Thursday 23 September 2010

Foreign Aid is Neo-Imperialism

Foreign aid is a joke.

It is either used to impose neo-Imperialism in nations where the money pours in by transforming those societies into slaves of the West and capitalism, or else it is used to subsidise the births of more people.

There must be no foreign aid given away until every Briton no longer lives in poverty.

And then when that aim is reached, the only foreign aid given is for birth control in those developing nations, not for food aid.

The minute they stop breeding is the minute they dont need aid.

The world doesnt need more useless breeders, we need to sterelise them not subsidise them.

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britishresistance said...

JEW-N To Enforce "Change" -

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%

Anonymous said...


I have been given a book by a member that has recently passed away.

"the longest hatered"

I recommend everyone read this and educated themselves.