Sunday 26 September 2010

Economic Nationalism

The article below is based on some ideas and text, abridged and reformated, that is published on various internet sites.

Why we need National Producerism.

Producerism, sometimes referred to as "producer radicalism," is a right-wing populist ideology promoting economic nationalism which holds that the productive forces of society — the ordinary worker, the small businessman, and the entrepreneur — are being held back by parasitical elements at the top, middle and bottom of the social structure.

Producerism sees society's strength being "drained from both ends" — from the top by the machinations of globalized financial capital and the large, politically connected corporations that together conspire to restrict free enterprise, avoid taxes and destroy the fortunes of the honest British businessman, and from the bottom by the members of the politically correct servile state, the illegal immigrant underclass and colonists whose reliance on welfare and government benefits drains the strength of the nation.

The National Producerist sees the International Welfare State that we have at the moment as a product of globalism, in that the internationalisation of the British economy and the importation of millions of foreign workers into the UK means that British Workers are then thrown onto the dole, where they are then kept in poverty and paid low benefits.

Unemployment is a product of the globalisation of the British economy and the welfare dependency culture we have in the UK is a product of British workers being thrown onto the dole or into low paid, transient jobs that offer no chance of them buying a home and thereby having a stake in our society.

The International Welfare State provides the unemployed with enough benefits to simply live in poverty, as a way to coerce them to take low paid jobs in the globalised British economy, thereby creating a 'rush to the bottom' whereby British workers are forced to compete with foreign workers for jobs that are low paid and short term rather than high paid and long term.

Consequently, nativist rhetoric is central to modern producerism (Kazin, Berlet & Lyons).

National Producerists want to build a National Welfare State that puts the interests of British workers first, that pays the unemployed and disabled decent benefits that enable them to have a decent standard of living and that assists them back into work rather than forcing them to stay in unemployment whilst millions of foreign workers come into the UK and take British jobs from British workers.

There can be no welfare reform until all foreign workers are removed from the UK, all illegal immigrants removed from the UK and all illegal workers are removed from the UK - only then can welfare reform begin.

Without British Jobs for British Workers and British workers being able to take priority by law for all jobs, then cutting the dole is a crime against humanity - especially as the government that cuts benefits allows those illegal workers to enter the UK, take British jobs, undercut wages and force British workers into unemployment.

Illegal immigrants are viewed as a threat to the prosperity of the middle class, a threat to the jobs of the working class, a drain on social services, a threat to the workers rights established by the trades unions as they undercut wages and work in the Black Economy outside the statutory framework that protects workers rights, and are also the vanguard of globalization that threatens to destroy national identities and sovereignty.

Some advocates of producerism go further, taking a similar position on legal immigration.

There are now three main classes in our society ;


They produce all the products and services that we use to fulfill our lives. These are the British Workers, the Small Business Community and the Entrepreneur.


These are the agents of the Servile State that take resources from the producers and use those resources to control the producers and the spongers. These are the politicians both left and right that are globalists, that work for the interest of the supra-national institutions like the EU, WTO World Bank etc, those supra-national corporations that operate inside the UK and take wealth and profit from the UK, foreign workers whose wealth is exported out of the UK, they are the agents of The Servile State in the government, civil service, public institutions and International Welfare State who work for and fund with our taxes the politically correct organisations, charities, QUANGO's and NGO's funded by the servile state.


They receive booty from the looters and become victims by becoming dependent. These are the myriad politically correct organisations funded by the state, the state funded legal groups for immigrants and asylum seekers, state funded groups for ethnic and sexual minorities, state funding for multi-culturalism, the foreign welfare claimants living in Britain, foreign Health Tourists who come to the UK, immigrant workers inside the UK who take British jobs and export money outside the UK and who work in the Black Economy, asylum seekers who do not work, foreigners claiming British benefits because of the EU, foreign criminals in British jails and colonists that live in the UK but who do not integrate into our society and whose cultures mean they are economically inactive.

Producerism is sympathetic to the idea that labor is an end in itself, inherently ennobling, and thus should be protected at least to some extent from the chaotic forces of consumer choice and market competition.

Although producerism is primarily economic in emphasis, it also has a perspective on social issues. Namely it upholds the traditional values of the middle class, the self reliant ethos of the Working Class and the small business community as the only true national values. It defends those values against the corruption of decadent inherited wealth, predatory foreign capital and against the dangerous apathy and sloth it sees as being the inevitable consequence of dependency on an Internationalised Welfare State that throws British workers on the dole and pays them low benefits that keep them in poverty and dependency whilst allowing in millions of foreign workers to take their jobs.

Therefore, producerists tend to be patriotic but at the same time intensely distrustful of the Servile State, which they believe to be under the control of supra-national forces hostile to the nation.

The only state that can be tolerated is a British Nationalist System is one that acts solely in the interests of the British people, the British economy and the British Producer Classes to protect them from the globalised forces of finance capitalism and the supra-national institutions that threaten our national community and economy.

The only Welfare State that must be allowed to exist, once the 'Levelling of the Land' has begun and land reform imposed, is a British Welfare State that serves only the British people in times of need - not an International Welfare State that allows anyone from the world to claim its benefits and services just because they enter Britain's borders, legally or illegally.

Producerists support skilled-craft trade unions, as organizations of "ordinary men" creating goods beneficial to society, but oppose internationalist left-wing, revolutionary unions or those that claim to speak for the lower ranks of society in general including illegal workers and foreign workers.

National, industrial corporations, that is, those that produce tangible goods in domestic facilities, are viewed favorably, while international, globalized companies that engage in outsourcing, "sending jobs abroad" or those that earn their profits from the abstract financial world are treated with hostility in producerist circles.

This disposition is sometimes referred to as "business nationalism." High tariffs and protectionist policies are regarded as not only beneficial to workers, but essential to the long-term survival of the domestic economy to counter the predatory practices of currency manipulation and illegal trade practices.

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extant said...


Maybe you don't know hoe right you are, because it much, much worse than you can imagine!

The new diligence act 2008 together with all the old legislation that has not been repealed make it impossible to run a small business without being a Criminal.

We have been legislated out of business, legislated to death and I mean it in every sense of the word..

I wont go into it , it is far to complicated to explain over a Blog, but not only do you become a Criminal as soon as someone complains,but run a risk of having everything you have ever worked for taken off you.
In other words if someone knows they can screw money out of a few quid after you have sold them something, your fucked..

3 similar offences are enough to seize your assets and get you on remand.

Bare in mind, I had a Court case once that they TIC' d 77 offences for selling 6 vehicles and prosecuted me for 16.

The case cost me 15 years ago almost £30,000.

So now I have become completely aware of the new diligence legislation,I have not worked for 10 months now, its just not worth the risk.

Now its a completely different story for Corporate companies.

The OFT will not give you advice against them,or take a case against them even if you show them the evidence that they have broken the law to the extent that it is down right fraud on a massive scale.
If you insist they will just drag it out and eventually push it under the carpet.

Every single friend I have, I do mean everyone I know running a Business have got Enforcement's, to Injunctions,to investigations on them and their families.
It is produced to stop them Trading to having their Homes taken off them and everything they have slogged for over their entire life seized.

I know people right now even in the middle of Crown Court trials for charging £400 to much for painting someone's House.
I know people being blackmailed by Police, let me keep the money that we found at your House and we will leave you alone and drop the case. My mate told them to fuck off, because he has done no wrong.

I promise I could give you over 20 other similar examples right now.

I could write a book on it mate, when I tell you they are deliberately trying completely destroy the middle class, I mean it for everything it is worth.


Anonymous said...

Superb article Lee, what a pity the BNP cant grasp such a fundamental concept of the dangers we British face instead of their irrelevant 'troops out' rubbish!