Wednesday 8 September 2010

Burning the Koran

How sickening it is to see the wankers in the media and the politician filth in the American government surrender to the Islamist scum of the world.

Whilst the American government will demand that this preacher does not burn the Koran, it does nothing to stop American web hosting companies having child pornography on their internet servers.

It appears that the Dhimmi-liberal scum will regard burning the US flag as 'free speech' but burning a book as some sort of crime.

The moron yanks lining up to condemn this preacher betray America and the concept of liberty.

The idea that ANY book in our society cannot be burn by anyone at any time is the enemy of liberty.

Every book can be burned if we want, and the more that people tell us we must not burn that book - then it becomes all the more urgent that the book IS burnt in our society.

We have lived through one age of insane Christian fundamentalism where the Bible was regarded as the word of god, and worshipped almost as an idol itself, and we have seen our people burnt as heretics and witches in the name of the bible.

God speaks only to us through life and evolution, his works are the world and all life on it - his works are not found in books written by men.

No words can define the power, majesty and works of God, therefore all such books are sacrilege regardless of what religion peddles them.

We must never go back to that age of religious fundamentalism again where we must surrender our liberty to extremists - that is an age of barbarity, insanity and stupidity.

Any book that demands we surrender our freedoms to the beliefs contained within it demands to be burnt.

Any idea, religion or ideology that is prepared to demand we surrender our liberty to it, must be resisted.

Any fool, traitor or coward that demands we surrender our liberty and treat any book as somehow more important than our liberty must be regarded as the inner enemy.

Liberty must be protected both from the Dhimmi-Liberals and the Islamist animals that will kill in the name of the Koran.

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Anonymous said...

How did the Koran burning become such big news? A little known fringe church in the arsehole of Florida, with a congregation of 50 suddenly can gain this notoriety and world wide condemnation? Somethings fishy.....

Zionists funding and promoting the anti Islam rhetoric. Wow, no big surprise there.

Lee, the MSM are playing us like a fiddle, what do you think?

Durotrigan said...

Your advocacy of panentheism over monotheism is to be applauded Lee. Too many people have been murdered for the sake of disagreeing with what has been written in some redundant old book whether religious or secular. What baffles me is why the burning of a few Qur'ans is viewed as more offensive than cliterodectomy, stoning or the murder of apostates? And I'm not just talking about Mohammedans here, it's the BBC:

Anonymous said...

The Muslims should burn some Bibles. Islam is nothing other than submission to the Laws of Nature and observable Reality. I think that is sensible enough, only that 99% of Muslims themselves don't get the idea. They are just ignorant savages following ritual for tribal reasons. Man must not try to master Nature - and if he tries, it will be the death of him sooner or later. And multiracialism is in fact a rebellion against the laws of Nature as well. A prime example. The multiracialists need to submit to Nature and Nature WILL smite them down too. Christians are enemies of Nature.

Defender of Liberty said...

I just do not understand their logic.

They all say that God / Allah / Jehovah / Yahweh created the Earth and all life and that evolution is a product of Gods power - and then they say that everything God is, has been and will be is contained and defined in a single book.

I call that sacrilege.

Then they use that book to justify murder, torture, war and maiming people.

Its bollocks.

They are all manifestations of the demiurge.

Read the Gnostic Gospels.

Christ never wrote the Bible.

Allah never wrote the Koran.

What is created by man is a product of man, not of god.

We should not hate them for their faiths, we should try to enlighten them.

Anonymous said...

Except for the fact that the US govt cannot legally demand the preacher didn't burn the Koran. The man is perfectly within his rights to do so, which Obama always acknowledged, so there's no need to get hysterical about civil liberties being undermined. On the other hand, had he gone ahead with it, it would have been a childish and pointless act, but this wouldn't have mattered and few people would have noticed if this loser hadn't been given so much attention by an irresponsible media looking for shock stories and putting people's lives at risk in the process.