Wednesday 1 September 2010

A little Catch Up

1) Simon Darby resigning from the BNP = what a real shame for the BNP.

I know simon has been unhappy about what has been happening with Dowson for a long time, and now he has resigned I will reveal a little insider story concerning Simon Darby and Dowson.

Not many people know that Dowson runs the BNP, not Griffin.

Now that simon has resigned, then Dowson is truly running the BNP, not Griffin.

This was confirmed when Simon rang me last year and recounted an incident with Dowson and Nick when he was party treasurer.

I dont have the exact date but this is the story.

Nick, Simon and Dowson were having a meeting about the call centre being set up when Dowson demanded ten thousand pounds from the party to pay for his expenses involved in setting up the call centre.

At the time the party was skint and officers werent being paid their expenses etc so Simon was going to refuse to pay him the money.

Anyway Dowson said to Nick and Simon ' I want ten grand immediately or I walk. I am now going outside to smoke a fag and if I dont have the money when I walk back in then I am going to walk away and the call centre is finished'.

Nick went white.

When Dowson walked back in Nick turned to Simon and simply said 'Give him the money'.

At that moment Nick Griffin handed the party over to Dowson.

Rather than be a man, and say to Dowson 'Fuck off. No-one blackmails me or the BNP', which is what any man would have done - Griffin bent over, lowered his britches and handed the party to Dowson.

I rang Nick when I found out this incident had happened and asked him why he didnt tell Dowson to fuck off.

He just put the phone down on me.

Half an hour later I found out that Dowson had ordered Kemp to close my e mail accounts down.

I then rang Nick up and after telling him he was quote 'a gutless cunt' for giving the money to Dowson and to get my e mails back on immediately they were put back on.

At that moment, when Griffin handed the money over to Dowson, the BNP died.

At that moment it went from a political party to a money making scam for crooks like Dowson.

At that moment I realised that the BNP was finished.

2) So Bradford didnt burn down, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse were not released and WW3 did not begin after the EDL march.

So much for Griffin's little rant about defending Bradford from the EDL.

When the BNP parrots UAF propaganda, you know the BNP has become a joke.

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Anonymous said...

Barnes your a prick, keep calling us nazis and you will regret it when we next meet

Defender of Liberty said...


Oh the irony.

Fuck off you idiot troll.