Friday, 3 September 2010

Jim Dowson - serial sex offender

Image - The alleged Rapist and his Protector.

I have held off writing this article, but after the young woman concerned wrote an e mail to Shelley Rose about her being raped by Jim Dowson, then this story has to be exposed.

We now know that Jim Dowson is a serial pervert and sex offender.

He was involved in a sordid drunken threesome with Simone Clarke during the European Election event in Blackpool, he has been accused of sexual assault by Shelley Rose and we also know of allegations concerning a young BNP member from Cumbria (whose name I know but will not reveal) who alleges she was raped by him and she has also accused him of doing the same to another young female member, who I am trying to discover the identity of.

That makes one incident with Simone Clarke which proves he is a sexual degenerate who portrays himself as a married man with religious convictions but in reality is vile pervert, one incident of sexual assault and two allegations of rape.

Yet these are all ignored by Griffin.

The sexual assault against Shelley Rose is not the most serious allegation of serious sexual assault against Jim Dowson that has been rumoured about in the party for a long time.

The worst allegation concerns the rape of a young BNP member by Jim Dowson after the BNP roadshow in 2009.

There was a certain young female BNP activist in the Cumbrian region, well known to many of the senior people in the party as a superb asset to the party.

Clive Jefferson knows who she is and worked with her closely, yet Jefferson is now one of Dowsons close friends - which reveals how much of a piece of scum Jefferson is.

She was at the time 17 years old at the time she was raped by Dowson, not even old enough to drink.

She was intelligent, articulate, passionate about nationalism and one of the countries best activists.

Then she met Jim Dowson.

It is alleged by her that after the BNP roadshow, in which she was assisting, that Jim Dowson took her back to his hotel room, plied her with alcohol even though he knew she was only 17 and then raped her.

It is rumoured that Dowson threatened her to keep quiet by using his 'loyalist' connections to ex-terrorists in Northern Ireland to terrify her into silence.

Some people say 'why didnt she go to the police', well after being one of the people Dowson threatened with his connections to Loyalist killers in Northern Ireland, then its quite understandable why she didnt go to the police.

A rapist who boasts of his connections to hit men in Northern Ireland, who threatens BNP members with violence from loyalist killers if they cross him and who boasts at BNP events about his connection to loyalists like Michael Stone - can you imagine what sort of effect threats of that kind would have on a young girl.

As for other alleged victim of Dowson, she has not been seen again.

One of the victims has sent an e mail to Shelley Rose via her facebook account - the link to the e mail is here ;

Jim Dowson is an animal.

He has sexually abused one female BNP member and is accused of raping another - and yet Nick Griffin, the man who lies to the media in order to portray the BNP as a 'family party' will not open any investigation into the allegations made about his closest adviser Jim Dowson.

Any fathers or decent human beings left in the BNP are by supporting Griffin, also supporting Dowson.

Every single one of the officers of the BNP who stand alongside Griffin and stay as officers will be working with Dowson and being paid by Dowson.

They are taking money from the hands of a rapist.

The BNP is no longer a normal political party.

It is now a cult around a man who has no morality or principles, and as a cult it will ignore the sexual abuse of female BNP members as the cult members are unable to think rationally as normal human beings.

If Griffin will not act on the allegations, the cult members merely ignore them or attack the victim of the rape.

Thats how sick and degenerate the filth in the BNP have become.

They will attack the victims of the rape, whilst protecting the rapist.

They will protect the rapist, whilst slandering and abusing the female victim who dares speak out about the abuse she has experienced.

If you stay in a party like that, under a leader like that, then you are scum.

When I joined the BNP in 1997 the idea that the BNP would allow a man who has been accused by two female BNP members of serious sexual assaults would be able to stay in the party and retain their position, would be unthinkable.

It is a sign of how degenerate the BNP has become, and how incapable of rational thought its members have become, that they support Griffin and hence support Dowson and will ignore the allegations.


Griffin killed it.

Griffin purged the party of its best and brightest senior officers to replace them with moronic drones who would simply obey what he and Dowson demand of them.

The BNP I joined no longer exists.

Therefore I have no loyalty to the septic cult of filth and greed that remains around Griffin and Dowson.

Those who stay in the BNP under Griffin are either mental defectives or moral defectives - either way they cannot be trusted with political power in our society.

Griffin must go and with him the poisonous mindset and his minions that put mindless obedience to the leader before morality, integrity, probity, loyalty, honour and British Nationalist principles.

And at the same time must go all those people who serve Griffin and Dowson.

The party must be cleansed of the filth that infects its senior ranks, and the carriers of the disease removed from the party.

Then, after a period of healing, the party will become what it was once was again - The British National Party, instead of the present cult of perverts and morons.

Whether you believe the allegations or not is irrelevant.

The fact is that in any decent, normal political party rather than the person making the allegation being abused, villifed and smeared by the attack dogs of the leader of the party, like the mental pygmy Paul Morris of the Green Arrow site, those investigations would trigger an immediate investigation.

When I asked for an immediate, transparent, independent investigation to look into the allegations - Griffin ignored me.

Instead of an investigation to protect female BNP members, and to prove the allegations were false and move on as a party so as to protect our public image with the voters, Griffin did nothing.

By doing nothing, Griffin has in fact confirmed the allegations are true.

If there is nothing to hide, then why try and hide the truth ?

Any decent, rational BNP member would put the interests of victim first and the party second.

If the victims were liars, then after this being proved by the investigation then they could be expelled - and the party protected and its image restored.

Instead Griffin orders that no investigations be held and instead that the victims be abused and smeared by his pet attack dogs on the internet via the Green Arrow site and VNN Forum ;

Links here to sites which attack the victim and protect the alleged rapist ;

Read the comments from the filth on these two sites.

Can you imagine any normal political party having such people inside it who would speak about a female who has made allegations that she has been sexually abused.

Of course not, as they are not mental and moral defectives.

These scum are the people that infest the BNP.

These are the scum that Griffin uses to attack and smear anyone that seeks to reveal the truth about how he polluted and perverted the BNP.

Green Arrow is the man Griffin rewarded for his loyalty in attacking the Leadership Challengers on his blog with a 'speech' at the Indigenous Forum last weekend.

Paul Morris is the man who threatened to release on the internet the names and addresses of all BNP members who dared to support the leadership challengers - and was asked to do so by Griffin himself as the close friends of Morris have revealed to me.

That is the level of scum that infect the BNP.

You stay in the BNP with these filth, then you will become filth too.

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david Hamilton said...

I still believe the BNP can be reborn as a wholesome movement to help and support our people and with a cklean name, but it would require sickos like Griffin and Dowson being prosecuted and I hope imprisoned.

Anonymous said...

Those who stay in the party thinking any attack on the BNP is an attack on Nationalism, are living in denial.
Before resigning I thought long and hard about how the Nationalist cause, which is so vital in saving Britain, could be best served. Stayin in the BNP or resign as a protest to how the party has moved in the wrong direction.

I had to resign, morally it was the only action to take.

So many really good people have been removed from the party, people who built the foundations and worked so hard to get the party where it is.

Griffin is doing a huge amount of harm to the Nationalist cause now. He could have left the leadership, with the thanks of so many for his efforts in establishing the party. But, alas, it does appear he is hell bent on staying put, by doing so he will be villified and remembered as the man who damaged Nationalism and Britain.

Be a man of dignity, be a man of honour, realise YOU are the problem now. The British Public will not vote for you, you are the reason theparty can not progress.

For the sake of Nationalism griffin go now.

Anonymous said...

Lee, I used to think that you were a great guy but now I can see that you are an evil traitor. Fuck off and die you piece of vermin.

Anonymous said...

I regard Griffin as the greatest traitor to this country and our people in modern history; and at our darkest hour.

It is alleged that the young lady fled her home county because of threats made against her by her RO!

Defender of Liberty said...

Re Great Guy - I am very happy to dissapoint you, now fuck off you griffinite brainwashed vermin back to your septic cult.

Anonymous said...

You have finally emerged as the alter ego of LUAF. Your blog reads like that now.

Defender of Liberty said...

Yeah, thats right I am in the UAF - you tragic moron.


Anonymous said...

It does appear that Mr Griffin is determined to hold on to power at all costs. He will undo so much work, to dig in, to ignore the "realilty" of the situation and of the greater cause of Nationalism, is a display of great dishonour and valour.

Griffin, blew his chance on QT...he blew the last Election...and is blowing thousands the BNP does not have.

Nicholas Griffin MEP will be remembered very, very badly inthe eyes of Nationalists if he doesnt not stand down...he will take the Nationalist cause down when the Country badly needs it.

extant said...


I am not surprised at the way you are behaving, infact I knew you would; but I must say,(I know you much better that you will ever imagine) I thought by now you would have seen sense and calmed down. But you have pushed yourself in a corner and you must now have realised it.

What surprises me is that after a life time of being as volitile as we are, you have not learnt the art of knowing where this from the start will end; incredible.

I have personally regarded you as a triumph and corner stone for Nationalism. However, you are now compounding a rift into something very very ugly and no one will thank you , least of all your once loyal supporters.

What a sad sad time this is; for all of us !!

We should all hang our heads in shame..

Defender of Liberty said...


this is a battle for the soul of the party and the survival of our people.

I offered Griffin the chance of resigning with honour and dignity, he chose to wage war.


I do not want supporters mate, I stand on my own for what I believe is right.

I know I am right, thats all that matters to me.

In time they will either wake up or remain as deadwood in griffins cult.

In all wars there are casualties.

I stayed loyal to the party until griffin began purging people to protect dowson - I stand for truth, loyalty, honour, justice and nationalist principles.

I am proud.

Those who stay in the party are either fools or cowards.

You cannot win a war with fools and cowards - as the future will show when the BNP implodes and get no more council seats.

I stand for the future and right.

Those who stand for cowardice and the past have to live with their own disgrace.

I prefer to be in a corner on my own, that way I dont have to worry about someone in the BNP stabbing me in the back.

I can fight the enemy in front of me, but not the traitors who stab our own members in the back to protect themselves.

They can all go to hell, every single coward and fool.

Anonymous said...

Lying c8nt. Where is the proof? Youve got sod all. End of.

extant said...


Pride is the biggest weakness of all and almost all are not immune from it.

Just look at the old 3, they dont suffer with it do they and they have complete power !!


Anonymous said...

LJB seems to be doing a sad impression of Sharon Ebanks.

berserme said...

So is this 17 year old really worth bringing down the BNP over?

The future of our country is at stake yet you want to cause a scandal over some insignificant one night stand that is of no interest to 99.99% of people in this country.

Why aren't I surprised to find you siding with some young trollop over the leader of the party you claim to love?

Even though this alleged incident, even if it is true, did not involve Nick.

You are a disgrace and a traitor to Nationalism.

Defender of Liberty said...

Pride is what makes us men.

Lose your pride, you lose your soul.

The BNp should be a beacon for our people, not another false dawn.

To be led by scum, means the party in power will treat our people as scum.

Therefore unless the BNP is cleaned with an iron broom, then the BNP is as much a threat to our people as our traditional enemies.

Until Griffin goes and Dowson goes, then I will continue to attack the BNP as a cult of morons led by filth.

That is because that is the truth.

As for is it worth destroying the BNP over a single 17 year old girl - the answer is yes.

If the BNP cannot be trusted to do the right thing out of power, then in power it will be a gang of gangster scum.

I got involved in nationalism to fight the scum in power - and now the BNP is run by scum, I will fight them until the BNP is once again the BNP that I joined and supported.

The Jewish people have a phrase - whosoever saves one person, saves the world entire' and so it is with the BNP - the fate of the party, the soul of the party and our integrity as a political party depends upon us doing the right thing by this one girl.

I will defend her, and her right to a fair hearing against every one that dares deny her her rights.

If she was your daughter, then you would do the same - if she was your daughter then you would thank me for it.

It is her fate that decides the fate of the BNP - for the failure to provide her with justice turns this party into a criminal conspiracy - and the enemy of my people and nationalism.

Until she gets justice and her rights, I will fight on.

As a man, thats what men do.

Ade said...

A threesome, so what ? our people are being exterminated, our industries trashed, our country given away to foreign Elitists.

I'm not going to look at the evidence, you appear to have all the evidence, you are legally trained, if it's true, take it to court.

This way we are fragmented, divided, if there is a case, then make a case..

If you have an alternative for the British people, put it together, present it.

Defender of Liberty said...

If it were just a sordid threesome I would agree - rape isnt a threesome is it.

You obviously have no idea how a case goes to the police - the victim has to report it to the police.

It is not for me to make the case to the police, it was simply my role to put the members and parties legal interests first and to ensure the party and member and members were protected.

That didnt happen as Griffin refused to have an open investigation.

As I said ' If you have nothing to hide, then why hide the truth ?'.

extant said...

Pride is a very complicated issue Lee, there is good pride, bad pride and then there is the sort of pride that is invoked through provication and within mid rift turns into a type of provado that encapsolutes its victim from inside out. That is the pride that destroys are at this moment undeniably between the two and almost coming to the end.
I for one will miss the creativity ,deep meaningful expression and ore that you command through the passion that drives you.

Again, a great loss to us all..

The sort of pride that I possess, is deep, calculated and will engage for long term stability through minipulation and debate.

I have no pride for public display, it is private and a matter for my psyche only, because as we all know Pride is a sin and is very dangerous.

I believe what you are speaking of is not really pride, it is Justice, right wrong, good bad and you are trying to express your anger through an issue that is more propoganda against a percieved enemy,(rightly or wrongly) pride on this basis is irrelivent and utterly misconcieved!

You have many qualities and personel stratagy, use them now.


Defender of Liberty said...

No my friend, there is hubris and there is pride.

Hubris is arrogance and ego, I am driven by a burning desire for justice for those wronged by Griffin and his thugs, not by ego or arrogance.

My pride is gained from standing up to bullies like Griffin.

Passion does drive me though, a passion for justice and fairness - and most of all I HATE FUCKING BULLIES.

Any bully is my enemy, and griffin is a fucking bully - picking on women and getting his moron dogs to slander and smear them on the internet.

If you think these are allegations are mere propaganda mate, then ring up a few BNP members and they will tell you these allegations have been in the party for almost two years.

I am loyal my friend to those who understand loyalty - Griffin doesnt, so fuck him.

As for the BNP members who confuse obedience with loyalty, then they are no better than trained dogs.

Fuck them too if they dont understand that loyalty to a man who doesnt understand loyalty is the mindset of a slave.

Anonymous said...

Dowson apparently threatens people with Loyalist murder gangs. These gangs do not exist. No Loyalist murders people on the say so of someone. No "murder" is committed without a valid reason and these have to be agreed and sanctioned. Dowson is not a "big" guy in the Loyalist community.

Mississippi said...

This Jim Dawson better not come any where near dixieland,we have ways of dealing with rapists scumbags,last time a white girl was raped the rapist was dragged 5 miles down the highway from the back of a SUV,i have nieces over in the UK that support the BNP,i'll make sure my brother don't let any of them near the BNP now.

Anonymous said...

Dowson apparently threatens people with Loyalist murder gangs. These gangs do not exist. No Loyalist murders people on the say so of someone. No "murder" is committed without a valid reason and these have to be agreed and sanctioned. Dowson is not a "big" guy in the Loyalist community......

Very true my friend Dowson is also hated in a lot of loyalist circles i know.

Anonymous said...

What i dont understand is that there is so many papers not mention the goverment that would use this info about the loyalists, rape ect like no tommorow so why havent i heard anything, god i remember when richard barnbrook was seeing simone clark, the uproar BNP balerina all over the papers, yet not a whiff of this why?
If you say its because of the girl not reporting this to the police, since when did journalists give a crap about a technicality like that.