Saturday 11 September 2010

Time for a Maximum Wage

It appears the wankers in the government are talking about cutting the minimum wage and that their plans to cut the debt will impact ten times more harshly on the poorest in our society.

What our country needs is not to cut the minimum wage but to impose a maximum wage.

Each occupation should be assessed and those earning a disproportionate amount of money in relation to the amount of income their jobs actually create for the economy should have their wages capped, and the excess money they earn used to pay back the debt.

Instead of the poorest people in our society having to pay for money given to the bankers and that made only the rich richer, the wealthy should be hit for the wealth they gained as a result of the government giving money to the bankers.

A few years ago a think tank issued research which worked out how much each profession should be paid in relation to how much society benefited economically and socially from their work.

It allowed us to establish that most of the top proffessions are vastly overpaid in relation to their actual wealth creation or their actual value to society in relation to the work they do.

We can impose a maximum wage based on these assessments and hit the most overpaid proffessions with a Maximum Wage until the debt is repaid.

That will finally create a fair society and ensure that the rich, who have benefited most from the state benefits and wealth largesse of New Labour pays back what they did not deserve or earn.

That is a truly fair economic policy, not one that hits only the poorest and who have NEVER benefited from the money given to the bankers and banks.

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Anonymous said...

Lee, a maximum wage will simply drive people to go and work abroad. Grow up for fucks sake! We can never win power with the sort of stupid garbage you come out with which is all based on emotion and understandable anger and an inherent lack of common sense.

Wayne said...

I like the idea of a maximum wage but I would have it in a different way.

I would put a percentage cap on earnings. This would mean the highest earner within any organisation couldn't earn more than 20 times of the lowest paid in that organisation.

This means that if someone wants to earn £1 million per year they would have to pay their lowest paid employees £50,000 per year (if I have done my maths right).

I think that would be much more effective than your version as it doesn't raise the earnings of the poorest of society.

Defender of Liberty said...

Stressed out,


Let all the greedy traitors leave.

If they do not want to join our National Community and work for the benefit of all our people, as opposed solely for themselves, then fuck them.

Andraste said...

A maximum wage makes total sense, and if the greedy traitors don't like it then they can fuck right off.

The bankers are getting richer whilst the poorest in society are getting screwed over big time.

Of course though a maximum wage would never be enforced under the triple-headed monster of the establishment parties, being as they are merely the puppets of the bankers. This is another reason why the BNP are so attacked by the establishment because they know that we would immediately end their scams.

Fuck the bankers.

Ade said...

I wonder how much the Rothschilds pay in Taxes.

The Rothschilds

The Greek public, or at least the ones who know how the world works want Greece out of the Eurozone and back to using the Drachma.

Go for it Greece, hopefully we will be following you.

Anonymous said...

The Communists tried this tactic and failed. Why the hell would you even consider stopping the free market and personal freedoms? Is this BNP policy?
I thought the BNP was about lesser government? this would simply force the self employed, the higher earners to leave the UK, there would be an exodus, a brain drain of the best and brightest.

A better method would be to stop spending millions on foreign wars, end welfare for illegals and their families, start mass deportations of illegals and over stayers. privitise the NHS and make non British pay for treatment.
Also put everyone on welfare back to work with a mass building program, roads, reconstruction etc.

harassing the rich, the ones who create the jobs is the reason countries such as venezuala and zimbabwa are collapsing.

I own my own business, provide jobs and create wealth for people who otherwise would be on welfare or unemployed and the thought of some jumped up government prick in whitehall telling me I earn too much would make me simply close up shop and go abroad.

Anonymous said...

Binmen should be paid more than bankers.

Anonymous said...

just out of wonderance, how come the bnp voted against the minimum wage at conference?

Defender of Liberty said...

I didnt know they did, and if they did they were fools to do so.

They were probably doing what the one eyed pig farmer told them to, which is what cults do.

Wayne said...

I think I remember that the the North East put up a resolution (or whatever it is called) for the minimum wage to be increased to £7 per hour. I think the membership voted against it.