Friday, 3 September 2010

The Nick Cass Letter

Image - copy of the letter.

I had an interesting conversation with Nick Cass last night about a letter he had received a few days ago.

This letter from 'Mr. anonymous 1' has a few bits about the reform group in it, but the bit that most entertained me was the bit in it about me !

In the letter it mentions an incident that someone else , another Mr. anonymous 2, supposedly heard concerning an alleged telephone call that Nick Griffin was supposed to have heard taking a few weeks ago.

In this telephone call a person whose name is alleged to be 'lee' was heard being involved in a fiendish plot with Griffin to hoodwink the reform group into doing his bidding and in reality 'lee' is still working with Griffin to set up a new party which will then either ;

1) be used by Griffin for his interests
2) or Griffin will take it over

I am not sure which is the presumed end goal of this fiendish plot as the letter seems a bit confused.

If anyone else got a copy of this letter can they let me know as I would be interested in its distribution and where the letter was franked from.

To be honest I am rather flattered.

The fact that Griffin and his retarded cronies think I am so dangerous that they will send letters like this out to people, is very heart warming.

No one wants to think their efforts are not appreciated.

Perhaps the person who sent the letter to Nick Cass is the same mug that sent the anonymous threatening letter to me a week or so ago.

Frankly its embarrassing.

The sort of perverted little people that like to send threatening letters to people are usually the most sad, inadequate, gutless arseholes you will ever meet - you know the type, the knicker thieves and pantie sniffers of the local neighbourhood and other assorted pervert types.

So just to please the letter writers I am now going to release a series of little incidents about Griffin over the next few weeks that will amuse and entertain my readers.

Stay tuned folks.

You aint seen nothing yet.

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Anonymous said...

More nails in griffins coffin i hope, i really beleive griffin is leading the party to self destruction on purpose. a man of straw im afraid, he will not stand down no matter how far the party falls.
Griffin will not do the decent thing, unless he was given a very large golden handshake.

Anonymous said...

The thing about having Griffin's close allies turn on him is the certainty that they know where the bodies are buried. Looking forward to some entertaining reading, Lee.

Anonymous said...

We need a bit of a giggle in these long days of darkness. Don't leave it too long.