Friday 17 September 2010

The Obama Expose

Follow the link to the Forbes magazine expose of Obama which reveals his hatred of Britain and where he got his Marxism and hatred of white society from, his Kenyan father.

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Anonymous said...

You've probably already seen it but in case you haven't, watch The Obama Deception.

Anonymous said...

This is pure innuendo and speculation argued by circumstantial evidence and a distortion of the few data points provided. I was shocked to see that Forbes published this. On the other hand, the story is much more telling (and interesting) in that it shows me that the vitriolic reaction of the right is much more widespread in American society than I thought. It's now mainstream in one of this country's established publications!!

I think when we look back in 10 years this will be one of those pieces that defines the turning point toward a dangerous racist, bigotrous, anti-intellectual agenda.

The irony in it all is that this agenda will catapult America's competitors light years ahead us. And the final price to pay will not only be in our standard of living, it will be a rolling back of the liberal and democratic ideals of the American Revolution.

God help us.