Saturday 4 September 2010

Britain is a sick country

The story below reveals how sick this country has become.

Paedophile dubbed 'The Child Catcher' after buying police van - complete with cage

Sep 3 2010 By James Moncur

A BRAZEN paedophile has been dubbed The Child Catcher - after buying an old police van with a CAGE in the back.

Vile Steven Perrie, who was caught with 400,000 revolting images of children, used to enjoy attracting attention by driving a white Rolls-Royce.

But now the arrogant pervert has now made himself even more conspicuous by ditching the Roller for a former cop van.

The Child Catcher used a cage to imprison kids in hit movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

And one of Perrie's disgusted neighbours in Forfar, Angus, told the Record: "Some folk are saying he reminds them of the character because of the big steel cage in his van. It's the talk of the area.

"He's got a real nerve doing this. He thinks he's above the law, and he's really rubbing our noses in it now."

Perrie, 43, bought the police van after the Tayside force sent it to auction in July.

The cops took off its blue lights and most of the police markings before selling it off.

But it's still recognisable as a police van because of the call sign on its roof. The black lettering helps police helicopter crews pick out colleagues' vehicles from the air.

Divorced Perrie got two years prison in 2004 for amassing what was believed to be Britain's biggest hoard of internet child porn.

He was caught with 403,535 photos and 15,934 video clips.

Many showed kids as young as four being raped and tortured. A sheriff said the images were "of unimaginable evil and depravity".

After bricklayer Perrie was freed, council officials and police let him work on a building site next to a primary school.

He was soon returned to jail after being caught downloading porn in a house where he was supposed to be working, but is now back on the streets.

A Tayside Police spokeswoman said of Perrie's van: "The vehicle was sold by Tayside Police at auction in July 2010.

"Before it went to auction, all blue lights and 'high-vis' markings were removed.

"All police vans are fitted with an integral prisoner cage.

"On this vehicle, the cage was not suitable for transfer to another van, so police mechanics removed the door prior to the vehicle going to auction."

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Anonymous said...

We can't even protect our children from monsters.

Sick is the only word Lee.


Defender of Liberty said...

Totally correct mate.

There is a simple and cheap solution though - a short rope and a long drop.