Saturday 4 September 2010

The Future of Multi-culturalism

This video says it all.

This is the future for British kids under multi-culturalism.

Obesity, the worship of ethnic minorities, alien cultures and foreign religions and sheer cringe making embarrassment.

Watch it and weep ;

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extant said...

Absolutely fkn sickening.

That young girl, is 14 years old, 15 at most, the authorities should be informed and a complaint made against the Negro for child molostation..She is also on mind altering drugs, there is absolutely no doubt..

paul said...

Haha, weep? I thought it was funny!

I gave up caring about these race mixing sheep long ago. The way I now see it, they are doing us a favour with all this Multi-cult nonsense as the weaker minded of our kind will breed themselves out of existence.

The whites who remain are going to be of much better stock that those throwing their history and blood away we see such as in this video today.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when white girls grow up without a dad or a dead beat dad.

Anonymous said...

Oh FFS! I've just eaten lunch and now i feel ill. This girl has more rolls than the hovis bakery. Leaving all that aside, she can't even see that she is being mocked by her audience. I'm sure her mummy is proud


extant said...

t seems that your fair share of Reds on here mate, because its such a while, that I wittnessed the sort of real scum who believe the above is in the slightest funny.

The young girl, is desperate for attention and is being abused for it.

If someone took the piss like the wankers above are to me, I would give them a fucker for sure.

Oh and before the slime bags think that I am something im not, be fkn careful you disrespectfull cunts.
The only degenerate who believes the above is amusing, must be a Peadophile.

Defender of Liberty said...

She is s tragic victim of multi-culturalism - she deserves pity not mockery.

extant said...

Its awefull Lee,I have children as you know mate and to see that child abused and ridiculed makes me desperately upset.
For those who may believe it is somewhat amusing, are ignorant shallow minded scum who deserve a good fkn beating, to teach them some apathy.