Saturday, 11 September 2010

Idiot Media

Here is simple test.

If the media say it is bad and the Islamists say it is bad - then in reality it is something good.

The longer the media keep putting liberal and muslim talking heads on the TV who act as the apologists for the Islamic terrorists who threatened to kill people because someone else threatened to burn a book, then the less likely I am to be convinced.

Any alliance between the arse licking dhimmi-liberal filth in the media and the maniacs who will kill people because of a book, the more certain I am that the media are the appeasers and apologists for Islamo-fascism.

The pastor by the way in America is a whining pussy for calling off the book burning.

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Anonymous said...

Agree. But it wouldn't surprise me if they threatened to lock him away on some trumped up charge for life. It's the Government - they can do what they want. Want to bed the mosque on Ground Zero still goes ahead.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, look at what the paedo-worshippers are doing in London to mark 9/11:

Burn The US Flag Day

I for one hope the EDL turn up, they're the only ones who have the bollocks to stand up to the muslims.



Anonymous said...

Well said Lee

Andraste said...

The mainstream media are pure filth. They ran this story continually and yet they kept stating it's just a small church, not really that much of a story, yet their coverage exposed them as liars. The media and the establishment wanted to exert massive pressure on the pastor to stop the book burning.

Anonymous said...

CAIR, the Obama admin, the Zionists all pushed this Koran burning to mind fuck the people.

CAIR were the original ones who found the story online then with their buddies in the media and the White House span it out of control