Wednesday 15 September 2010

Griffin and the Stormtroopers

Over the last few years one of the most visible, and disturbing, examples of how much Griffin has corrupted the BNP as an institution is his warping of the BNP security Unit.

The BNP security Unit was established to protect party meetings and events from attacks by the reds, it was never established to act as a group of hired thugs in the pay of Griffin.

The first sign that something was deeply wrong with Griffins mind, and also his morals, was the way he treated the security unit under Warren Bennett.

When the security team during the Leeds Trial decided to no longer continue to protect Collett after the incident with the knife, Griffin acted as though the role of the security team was to obey his every command - not as a body of volunteers who offered their time to protect the party and its members.

Since then the security unit has been changed into what is virtually a Griffin gang through the simple fact that the security unit is now paid to protect Griffin.

Who pays the money, calls the tune.

The first sign that something was going wrong in the post-Warren Benett era was demonstrated by Griffin using the BNP security unit to act as his hired thugs when dealing with BNP officers, and members, such as Michaela Mackenzie.

Now we are not talking about the enemies of the BNP here, just long standing and loyal BNP members and officers who had found themselves designated as 'enemies of the BNP' by Griffin simply for daring to stand up against one of Griffins idiot orders or the orders of one of his idiot henchmen like Dowson.

On the morning of the Michaela Mackenzie raid on the offices, I got a call from someone who was deeply concerned that the security unit was on their way to see Michaela Mackenzie.

I rang Griffin up and asked him why we was sending a team of BNP security people over to raid the offices of a BNP official and member.

He then came up with some pathetic waffle about she had not been doing her job properly and they were going to seize her laptop.

I then informed Griffin that as she was a paid employee of the party, that she had rights in employment law that protected her from being victimised, terrorised, threatened or harassed at work and that instead of sending the security team and ejecting her from her workplace unlawfully, then why did he not follow the required employment law disciplinary law requirements and simply issue her with a dismissal letter if she was guilty of gross misconduct.

He refused to consider this option as the security team had already been sent.

I then asked why he had sent the security team in the first place.

I said that this endless idiotic use of the BNP security team as his personal storm troopers just made him look like a maniac and the party a collection of thugs.

He replied that it was too late to stop them.

End of conversation.

It is the use of the BNP security team to target, spy on, act as thugs to remove BNP officers and members from their jobs and meetings which are the primary signs of Griffins unstable mental state.

To the outside public who get to hear about such events as the treatment of BNP members and officers by BNP security operatives, they merely reinforce their perceptions of the BNP as a group of thugs.

The fact that whenever Griffin takes a walk down any street he surrounds himself with a group of BNP security in long black coats, dark sunglasses and leather gloves also reinforces in the eye of the public that we are not a proper political party, but a cabal of gangsters masquerading as politicians.

The party public image is a cross between a cut price mafia and a group of Nazis led by a wannabee Hitler who surrounds himself with stormtroopers as a way to protect himself from the public.

The ethos of the original BNP security unit, which was to protect BNP meetings and events and BNP members, and that includes ALL BNP members not just the Chairman, has been lost.

Sure the BNP security unit people are roped in to act as cheap security guards when the RWB used to be held, as they would volunteer to help protect the RWB site from attack and protect the BNP members who slept on site whilst Griffin sneaked back to his hotel, but they have now become nothing more than hired hands for Griffin to deploy against other BNP officers and members.

The treatment of Jay Slaven by Griffin shows how much respect Griffin has for real BNP officers who do their job, as opposed to acting as his hired thugs to be used against fellow BNP members.

There is NEVER any occassion when BNP security should allow themselves to be used to threaten, intimidate, refuse entrance to a BNP meeting or remove unlawfully from their workplace or their home any BNP member.

When Griffin is removed as BNP leader, then the BNP security Unit will need fundamental re-training as to what their role truly is.

The failure to train the BNP security Unit in its duties as regards the constitutional rights of BNP members, the failure to understand the criminal law and the failure to act as the BNP security unit - and not the Nick Griffin Security Unit - will all have to be redressed.

After the Warren Bennett fallout and the Matt Single betrayal, the security unit was taken over by Martin Reynolds.

Martin is a good bloke, but he is a father and has financial responsibilities and so he has to treat the job as a paid job.

He cannot tell Griffin what the security unit has to do.

Martin has to simply obey what Griffin tells him to do or else he can be sacked.

This means that yet again another important sector of the party is controlled by Griffin simply via the simple expedient of him paying the bills.

The BNP is now seen as a pathetic joke by most normal people.

The fact that BNP officers run around like demented cartoon characters bugging each others telephone calls, bugging their private conversations and bugging meetings and filming each other with mobile phones to blackmail each other - shows us how far the BNP has fallen.

No organisation with that level of internal mistrust, hate, division and idiocy will EVER be a viable political party, it is the actions of some idiotic cult not a proper political party.

The people in any organisation who adopt such activities, demonstrate their total unsuitability for politics.

Those people who order their employees and followers to undertake such actions demonstrate their total unfitness for office and their total lack of suitability for holding any political power.

But most BNP members know this, but accept it as they are institutionalised - in that they cannot perceive or imagine existence outside of the cult of the BNP, and hence they accept it.

Others have become so corrupted morally and mentally by their proximity to Griffin, that they simply cannot see that any political party which undertakes such activities as defined above is one that the masses cannot respect, but only hold in utter contempt.

The primary problem is that many BNP members live and think only inside the BNP goldfish bowl.

They have become incapable of perceiving or understanding how the outside world looks at and regards the BNP.

This is why we remain a tiny political group on the fringes of society, for the BNP is unable to understand what the masses want.

This is because the BNP has been groomed by Griffin to become a mechanism for what HE WANTS.

The BNP is not a political party.

A political party cares about what the masses want, as it wants to become elected.

The BNP has been re-designed and given a constitution that provides Griffin with what he wants, not what the masses want.

The failure of the BNP to become a mass movement, lies at the feet of one man - the one man with all the power that the constitution provides him - Griffin.

It is Griffin who uses the money donated to the BNP to enrich himself, his coterie of sycophants like Dowson, to employ members of his own family in key party positions and who employs members of competing political parties such as Patrick Harrington as BNP officers above long standing BNP members who could be employed in the position.

This is because Griffin has awarded himself the power and means to indulge in such nepotism and croneyism.

Griffin has turned the BNP from a political party, into a mini version of the mafia complete with hired thugs to do his bidding.

The fact that BNP members remain silent over such disgusting abuses of power, that in any normal political party would require immediate resignation, shows that the BNP is not a functional political party at all.

The BNP is now dead in the water.

The combined weight of all the recent scandals, ongoing legal problems and internal inertia mean the BNP is now no longer a functional political party.

Sure it will stagger on as a half dead donkey in local elections, but it wont win any more seats and it will slowly lose all the remaining seats it still holds.

The high water mark of the BNP under Griffin has come and gone.

The party must now undergo a radical rebrand or a new party must be established to wrest the public image and political movement of British Nationalism away from Griffin.

In time the little minded Griffinite lemmings left in the BNP will realise that the BNP is unable to take power.

The BNP hobbyists will of course not care about this, as for them being in the BNP is solely about it being a social group, but for the real British Nationalists that are left in the BNP and who want to take power to save our country and people, as opposed to the morons and cultists, then sooner or later they will wake up and smell the coffee.

Best they make it sooner rather than later, as the longer they remain in the BNP and genuflect to Griffin, the more damage is done to the British Nationalist movement and the less chance we have of ever taking power.

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Seegar said...

That is what I consider to be a damn good article and absolutely says what I feel and I suspect many many more people feel.

This is about winning the hearts and minds of the masses by representing what they want.Not saying what you think they want so you can get your own way and when you're in power, revert to the original game plan which no-one would support except the few that are in the social club.

This absolutely nails it fair and square in my opinion.
well done Mr Barnes.
Very well said.

Anonymous said...

I can see where you post comes from, but I would like to state that Martin does a great job, doesn't get involved in politics and does what the man who pays him says.

It would be wrong to fault Martin for doing what his bosses ask him to do. He has a family and home responsibilities too.

NB: I am a fence sitter on this "split" and do not take sides with anyone. What will happen will happen.

Adrian Peirson said...

Maybe the security team should be taught the law in such matters so that they can make the decision on their own.
If they are fired for saying no then this will reflect badly, knowing this will have some checks against abusing the security team.

Having said the, Nick Griffin couldn't walk down most streets on his own, he needs security.
The BNP is not just another political
party, the BNP is the only real threat to the NWO in the UK, the Anti British, Violent abusive Brainwashed reds will kill him if they get, ( or are given ) the chance.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has lost any respect Nationlists had. He is stupid, selfish man to think that he can survive, he is willing to take down the BNP rather than be a man of honour and resign as leader.

The BNP is dead in the water, anyone soeaking on the door step canvassing will tell you that people are sympathic BUT Griffin is the problem.

Wake up Nationlists, analyse where we are and thepath that lies ahead...

1. Destruction under Griffin


2. New beginning, fresh start and a huge stigma removed

Good article Lee...keep it true.

Unknown said...

Yep, we could have had a virtual reality party that would have pulled more votes.
Non-threatening, compassionate, allied with the church (and many other groups), softly spoken, putting across a message that all decent people would agree with.

Seegar said...

I have met Nick whilst out shopping and he was on his own.I think he has a problem when his whereabouts are publicised and idiots like Tatchell and un-named nutters are milling around.
He should still stand down though.