Monday 27 September 2010

Richard Barnbrook - stabbed in the back by Griffin

I have just had a phone call from Richard Barnbrook telling me that he has been expelled from the BNP.

Contrary to the BNP constitution and the rules of Natural Justice the news was first announced on the British Democracy Forum.

Richard has asked me to represent him in his tribunal, but first of all I suggest he asks Pat Harrington of the 'independent ' Solidarity Trade Union and a BNP employee whether he will represent a Solidarity member in a disciplinary hearing against his BNP employer Nick Griffin.

I wonder what Pat will say.

Here you see another sign of Griffins megalomania and how he regards long standing, respected and loyal party members who dare go against the interests of his corrupt little cabal of arse kissers and lickspittles as 'disposable patriots' who can be thrown away at a moments notice.

Griffin thinks he is the BNP, when he is just a transient leader whose ego is as twisted as his sense of morality and decency.

Richard has done more for the BNP than virtually all of the corrupt scumbags on the payroll of the party.

Unlike the verminous sock puppets on various sites like the BDF forum, Richard has stood up in public and fought for the BNP.

No doubt the idiot cultists around the Green Maggot will abuse him, but seeing as they are utter nobodies who hide behind a fake name and limit their activism to the internet and being gobshite keyboard warriors, then what else can we expect from such idiots.

No doubt other Griffinite maggots will smear and abuse him from behind their gutless, cowardly and pathetic fake names on the internet.

The BNP is now a sad, pathetic joke.

Those who remain loyal to a man who has no concept of loyalty are total mugs.

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Anonymous said...

Has Richard Barnbrook been both expelled from the BNP and dismissed from employment with the BNP? It's two different things, as I'm sure you know. If he has only been expelled from the party, which I presume is the case because he is employed by the Greater London Authority, then that would not be a matter in which a trade union would get involved.

John said...

It really is falling apart around it's ears. Shame really, I had high hopes for the BNP but this just sums up what it has become.
I have a lot of respect for Richard Barnbrook and the amount of work he has done while taking huge amounts of stick from our so called leaders.
What is needed now is a consolidation of the brightest members of the nationalist movement and a plan to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Another loyal servant thrown into the gutter. I received an e.mail from the chief diddyman Clive Headcase saying it was because of disloyalty to the party. Disloyalty. Richard Barnbrook must have been one of the hardest working activists. His living room was reminiscent of a war room during the Barking elections. When will all these expulsions and suspensions end. I am sick to death of this party. I am not renewing when my membership expires.

Anonymous said...

Richard's position needs to be compared with that of the 2 UKIP GLA members who resigned to stand under another name in the last Assembly .
Richard's employment is not with the BNP but the GLA .
I may be wrong , but I think for Richard to lose his GLA employment it requires a verifiable case of misconduct or similar brought by the GLA Chief Executive .In that case there would be an obligation for his union to represent him .
Regarding P Harrington, I understand the latest Organisers Bulletin states that all party officers must be paid up BNP members, but it does not state that they cannot also hold membership of other parties , no matter how bizarre that may seem .

Anonymous said...

Lee as sad as this is as I like Richard, Richard did this to himself, when he said he was standing as an independant on the GLA due to unsubstantiated rumours and an issue that was a legal matter first and then a party matter if legal precedings substantiated any of the claims.

Richard however tried to ad fuel to the unsubstantiated malecontents fire, creating a negative wave of publicity.

That was uneceptable and he should have been immidiately expelled.

Richard was elected to represent the BNP, not himself or the leadership, he could have been critical of the leadership but not stand as an independant.

Sorry to say this but Richard made a huge gaff listening to morons from the sidelines and we have lost a good brave nationalist who over reacted and brought it upom himself.

as for the other B and D councilors, I have no time for their belly aches, even if richard or Butler were running the last election themselfs they would have lost their seats due to the natural squeese, yes Nick could do a lot better, but to be honest the people complaining the loudest are their own worst enemies, constantly trying to hold Griffin to ransom!

I hope Richard is allowed to stay in the party but is removed from his post as the GLA member due to the fact that he does not represent the BNP in this respect, or so he claims.

alanorei said...

Re: Richard has asked me to represent him in his tribunal, but first of all I suggest he asks Pat Harrington of the 'independent ' Solidarity Trade Union and a BNP employee whether he will represent a Solidarity member in a disciplinary hearing against his BNP employer Nick Griffin.

Good move, Lee. Solidarity should fight Richard's case as vigorously as it did Adam Walker's, if it is truly independent.

It really goes without saying but Richard's expulsion lends considerable weight to the veracity of the allegations as yet uninvestigated that prompted his decision re GLA membership.

Dark days for the Party, darker for the country, regrettably.

Unknown said...

Be glad to see the back of him. Richard is along with Mikaela, another potential leader. Is the a pattern here?

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Richard. His name throughout the party is fantastic and well thought of.

It is a shame that things have come to this and I hope the party reconsider their actions on this one. Many people respect Richard and know him as our 1st national break through.

We need his voice and charm in the party.


Anonymous said...

"Those who remain loyal to a man who has no concept of loyalty are total mugs."

Why was it then that you remained loyal to Griffin for years after so many good, decent, loyal and hard-working nationalists were expelled from the BNP by Griffin?

Defender of Liberty said...

I have explained why in posts on this blog many times.

If you want to know re-read my posts on why I left the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Time for a new nationalist party, minus Griffin and his clique. I for one will not be renewing my BNP membership when it expires....let alone buying the laughably named 'lifetime' membership that is currently being re-peddled.

Anonymous said...

"I have explained why in posts on this blog many times.

If you want to know re-read my posts on why I left the BNP. "

I have read your resignation letter and some other articles on your blog about why you resigned from the BNP, but I cannot find any reference as to why you remained in the BNP and acted as a senior officer on behalf of Griffin when you seemed to know for a long time what Griffin was really like; that the accounts were dodgy and had never been signed off by the accountants; when there were reports after reports about corruption by Griffin, and when numerous BNP members had been summarily expelled or resigned due to problems with Griffin (I am not merely referring to the so-called Rebels). I seem to recall that you backed up Griffin and his clique for years, even when you were fully aware of just what Griffin was like and what he was doing (and as a senior official and someone close to Griffin you would have known a lot more than most).
So why did it take you so long to resign, and to begin your criticisms of Griffin, and why didn't you reisgn a lot earlier when you knew a long time ago of the serious problems concerning Griffin, his terrible and disloyal behaviour, his monumental cock-ups, and his abysmal record of expelling decent and loyal nationalists from the BNP?

Potteries Community Federation said...

The forming of a new group could well take too long for them to be ready for the elections in May, and with the introduction of four yearly local elections, this means after 2011, the next local elections will coincide with the next general election, and we all know what happened last time!

I contacted the Chairman of England First Party and asked if I could organise the group here in Stoke-on-Trent, and he agreed to this.
You should perhaps take a look at hitching your wagon to an already founded party which has in place all the basics, but is small enough to be molded and shaped into a nationalist fighting machine.
Craig Pond.