Thursday 16 September 2010

The John Bean Letter

John has asked me to state that he is willing for Griffin to stay on ONLY if his dictatorial powers he has awarded himself under the constitution, are limited by an elected Executive Council whose job will to be ensure Griffin acts in a way that respects BNP members rights and the law.

For those who who dare to slag John Bean off, he has done more for nationalism than virtually anyone left alive in this country.

Those who slag him off are either reds, moronic Griffinite vermin or idiot sock puppets.

Dear Nick,

Whilst I am conscious of the fact that my age and personal circumstances has mainly limited my activities in promoting the BNP to editing Identity magazine for over seven years, fifty years experience of British Nationalism has brought me to the following conclusions on the BNP’s future.

The British National Party must be forever grateful for the work you put in over the past decade which lifted the Party out of the doldrums of the latter end of the Tyndall era and has made its name a household word. However, it must be recognised that a major mistake was made by allowing the Midas Agency so much control of the Party. No matter how much one plays with words, the fact is that the BNP now has debts in excess of £500,000, which of course is not all of your making. Unlike the Labour Party’s £20m ‘debt’, which is really loans made by the Unions and others, the BNP’s hard debts are for goods and services. The Party is haemorrhaging membership and is receiving abysmal voting percentages of 2-3% at recent council by-elections. It must also face the fact that as an unregistered company a court could decide we are insolvent and recommend that the BNP be wound up.

It is highly likely that an opposition Nationalist party will shortly be formed which would draw off more disgruntled BNP members, with the result that neither such a new party nor the present BNP would gain a single Parliamentary seat within the next ten years – and time is not on our side. One step that would halt, or at least limit, this splitting of energies would be for you to recognise the veracity of the adage “the buck stops here” and resign as Chairman of the Party in the near future, as opposed to your intention of doing so three years hence.. This would not only reduce the loss of more members, but enable you to regain the respect that we all had for you.

Furthermore, it would allow you to concentrate on the North West constituency as the BNP’s MEP and expect the full support of the membership in seeing that you were re-elected.

Needless to say, I wish you well for September 7th both personally and for the Party. I am sure the Court would not be so stupid as to send you to prison.

Yours sincerely,

John Bean

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extant said...
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Anonymous said...

Why would people want to slag John Bean off. If other people, like Andrew Brons, Simon Darby, Chris Beverley had the guts to come out and say it as well it might help continue the pressure on Nick. We cannot say Nick has not been instrumental in driving the BNP on - but we need a new team. I would be quite happy for Nick to stay as some sort of honorary chairman and he can continue in his MEP role. He must, of course, ditch the baggage that is round his neck just now in the shape of Dowson,Jefferson and other co-horts.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee. No prizes for guessing where the brain-dead idiots are laying into John Bean in response to his sensible and reasonable letter.


alanorei said...

Thanks, Lee

This seems eminently fair and wise, especially in that JB has raised the awesome practicality problem of a new nationalist party having to establish itself in the critically limited time available.

Defender of Liberty said...

Sorry to hear that the Green Maggot has treated the Wales folk that way, thats proof his idiocy, arrogance and egotism.

The mans a twat.


extant said...


Every single person in the Wales BNP including organisers have told me categorically that they have enormous respect for you > Don't ever be told different mate, because I know for sure !!

Paul Morris/GA is the most inept,incompatent fucking looser I have ever come across in my entire life. He is in Nationalism as nothing but a fkn parasite, to sweep the gutter of it and everyone is waking up to it fast.

He is so predictable and socially impotent, I can smell the slithering gutless looser's next move, every single time. He is not going to the Wales BNP meeting this evening, because there are lots of Wales activists that detest him and all what he really stands for. I have been told that by everyone.

I was serious about his mother and father mind, they were Marching Communists.
If people knew half of what he really is and what he stands for, it would make them puke, he really is proper scum.

What shame that cnt has brought on all of us.


Anonymous said...

John Beans solution of the situation is no solution at all, to try and bribe Nick with a second term as an MEP and therefore grant him an EU pention is more one of the root causes of the real problems we face.

The EU has either in place on on the cards a rule where anyone recieving a pention from the EU and is critical of the EU will have that pention removed.

In effect it would nueter all BNP MEPs that stand for more than one term.

so in short it would mean the loss of Nick Griffin and the continued collaspe of the BNP.

I do share some concerns with John, but feel he has no solutions either, just populist nonsense riding on a wave of hysteria.

Things need tio be done and Nick need to do them or step down, offering EU pentions is NOT the answer and just getting rid of Nick is not the answer either, come next election we would face the same thing all over again as NO ONE is putting forward any real solutions to dig the party out of the hole it is in.

rather I see rats leaving a sinking ship or trying to cut the rudder off or replace it with an even less stable one than the one we have.

frankly the whole situation is a joke and I now hope Nick rides it out and tackles the issues and comes out on top.

fair election results and everyone wants to throw the leader overboard while having no alternative person or solutions worth a crap.


Anonymous said...

Defender of Liberty said...
Sorry to hear that the Green Maggot has treated the Wales folk that way, thats proof his idiocy, arrogance and egotism.

The mans a twat.


16 September 2010 10:30

and this helps? how?

prewhi said...

I was surprised to hear the cunt was still alive. He might have a rat on his head but he clearly has shit inside it. Doubtless you'll be all over him because he has sold his arse to Butler and the state. They don't call him Jelly Bean for nothing.

Another fucking traitor that needs kicking out sharpish. We will fight you to the last member and the last vote. Traitors will NEVER succeed in taking over the BNP.

shaymen on tour said...

I have had the pleasure of meeting John Bean on a few occasions and have always found him to be a gentleman.
Furthermore, his experience and intellect are there for all to see in his editorship of Identity.
Let us all hope that Nick Griffin begins to listen and do what is necessary for our party to survive and prosper!

On a totally different point, i believe that the party's renewed 'bring the boys home' campaign should be taking a backseat at this present time. Whilst i fully support the aims of the campaign, the party should be campaigning to protect jobs in the face of what promises to be severe cuts.
Whilst it is obvious that the public sector is bloated, it is obvious that the ones facing losing their jobs will be the lower paid front-line workers! After-all the highly paid senior managers whose job it is to oversee these cuts aren't going to give themselves the boot!
We should be leading from the front and showing British workers that we are on their side.
The reform group should also be talking about these things - yes we all know the BNP is in debt but they need to show ordinary members that allowing Griffin to use rehashed and ultimately failed campaigns isn't the way to win new members!
It isn't rocket science to see that many people are about to lose their jobs, money is going to be tight for millions of our people over the coming years. If we began to campaign against the financial elite whose globalist agenda has all but destroyed our nation, we would see our party's ranks swell.

extant said...


I have been asked to make a correction by Wales BNP.

GA is not Proscribed, he has been disasocciated !!

Also , check this out, unbelievable !!

Follow this link,read it all, it will make you want to puke-

Green Arrow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Green Arrow (Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen) is a fictional character, published by DC Comics. Created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, he first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941. His secret identity is Oliver "Ollie" Queen, billionaire and former mayor of fictional Star City.[1] Dressed like Robin Hood, Green Arrow is an archer, who invents trick arrows with various special functions, such as a glue arrow, a net arrow, explosive arrow, time bomb arrow, grappling arrow, fire extinguishing arrow, flash arrow, tear gas arrow, cryonic arrow, a boxing-glove arrow, and even a kryptonite arrow. Originally developed as an archery-themed analogue of the very popular Batman character, writers at DC have developed Green Arrow into a voice of left-wing and progressive politics very much distinct in character from Batman, with his own supporting cast.

n politics, Left, left-wing and leftist are generally used to describe support for social changes to create a more egalitarian society.[1][2] The terms Left and Right were coined during the French Revolution, referring to the seating arrangement in parliament; those who sat on the left generally supported the radical changes of the revolution, including the creation of a republic and secularization.[3]
Use of the term "Left" became more prominent after the restoration of the French monarchy in 1815 when it was applied to the "Independents".[4] The term was then applied to a number of revolutionary movements in Europe, especially socialism, anarchism[5] and communism. The term is also used to describe social democracy and social liberalism.[6][7]

Anonymous said...

shaymen on tour said...

i agree broadly with this statement.

back our workers not forign dictatorships with bribes and money laudering through fake i mean aid! and banker bailouts that cost every person in this country £1,400 per year in additional costs just to service the frickin loan shark usery debt they deliberately saddled and enslaved us with.

Time to kick the left to the curb and make this number one priority, not the troops as while i am against the invasions, the people sent their did so on their own free will, they were not conscripted.

while people being sacked had no choice in the matter.

Yes, Nick must pull his finger out on this and dump the troops propaganda now, if not then Nick is making a SERIOUS mistake, Nick cannot afford any more mistakes or he will not last much longer, it is up to you Nick, get on the ball or step down, as this does not cut it.

I hope you do step up Nick as i still have faith in you, but you are running out of blunders, it is starting to look deliberate in the regularity, please rectify the situation and to hell with the EU and it's pention which you will lose if you don't get on the ball pretty sharpish anyway.

Anonymous said...

Bring the boys home can be issued on a multi bullit point flyer it does not need a special campaign as it does not work, I can understand that Nick may be going for a softer less contraversial image buy using this less confrontational stance but it is a mistake to use this as the headline propaganda, in fact it is yesterdays news.

Now as shayman says is the time to point at all the people that have destroyed the country, the unions, the politicians, the bankers, the corporate elites.

THAT is what the people want to hear, and the solutions.


and yet here we are talking about troops!!!!

we have the financial solution because we would

1. scrap foriegn aid, saving british jobs and university places

2. end immigration, ensuringn more stable jobs for Brits with lower housing costs.

3. scrap the banker bailout and privatise the debt to the banks that failed and not the people.

4. pull out of the EU ensuring billions are saved and we can shut our borders.

5. bring our boys home and end the cost of the wars.

WE have the solutions, no one else, certainly not the stupid left and we need to get that message out, right now, before the left get their foot in the door again as the BBC build them up with propaganda.

Nick get on track or push off, so many things can be done yet you sit their with the rest of the morons in the nationalist movements doing what precisely and that includes moron Butler and his band of imbeciles.

bring our troops home and more begging letters aint gonna cut it, reach the peoples key fears and that will drive them to the party, cut the membership fee and that will bring in new members and in hard times cutting it will be seen as a compasionate guesture as well as a practical one, while it would increase donations and credibility through numbers.

Is every nationalist in the country got shit for brains or owned by the EU or state?

extant said...

Get your sick bag out, this is going to make you want to puke-


Ill ask you one question-


Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) is one of DC Comics' longest-established and most well known superhero characters. The superhero, who has no actual super powers but is an amazingly skilled master archer armed with a collection of trick arrows, was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp and first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 (1941).
With regards to questions specifically about theology (which is, of course, only one segment of religion overall), the Green Arrow is most commonly regarded as an agnostic. However, he is not at all outspoken or evangelical about his agnosticism, and agnosticism can not be considered his "core" religion, i.e., a descriptor of his primary motivational philosophy.

Although Green Arrow was not overtly political or religious when he was first introduced, he has over the years evolved into an outspoken and devout Liberal Marxist Communist. Regardless of how the Green Arrow identifies himself politically, his deeply held liberal political beliefs constitute his religion in the truest sociological (not necessarily "theological") sense of the word.

In recent years, the Green Arrow died, went to Heaven, and subsequently returned to life. We are unaware if these experiences have had any effect on his theological views. Since returning to life, Oliver Queen resumed his previous vocal espousal of "left-wing" political views. He has apparently had little to say on expressly theological topics.

It might strike some readers as peculiar that Oliver Queen's experiences did little to change is worldview, but this is in keeping with his character. As subjects such as the afterlife and theology apparently were of relatively little interest to Oliver Queen before his death, he may simply have returned to being his old self. If Queen is indeed agnostic or indifferent to religion, this is best understood as his personal belief and an aspect of his character, and not a result of reasoned thought or a consideration of his personal experiences. Queen clearly expends considerable thought on political and social topics, rather than religious, metaphysical or pure philosophical topics. That's simply who he is.

In a very real sense, this aspect of Green Arrow's heroic identity was present from the beginning, as he modelled himself after the legendary hero Robin Hood, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. By actively declaring his beliefs and seeking to persuade others around him about the correctness of his ideals, Green Arrow has become one of the most consistently evangelical superheroes in the DC Universe. ("Evangelical" is used here not with the Protestant meaning of the word, but according to the Webster's Dictionary definition, "marked by ardent or zealous enthusiasm for a cause.") Oliver Queen has a vision of heroism that encompasses societal change and concern for the most overlooked members of society, rather than just derring-do and super-heroic fisticuffs.


extant said...

Green Arrow is explicitly referred to as a "Commie" and a "Marxist" in Frank Miller's critically acclaimed limited series Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again. This work is influential, but it is "non-canonical." In other words, it is not considered an official part of mainstream DC Comics. Oliver Queen as presented in Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again (and previously in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) may be Frank Miller's extrapolation of Queen's character into the near future. Or it may simply be that the Green Arrow's colleagues in the Justice League and the broader super-hero community regard him as a Marxist and a Communist, although he himself does not use these words to describe himself.

From: Peter Sanderson, "Comics in Context #30: Knight After Knight", published 13 February 2004 on IGN Entertainment website (; viewed 16 June 2006):

...Like Ross and Dini too, Miller uses the bearded, politicized version of Green Arrow as Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams reworked the character at the time of transition from the Silver Age to whatever we may call the period that followed. (O'Neil and Adams made Green Arrow into a 1960s liberal activist; in DK2 Miller pushes Green Arrow to a leftist extreme, making him a Communist. Well, Green Arrow is supposed to be a modern-day Robin Hood, so that arguably would make him interested in the redistribution of wealth.)
Whether the mainstream DC Universe Green Arrow is properly regarded as an actual Communist or Marxist, or whether he is simply an extremely politically-minded ultra-left-wing Liberal or progressive or Socialist or something is a matter of disagreement. Clearly at least some of the Green Arrow's more politically conservative colleagues regard the Green Arrow's politics as dubious at best. Some readers and fans of the Green Arrow regard identification of the character as a Marxist or Communist as inaccurate and inappropriate. However, there is no indication within the comics themselves that the Green Arrow regards the descriptors "Marxist" and "Communist" as being in any way slanderous or a slur.
The Green Arrow has frequently used epithets from the other political extreme, such as "fascist", to label individual and institutions he strongly disagrees with. The Green Arrow has used the word "fascist" against both Superman and the American "military industrial complex" in comics such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and in the "Absolute Power" storyline in Superman/Batman #s 14-18 (in which an alternative history Green Arrow fought against a benign Superman and Batman who jointly ruled the planet).

Because Marxist Communism is officially atheistic with regards to its theological views, and the majority of devout Communists have historically been atheists, some readers have concluded that the Green Arrow is an atheist as well. This may be jumping to conclusions, as the Green Arrow's identification as an actual Communist is tenuous in mainstream DC continuity and, moreover, the Green Arrow has never been portrayed as somebody who has embraced all tenets of Marxism.

The Joker said...

Very good post Extant except that the Green Arrow you are refering to has nothing to do with GA. GA calls himself the Green Arrow after a man who used to write letters to a newspaper so your post is utterly pointless and shows you have an obsessive hatred for someone who helped put Wales BNP on the map....... How about that then batman ? You are barking mad Extant.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Brons needs to grow some balls. Since his election victory he has been bending over, letting Griffin put his own staff in on Andrew Brons expennses, who support Griffin and not those capable or deserving of the job.

Brons, needs to put his foot down and sack anyone who he has not appointed and appoint his own team.

This will rid the party of idiots like Harrington etc..

extant said...


Like it or lump it, Green Arrow the so called Nationalist Blog, was born through the "only" Green Arrow and that is what I have displayed.

It is not my influence or writing, it is merely copy and pasted to what the Green Arrow is !

I am a proper Nationalist mate and it makes me want to puke to see a plant like Paul Morris not just deliberately suppressing fantastic coverage for the BNP and Nick, but deliberately putting between a committed and great team.

Give me just one plausible explanation to the following question-
"why call your self Dick Turpin, if you are not a thief" ??

Britain First said...

I'm thinking Bean would slag off a lot of your more socialist (and sensible imo) ideas. Isn't he more a conservative leaning chap?