalists who truly care about the future of Britain will, in the fullness of time, realise that a less exclusionary approach will actually get the job done better.

But don't you worry your little head about that. You keep worrying about the "Pink Mafia" while the Muslims whip the rug out from beneath the feet of both of you.