Sunday 26 September 2010

BNP Rebrand

An article on the BNP sites says the party is going to try and have a rebrand.

Yet another idiotic attempt by Griffin to try and damp down internal dissent with another facile and asinine political stunt.

The BNP cannot be rebranded as long as Griffin runs the party and Dowson controls the money.

The entire party is toxic because the leadership are toxic.

You cant rebrand political thalidomide.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The BNP logo is about the best thing about the BNP, leave it alone - it says all that needs to be said and has the flag also.

If we paid a designer £10,000 he would not improve on it, in fact i was always impressed by what is the best logo in politics, if this is scrapped or even considerd for scrapping then i would be pretty pissed off and would wonder what the BNPs real motivation is.

if it aint broke dont fix it.

now if nick had asked for ideas on how best to push the party forward to the public then i would have welcomed that.

a vote on what issues need to be pushed more and those pushed less would have been a good start highlighting the pros and cons of each.


1. should we charge less for membership and raise gold?

2. should we be more street active?

3. should we educate more on the NWO, banking corporates and cartels and the media conection?

4. should we have both a summer and a christmas national get together.

5. should the real reason corporate and ethnocide power reasons behind immigration be more exposed and its end goals rather than aiming everything at one group? addition to part 3.

6. should we expose the unions more?

7. should we have more videos on the main website including more third party educational videos on banking etc.

8. should we have more radio content on the main website(a good start so far but rather bare)?

9. is it time Nick published a book outlining the goals of a real nationalist that would be read by millions and show we are not warmongering imperialists or fascists, rather than a strict autobiography that would serve little nationalist purpose.

That would help, not scrapping the best logo in politics!!!! FFS