Tuesday 7 September 2010

The Latest Dowson Fundraising E Mail

I have been sent an advance copy of the latest BNP fund raising e mail to go out tomorrow to all the mugs, sorry members.

Here it is straight from the Belfast Bunker ;

Dear BNP members,

Today our valiant chairman single handedley entered the EHRC dragons lair and in just his underpants and with a pencil, slew the dangerous dragon with its big gnashy teeth and nasty spiky claws.

But we need your money so please donate it to us right now.

Just as our ancestors once waded knee deep through blood and mud on the Somme under fire from nerve gas and bursting bombs our glorious and dear leader faced down a similar danger that could have killed him or left him maimed and wounded, in the court hearing with a couple of solicitors and a barrister.

But we need your money so give it to us now.

If one of those barristers had thrown a pen at our dear leader he may have got a nasty cut from the nib and an infection could have claimed his life !

Thank god he survived this terrible onslaught by the enemies of all life on the planet, the allies of the daleks and the same people that once invented smallpox and mosquitos.

But our glorious leader survived and conquered !

But we need you money to fight back right now !

After deliberately walking into court late to show his defiance to the court and judge, an act that alone deserves Nick Griffin being given an Victoria Cross for bravery, he stood alone in the court with just a bundle of documents.

How brave he is !

BNP supporters were heard to cheer all across London, and a policeman on duty wept at how brave Nick Griffin is !

But we need more money right now.

This is why I ask you to sell a kidney, to pimp out your wife, to sell your granny to Islamic slave traders, to kill your cat and stuff it and then sell it on E Bay as a tea cosy - DO ANYTHING - DO IT NOW - ROB A BANK - WE NEED YOUR MONEY !

Nick Griffin cannot win this fight without you giving us all your money.

You must give it to us right now or Nick Griffin will die !

Only by giving us all your cash can we keep Nick Griffin alive !

Today will go down in history as on a par with the victory in WW1, the defeat of the Nazis in WW2, the victory of the Falklands and the GLORIOUS victory of Will Young on Pop Idol !

Give us all your pension money.

Sell your house and live in a tent.

If you dont you are a TRAITOR !


If you do not give us all your money, you will not go to BNP heaven !

You must obey us !

Give us all your money.

The next court case if we win it means the whole universe can be saved.

That is why you must give us all your money right now.

Please make cheques payable to Jim Dowsons Villa, Spain or Corporate Advice Specialist Headquarters or CASH.

Thanks a lot,

Jimmy and Nicky.


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Anonymous said...

Praise be to his Holiness the arch Deacon the right Rev James Arbutnot Dowson. DSO,MBE, order of the Star & Garter, we must obey his every wish and bow down before him and kiss his ring, for he has spoken, brethren you are ordered to send in your ducats and shekels by the bucket full immediately or be cursed forever in damnation!

Anonymous said...

I see that despicable creature of the deep Pat Harrington was in court sitting with Griffin today, this dodgy bugger should be avoided at all costs!!!!

Seegar said...

Barnes (age 14), you're losing it!

Defender of Liberty said...

Its called satire, you po faced twat.

Look it up in the dictionary.

Then again you need a sense of humour before you can appreciate satire.


Seegar said...

and what I said was in jest and what I have ever said here has been in support of you and your views.
Therefore to be ridiculed and abused by someone who I thought was following the same route as myself is very disappointing.
I'm afraid you are getting beyond yourself Mr Barnes and attacking anything that moves, even people in your own corner.
You are a complete arsehole.
you don't need to print this just digest and know you have pissed off one of your own for no reason.
I don't suppose you really care.
Offended? Too fucking right I am.
I will now remove the blog from my favourites and fuck off back to the reform group.(maybe further than that if they're all like you)
Maybe that guy was right when he called you a c***. I regret having a go at him for it.
What a mug I am.....
What a complete fucking mug...

Defender of Liberty said...

Oh yeah, calling me a 14 year old repeatedly on this blog is just sooo supportive isnt it.

Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Please Lee - no more reference to Griffn and underpants... I get visions and they are disturbing!! The only thing wrong with this post is that you forgot all the underlining of paragraphs. Apart from that it could have been written by the great bard Dowson himself.

Seegar said...

LEE, if you look back on all the comments you will see that some moron said....more juvenile rubbish from Barnes and said..what age are u? 14?
So,I repeatedly re-used that like a newspaper reporter which was taking the piss out of the individual who originally posted it. I also had a go at that individual for not seeing through the humour to the real message.It's called satire, I think you told me.and he could only see the face of the blog and not beyond.I see it cos I do the same all the time.
Here is the problem with some people...They can only see their own point of view and when they are in the wrong as you are on this occasion, they refuse to see it and do not have the humility to apologise when wrong and just convince themselves that they are dealing with another lesser being.
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and find your humour to be top notch.
You are losing it Barnes...is what another human being would say to someone he likes and admires in jest and that person knowing the other to be decent and truthful laughs at the comment and continues.
I apologise if I wasn't clear in my attempt at humour. Lee,whether you like it or not, there will be people who look up to you in these troubled times. I was one of them but I am shocked by your attitude over this. If you actually read over my comments,they are always wholly supportive and if anyone attacks you, you rant at them and I try (naively) to get them to see in calm terms that the words they are using and what they are saying alienates people from the Nationalist movement and there are better ways than to issue death wishes etc.
You have a role to play in all this upheaval within the movement and one of them is to galvanise support. This is not done by blasting an area witha shotgun and not caring who you hit.People will look at you and will decide that you are representative of the kind of people in the reform group.The image you portray is somewhat important.
You discussed Griffins lack of man management skills from a legal standpoint which was entirely correct but there are other things to be considered as well and I have had 30 years of doing this at every management level possible from Board level to shop floor, so I know what I am talking about.
I apologise for my rant which was late at night and done in disbelief and anger.
You, sir are not qualified to tell me or anyone else for that matter to get a grip.Nor am I although I might like to think I am.
You have great difficulty and endure huge frustration in trying to get Griffinites to see the truth about him, Dowson and the like.I have always taken what you have said as fact because you were in the know and appeared decent,honest and had an abrasive style which I liked. That never excludes you from being questioned over some points.
As I have said before somewhere.....When you point the finger of judgement at someone,look at how many fingers are pointing back at you from your own hand.If you are in the clear,then point by all means.
I am hugely disappointed by your attitude and the if you don't like it f*** off approach.
Again..you don't need to print this but be assured,I as a new member saw through Griffin/Dowson immediately and came on board reform very quickly but if this is the sort of camaraderie and support one can expect, then there is little point in being involved at all because you are just being used as a cheerleader.
I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours and hope reform can be achieved.

Defender of Liberty said...

If I got the wrong end of the stick then I apologise.

If I misunderstood your humour I also apologise.

I hope that apology is good enough for you mate.




Seegar said...

It's good enough.
You're back on the favourites list.
You did get it wrong but something I said sparked the reaction, so I am just as culpable.
I am delighted by your response as should all readers of this blog.

Back on track.
Kind regards
Jim (age 13 1/2)

Anonymous said...

i love a happy ending.

lots of Love

Jim Dowson (Currently in hiding in spain because Mark collett said he would duff me up)If you would like to support me please press the donate button below