Friday 17 September 2010

France and the Gypsies

The expulsion of the gypsy population by Sarkozy is a cynical stunt.

Whilst a few hundred gypsies are being deported, millions of illegal immigrants have used France to enter Britain and millions more will do so in the future.

France is now a nation of illegal immigrants where the indigenous French are a minority in their own country.

Sarkozy will not deport any Islamists or Muslims from France, as unlike the gypsies they plant bombs in French streets.

France needs a government that doesnt treat the gypsies as a way of diverting attention away from the ongoing immigration invasion of France.

Sure the gypsies that are criminals shoud be deported, as should all illegal immigrants and criminals in France.

But this wont happen.

Instead a few hundreds gypsies will be shown on the news being deported and the French public will deceived into thinking their government is doing something about the problems of illegal immigration and immigrant crime.

But France will not do the following to protect the French people ;

1) Impose border controls

2) smash down every illegal immigrant camp used by immigrants to come to Britain

3) deport every illegal immigrant

4) deport every immigrant with a criminal record

5) deport the Islamist Algerians back to Algeria

6) Deport Muslims from France back to their own countries who demand sharia law

7) deport the muslim gangs from France

8) end all immigration into France

Therefore deporting a few gypsies is just a cynical stunt.

Dont be fooled by Globalists when they try to pretend to be Nationalists in order to win votes.

Sarkozy is doing a Thatcher to undermine the Front National.

Dont be fooled.

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