Tuesday 21 September 2010

A Tale of Double Standards

Watch a video of the Koran being burned = get arrested.

Burn the Bible = nothing happens.

The police are pathetic Dhmmitude slaves.


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extant said...

Commons » Open Spaces Society

Lee, this is a massively complex idea and in practice, it will never work, unless Britons were Educated and driven that way in the first place, or it would end up a Communist nightmare again.
Up until the mid 90's there were opportunities for everyone, if you geared yourself the right way, now there is not, unless you are a massive National Company, who is raping as you say, the average Brit !

Truth is, that we have almost inherent generations of Dole scroungers, people with absolute no direction,no drive or self dignity, except the sort of insecure provado pride, that can only be likened to a child like false front. The only direction these individuals have had embossed is only their peers; Mum and Dad, who did exactly the same and so on..

You are probably not aware ,but the Fascist Lib/Lab/Con has already nationalised Common Land(Manorial Waste, Waste Land of the Manor communist style. Yep, 1.3 Million acres of it and some of my land is of the same..link-

Commons » Open Spaces Society

It is not good mate, the bastards have stopped farming and any form of real production and put the land to open space and so called Leisure use only.

In reality, this is to appease the Commies and in reality have complete control..

There were so many mistakes through consultation that they excepted that could not be rectified, peoples rights I'm speaking of mind. So they went straightforward with taking land owners right from them.

I witnessed again,through first hand experience how idiots had too much money from their property increasing in value 4 fold and waste every penny and that is one of the reasons why we are in the position we are in today. These same nob's, voted for greed, to vote lib/lab/con, that they still are and will time and time again.

Except it mate, only the minorities are and ever will be able to wield power and direct it. Unfortunately in Modern Briton, they who do are Traitor immoral Atheist scum !!

We need a complete new beginning !!

I hate to say it, but like a Moral Dictatorship that the Socialists are attempting, but a National Socialism that protects its people like the Human Rights Bill, but a British human Rights Bill..


Anonymous said...

WOW! just unfuckingbelievable, you can get arrested in a British pub for watching a video on youtube.

And there are folk who believe that Sharia Law will never be enacted in the UK, well Sharia Law has officially come.

Welcome to Eurabia

Anonymous said...

update, the men were not arrested for watching the video, but for burning the Koran. Which they are being charged with racial harassment.

All they need is a good lawyer, Lee represent them, and then have the charges dropped, Islam is not a race make the prosecution try and prove that Islam is a race and watch as their case evaporates before their eyes.

At least we will find out who the grass is who reported them to the police.