Tuesday 28 September 2010

The Death of the Middle Class

When are people going to learn that you cannot have it all.

You cannot have a Welfare State and NHS with open borders.

You cannot have a middle class and welfare cuts.

You cannot have full employment and mass immigration and cheap consumer goods produced in China.

You cannot have a nation state that puts the interests of its own people first, and be part of the EU and globalised economy.


The Welfare State is being destroyed by the Tory Liberal scum government that support mass immigration, support us being in the EU and support the importation of cheap foreign labour.

The middle class whose jobs depend overwhelmingly on the State, are about to be shafted by the Tory Liberal government.

The Middle Class in Britain are simply a product of the State, in that around 90 % of middle class people are employed by the British state in education, the NHS, the civil service, police, army etc etc

The Middle Class does not exist as a result of the free market, the normal job market or the global economy - it exists almost in totality as an aspect of the British State.

The Middle Class are the primary recipients of State Welfare Benefits, which are simply paid out in the guise of wages.

Their wages are state benefits.

They are as much dependent on the state as the unemployed.

But they have been too stupid and too arrogant to ever understand this reality.

They get a pay cheque from the state each month yet sneer at the unemployed who get their benefits paid by the state.

The Middle Class is a British state construct whose jobs are primarily working for the British State, and as the British state is eroded by welfare cuts, globalisation, offshoring of jobs, inshoring of jobs, EU integration and the importation of cheap foreign labour - then the Middle Class will retract and become redundant.

The Middle Class is about to collapse and die.

When David Cameron talks about 'shrinking the British state' he is talking about shrinking the British Middle Class by sacking them and dumping them into unemployment.

As the British State, the British Welfare State and the state system in general begins to shrink and contracts in response to globalisation and EU integration, the Middle Class will have to be dumped into unemployment and forced to compete in the free market for jobs with foreign labour, immigrants and imported workers.

The Conservative announcement that they are about to cut public spending will impact on three demographics - the Middle Class who will lose their jobs, the working class who will lose their benefits when they become unemployed and the disabled and unemployed who will have their benefits cut.

As the banks start to reward themselves with profits after the biggest welfare benefit bailout in history, the British people will be dumped into poverty and unemployment by a government who relies on the donations of the bankers to keep it in power.

These Middle Class jobs are about to be dumped in their hundreds of thousands.

At the same time a massive property price collapse is going to drive them into negative equity and force them into homelessness and debt for credit is also being restricted by the banks.

Its 'blowback' time.

They voted overwhelmingly for New Labour for a decade and the Tories and Liberals, and politics has been dominated by a middle class agenda since the pollsters realised that just 5 % of the middle class population win elections.

Now they are going to dine on a banquet of consequences.

The middle class daily mail readers, whose shrill condemnation of the unemployed is a symptom of their state funded arrogance, are about to get a taste of reality.

They are going to be made unemployed and forced to experience what real life is like.

The public services cut back will hit the middle class like a tsunami.

The job losses in the state funded middle class will have a massive impact on house prices as well resulting in a further property price crash.

At the same time the middle class liberals, who have supported 'diversity' and politically correct positive discrimination and affirmative action plans to impose an artificial state generated 'ethnic middle class' within our society as a model of stalinist social engineering by the Left and Liberals over the last few decades, will now have to sit back and watch as ethnics and immigrants TAKE THEIR jobs for a change, instead of those jobs being lost by the Working Class (who have real jobs as opposed to fake state jobs) for a change.

Finally the Liberal Middle Class will experience what the White Working Class has experienced, as the White Working Class were dumped into unemployment and poverty by the White Liberal Middle Class in order for the Ethnic Middle Class to be constructed in their place.

Now the Liberals will reap what they have sown.

A radicalised, angry mass of unemployed liberal middle class people who have finally been forced to experience real life and forced to compete for real jobs in the real job market, as opposed to having a job for life in some emanation of the state, will now be waking up.

Only when the White Working Class and the White Middle Class wake up will revolutionary change occur, as the White Working Class and integrated members of the Ethnic Working Class are not able to force radical change on their own.

It takes a radicalised middle class to change the social consensus and create the foundations for revolutionary political change in our society.

An open door to benefit tourists: EU warns Britain it can't stop thousands more migrants claiming welfare handouts

By James Chapman
Last updated at 11:50 PM on 27th September 2010

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Benefits tourists are set to get the green light to come to Britain and immediately claim handouts totalling £2.5billion a year.

According to documents leaked to the Mail, ministers have been warned that restrictions on claims by immigrants are against the law and must be scrapped.

The European Commission's ruling threatens to open the door to tens of thousands who are currently deterred from coming to Britain.
Bosnian immigrants

Ruling: The decision by the European Commission could open the door to tens of thousands who are currently deterred from coming to Britain

At the moment, a 'habitual residency test' is used to establish whether migrants from the EU are eligible for benefits.

To qualify for jobseeker's allowance, employment support allowance, pension credit and income support, they must demonstrate that they either have worked or have a good opportunity to get a job.

But after receiving a complaint that the rules infringed the human rights of EU citizens, the Commission began to examine them.

In a letter seen by the Mail, it warns that the restrictions are 'not compatible' with EU law.

It says: 'EU law leaves it to member states to determine the details of their social security schemes and social assistance schemes, including the conditions on awarding benefits.

‘However, when making use of this competence, member states have to comply with the fundamental principles of EU law, such as the right to equal treatment on the basis of nationality. Having examined the “right to reside” test... it is not compatible with different legal provisions of EU law.’

The letter, written to the individual who made the complaint and copied to the British government, is dated last December, but Whitehall sources claim ministers in the outgoing Labour government failed to argue against the proposals.

Britain had toughened up its rules in 2004 when the EU was expanding its borders. The restrictions assess the eligibility of those from the EU and from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

But the Commission has begun legal proceedings against Britain to get restrictions on welfare claims by incomers scrapped.

If successful, the Government would be required to remove its deterrents to benefit tourism, including the right-to-reside test and an additional qualification for those claiming jobseeker’s allowance, that they must have worked for 12 months or more.

Officials warn the bill could be between £1.3billion and £2.5billion a year – hampering plans to rein in welfare spending.

However, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith is understood to be determined to fight the move through the courts if necessary.

The Whitehall source warned: ‘This has the potential to open the doors of the benefits system to anyone coming here from the entire European economic area, who may have no intention of working or even looking for work but simply wants to claim benefits.

'We already have enough of a problem managing people who want to come here. But this would open up a whole new wave of benefit tourism.’

Last year, 46,957 non-UK nationals took the habitual residence test. Of those, 24,604 passed and 22,353 failed. For the test, they are interviewed and asked about why they have come to the UK, how long they intend to stay and their employment arrangements.

‘Fundamentally this is designed to ensure people aren’t coming to the UK to be benefit tourists,’ added the source.

The Department for Work and Pensions said: ‘We are in discussions with the Commission as, in our view, the current rules are within the law and are right for the UK, and changing them now would not be in our interest.

Our rules fully support the freedom of workers within the EU, whilst making sure that there are reasonable restrictions on access to social security for those who have never worked in the UK.

‘This prevents unsustainable burdens being placed on our social security system. We will argue our case and work towards a favourable outcome.’

The case is specifically between Britain and the Commission, but other countries which impose restrictions on access to welfare for migrants – Denmark, France and Ireland – are likely to be affected too.

Britain’s test was introduced in 1993, but tightened in 2004 after concerns that residents of new member would move to the previous 15 member states to benefit from their generous social welfare systems.

Former Labour minister Margaret Hodge has argued restrictions should be toughened further to address voters’ concerns.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1315735/Open-door-benefit-tourists-EU-warns-Britain-stop-thousands-migrants-claiming-welfare-handouts.html#ixzz10o0bDOBN

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Anonymous said...

hey fuck face. this is just for you.

they have created a class called the non-working class.

get off your dole-fed arse and get a job you scrounger. when the BNP gets power you benefit frauds are on the first boat out to africa with the darkie.

stop smoking pot you freak and get a job.

Defender of Liberty said...

Here we see the mentally ill wing of the BNP.

They hate the unemployed, call integrated British people from the ethnic minorities vile racist perjoratives like ' darkie', they will get pissed every night on cheap lager and beat their wives but will want to throw people with Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic illnesses into prison for using Marijuana as a medicine.

These people are the Nazi wing of the BNP, the filth of Britain - the mirror image of the UAF and AFA scum that pollute our country.

These are the retards that infest sections of the BNP, the shameful and vile disgusting vermin of a party that puts profit before morality and decency.

They are scum.

Anonymous said...

"Now they are going to dine on a banquet of consequences."

Perfectly put Lee and I don't have a single shred of sympathy for any of them. They have watched Britain being torn apart for the last 60 years by a succession of Marxist governments who are determined to create their utopia of a stateless, classless society. They continued to vote for the destroyers and side with invaders against their own. They vilified those who dared to speak out as "racists" and "fascists", blissfully unaware that those they placed in power were the true fascists.

It's all deliberate, the march through the institutions continues apace. And I now worry if it's already too late to stop them.


Defender of Liberty said...

Why is it 'racist' to promote the interests of your own people before strangers, colonists and new immigrants ?

I include the fact that all British citizens of all races have been betrayed by the Liberals and successive governments, and we must all unite to fight against globalisation, mass immigration and the creation of the Internationalised State if we are to save our country.

Integrated British citizens of all races are threatened by mass immigration, political correctness and the erosion of the principle of meritocracy that is replaced by positive discrimination - for the the positive discrimination of today that appoints people on the basis of race will tomorrow be used by the globalists to appoint people, or award them benefits as we see in the Daily Mail today, solely on the basis that they are not British.

Political correctness created by the left and liberals, can and will, be used in the future by the globalists for their own ends - which is the destruction of the British nation state to allow the free movement of workers to operate alongside the free movement of goods and capital.

In the future any people that demand British Jobs for British Workers, will be called racists for doing so and laws will be passed to promote the rights of foreigner and aliens before our own people - of all races and colours.

The BNP is a waste of time if it remains under the idiot Nick Griffin, thats why I left it, and until Griffin goes then the BNP cannot be trusted with any political power in our society.

The creation of an ethnic middle class is the most racist state action in British history, simply as it discriminated against the White working class simply as they were white, and appointed people into its ranks not on the basis of merit, but simply on the basis of them not being white.

It generates the racism in our society, not I for pointing out its racism.

Anonymous said...

You say that 90% of the (so-called) 'middle class' are employed in state sector jobs? Are you serious - and where are the figures to prove that? I doubt that very much. Sure there are teachers, civil servants and so forth - but that hardly means 90 percent does it? You also say that the 'middle class' are the 'primary' receivers of state benefit. Where do you base that on? Again - I'd doubt that 90% figure. State Sector employs about 20 percent of the British workforce....(a, ahem, throughly blue-rinse middleclass area like Liverpool or Tyneside has about 50 percent in state sector - go figure!)

Secondly - do you not at all consider that the Welfare State as it is, is a immensly bloated creature that shouldn't need touching? Do you not consider that it has created (or at least part of the symptom) a fecklessness and right to everything culture (amoungst it are a rather large hard core who have never worked nor their parents of grandparents) which causes so much incivility, bad manners, irresponsibility and selfishness and a fractured society.

Thirdly, you assume grossly that the 'middle class' support PC nonsense, are liberal, 'support diversity' or vote for the mainstream (especially New Labour). What? And so-called 'working class' did not vote Labour then? You appear to think that many of the 'middle' classes have not been concerned with the way this country is now and has descended from what it was. Does that mean that all those working classes have not also been enthralled by the consumerist and selfish society and care not a jot where their possessions come from their food or latest fad, or latest baubles and crap circus culture - other than the gross nonsense that is football of course.

Fourthly, you appear to think that class war is somehow real? You must define what that 'middle-class' person is or that 'working class' person is. Is it how much they earn? How they speak? Where they live or what?



Defender of Liberty said...

Barbara Ehrenreich and her husband John defined a distinct part of the middle class in 1977 as "salaried mental workers who do not own the means of production and whose major function in the social division of labor...(is)...the reproduction of capitalist culture and capitalist class relations"; and they named this group the "professional-managerial class".[8] This group of middle class professionals are distinguished from the rest of the class by training and education (typically business qualifications and university degrees),[9] with example occupations including academics and teachers, social workers, engineers, managers, nurses, and middle-level administrators.[10] The Ehrenreichs developed their definition from studies by André Gorz, Serge Mallet, and others, of a "new working class", which, despite education and a perception of themselves as being middle class, were part of the working class because they did not own the means of production, and were wage earners paid to produce a piece of capital.[11] The professional-managerial class seeks higher rank status and salary,[12] and tend to have incomes above the average for their country.[13]


Info on numbers of middle class employed by the state ;


Extrapolate that across the country = around 90 % of the managerial middle class are state employees.

Of course the working class vote labour, they aint gonna vote tory are they !

Of course the working class are as much slaves to consumerism as the middle class, each class seeks to express their identity through consumerism.

Only when the 3.5 million immigrant workers in the UK are deported, should the welfare state be reformed.

Until then the welfare state must be left alone until british jobs exist for british people to take.

Defender of Liberty said...

Anyone employed by the state is in receipt of state benefits, in the form of their wages which are from the state and benefit them.

Anonymous said...

Good article Lee and this follows on from a post i made earlier today, where the middleclass are in fact the main target of the NWO and i refer not only to the state sector middleclass but the whole of the middleclass.

They have far too much freedom and have to be made into poverty driven slaves for the totalitarian state to work.

but the methods will be slightly different, eco taxes will take a huge slice and the simple race to the botom and collapse of the general economy.

However i do get tired of hearing the civic nationalist shite, it is a continuation of the destruction and fosters it, it is new labour speak, it is cutting down a tree while leaving the roots in place, it is in short bollocks ideology and the complete opposite of real nationalism rather than the bullshit relativsm concept of civic nationasionalism where you could draw the line at almosy any spot if at in, in fact why draw the line at all, you could claim whole comunities of colonised cities could fit your criteria if they play by the rules - for now and what of their demographics both locally and nationally.

so cities where the indigenous were driven out from, you say f*ck em eh! this is not nationalism in any sense, but capitulation and surender a total loss of integrity.

The moronic belive that you can change the nature of race identity and all it entails which is utter bollocks as you well know Lee, especially when demographics is taken into consideration, but you feel you can manage the root, but for how long, and what if you lose power at some point?

what then you have the seeds ready to open the old dorrs and rapidly overwhelm the indigenous again.

so please stop peddling the lie that sells out the people of this country while trying to peddle it as nationalism, it is no such thing, it is the moronic believe that your comunities will be managed and will have no further negative effects regardless of what might happen in the future.

seeing also that the rest of the NWO will be out to destroy us the second we gained power and Lee will supply them with their willing conscripts from the get go.

utterly moronic, selling a marketing lie in the hope of pleasing the moronic and brainwashed masses and you know it Lee.

funny thing is lee that the only way your system would even have a glimmer of working for longer than 30 seconds as they think it through would be through a total fascist and brutal dictatorship!

Ironic considering this is the very thing you wish to avoid!

again Lee consider this - you are talking virtual whole cities of people, who you think will not have any issues with the BNP?

just addresssing the birth rate demographics shows how flawed your plans are, your ideas on this issue are a plan for the continued purpetual genocide of the indigenous.

is this a joke?

adrian peirson said...

Yep, even the millionaires think they will besafe, the NWO elites want nothing short of a two tier humanity, this is what HG Wells got his idea from for the book then film, 'The time machine' this wasn't fantasy, he was a memeber of the fabian society.
they intend setting themselves up in permanent power and pulling up the drawbridge after them, No middle class, just them, and a dumbed down slave race, consisting of those unfortunate enough to survive the coming planned global armageddon.
Most people think you can't have a Nuclear war, WRONG, with Nuetron weapons you can, these kill all life but leave the infrastructure largely intact.

Anonymous said...

So Adrian, what happens when the neutron bombs have been let off? Where are the slaves to work for the elite, and where will the elite be living? Surely they will need maids, cleaners, nannies and cooks?