Sunday 26 September 2010

The real reason for a rebrand.

The real reason for the muted 'rebrand' of the BNP is that the party is about to become insolvent and the party creditors will then own the BNP logo and the BNP name, so therefore Griffin is preparing the saps left in the party for a name change right now so as to enable them to move straight into the 'new bnp' which will be just another vehicle for the idiot to fuck up and ruin as he always does.

Oh and when he becomes bankrupt in a few weeks time, and has to resign as an MEP, most of the remaining BNP payroll staff will be sacked as well.

A 'rebrand' is Griffins sad attempt to keep control of the insolvent BNP, by giving it a new name.

And no doubt the mugs will still believe it is just a 'rebrand'.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen our beloved west midlands fall in the ashes there is now nothing left of Birmingham BNP and the one that brought it to its knees has the cheek to snoop around on the nwn forum ! the one that was hijacked by that lunatic woman from handsworth and now the pair are planning to meet,strange goings on i must say.

Alf Garnett said...

well done Nick for forward thinking

Anonymous said...

you cant polish a turd. It's as simple as that. It's time for a root and branch rethink.


Anonymous said...

Why are you constantly attacking the BNP? Have you any idea how your coming across these days to us long term true nationalists? Anyone with commonsense will know even a small/medium business can protect its assets in the event of any insolvency proceeding and i take it the BNP are sharper then your average pencil. Quit the scaremongering or you will end up alienating people like myself that have read your site and have laughed and respected your stance over the years, enough is enough mate ffs

Anonymous said...

Your evidence for this is what Lee?

a moment ago you were condeming us for trying to raise funds and members of the back of our Bring the boys home campign now all of a sudden you scrapped that idea and come up with this?

Lee you appear to have a multiple personality dissorder, either that or its just the way you try and twist everything into a negative, usually without any proof or real awareness of the actuality of the situation, where no real meaty proof is ever offered. jut hunches, rumours and half baked guesses!

If things are as bad as you say Lee (depending on what angle you are taking on any given day) then the people will realise soon enough and Nick will be history, yet you posts have an air of desparation about them, such is the clear lack of anything substantial to back anything up worth a crap.

you may be right Lee, some of your hunches may prove to be correct but right now you just sound bitter and twisted, which does you no good at all.

If you are right and Nick is really as bad as you say, then a more measured less `sunday sport` approach would gain you far nor credibility.

I have always supported your blog and think you are a decent person, but I also think you are as people say a lose cannon, great when ideas need bouncing around but not so good when you need credibility to form the foundation of your cause, if your cause proves to be true.

I will continue to read your blog as you clearly have many great talents and compassion, though the constant `sunday sport, reveals` are getting tiresome.

Put some meat on these often bare bones of articles and less crystal ball spin and then we will see things lead.

If it turns out that Nick is destructive and that we need and have a good new leader ready willing and able to take over then I will suport it, but so far all I see in the anti Griffin warchest is little more than tumbleweeds.

Adrian P said...

Spinwatch Article on EDL

Defender of Liberty said...

Yeah well done nick for ruining the party and running it into the ground, and then having to close down the party and set up a new one.

Ade said...

Why not rejoin the Party but as a faction, make it clear you oppose Nick but for the Greater good of the country do not wish to split the vote.
After all, isnt that the way politics should be, the way things are we live in a dictatorship because all Tories simply play follow the leader.

Westminster should be full of individuals, instead we live in a three party dictatorship, and since most mp's simply play follow your leader all 600 of them could be gotten rid of, they dont represent their constituents ( ok a few do )

And since the three leaders are simply following the Orders of lord Rothschild, we might as well get rid of Korporal Klegg, Komrad Kameron and MilliPrat and just sit Rothschild on the throne.

What would be wrong with a party that had individuals in it.
Better yet, play the establishment at its own game, send out the message to anyone wishing to get into politicas and stand, don't join the BNP, stand as independents and the main BNP candidates will not stand against them at election time, better yet, join the labour party, or liberals, or conservatives, infiltrate these parties.

Supporters are still free to join and donate as usual.
You would be able to voice your strong opinions and stand for election. so long as it didn't come to fisticuffs what exactly would be wrong with a party that had differences of opinion amongst its ranks.
Do all conservative MP's think DC is the best man for the job ?
And it would keep the voter base up, instead of slitting the vote, maybe it's not a good idea, I dunno, just beacuse you disagree with someone as leader, isnt this really the norm.

certainly in science, look at the great debates between Bohr and Einstein on the nature of Quantum mechanics, atomic structure.

Well it's a thought.

Anonymous said...

I see now the Readers Digest-esque sales machine has lurched back into overdrive with 'exclusive' offers to become Life Members.....again.
Life member of a dying party? No thanks. Shame on you Griffin and Dowson, you have ruined the only political hope left to British nationalists.