Friday 3 September 2010

Justice and Right

A good nationalist I know posted on this site as a comment the following statement - "is it worth destroying the BNP over the fate of one 17 year old girl ? ".

And the answer of course is YES.

The BNP is being defined, now and forever, by its actions in relation to the allegations made by these young women.

A party that will not investigate those allegations, that will not give its own members a fair hearing, that will slander and abuse those women to try and silence them, who will treat our sons and daughters as mere pieces of meat to be used and discarded on a whim - IS A POLITICAL PARTY THAT CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH POWER.

The Jewish people have a saying ' He who saves one life, saves the world entire'.

Almost the same phrase can be used to also define the situation in the BNP ;


It is in the way that the party treats individual members and their rights, that defines how the party will be once it is in power.

A party that will deny its own members rights, that will attack and abuse their own members, who will use threats of violence to stifle criticism of its leaders is not a democratic party - it is a party of gangsters and scum.

I got involved in British Nationalism to fight the scum in power, not to work to replace one set of scum with another set of scum.

I got involved in politics to offer our people a beacon of hope for the future, not to assist a party of deviants and criminals scheme their way into power.

Until the BNP is back in the hands of decent British Nationalists, and out of the hands of Griffin and Dowson and their cabal of criminals and crooks, then I will reveal what the BNP is to the world.

The BNP under Griffin and Dowson is the enemy of British Nationalism.

The BNP of Griffin and Dowson is not the BNP that I joined.

That BNP is now dead, therefore I have no loyalty to the present depraved version of the BNP that touts for business in elections.

That is not the BNP.

That is cult of morons, crooks and criminals.

Until the BNP undertakes a cleaning operation, and purges every last piece of vermin from its ranks, then the BNP is the enemy of British Nationalism.

The time window we have to save our people is fading fast.

The BNP cannot take power and cannot save our people under the present leadership.

Therefore it must either be reformed or marginalised so that something better can replace it.

I will work on reform first, but the longer Griffin and Dowson are kept in power - then the more urgent it becomes to marginalise the BNP and create a new party.

The fate of the BNP depends on how it treats its own members.

At the moment under the Stalinist maniac Griffin and his half wit henchmen, the party is a monstrosity in our democracy.

A party that will purge and suspend its own members simply for asking to see the accounts or for asking for an investigation into allegations of sexual assaults, is not a normal political party.

It is the enemy of everything I as a British Nationalist value, such things as ;


All these things have been abandoned by Griffin.

Until the BNP removes Griffin and becomes a party that once again values those principles, then I will continue to attack it.

Is it worth destroying the BNP over one 17 year old girl.


If she was your daughter then you would say yes.

Until the party once again returns to being the BNP I know and respect, then it is the enemy of everything I hold dear as a British Nationalist.

And it, and all those fools and cowards that stay in the party, can all go to hell.

I have spent years fighting for justice for BNP members who have lost their jobs, careers, incomes etc etc just because they were in the BNP.

The idea that just because Griffin and his moron henchmen think they have the right to treat BNP members the same way as the reds, the governments and the rest of the corrupt scum that run this country do, and that we should all just go along with it and keep quiet over some perverted notion of 'loyalty to the party', is sickening stupidity.

I am not loyal to those who do not know the meaning of loyalty.

To stay in the party under such scum is what gutless cowards do.

When the leader of a political party turns on his own members, then he has become a monster - a hubris filled maniac who is a threat to everyone around them.

That is what Griffin has become.

A man who now treats BNP members the same way that the enemies of the BNP treat BNP members.

Just as BNP members are expelled from their jobs for being in the BNP, Griffin now does the same to BNP members.

Griffin treats BNP members the same way, and worse, than the enemies of the BNP treat BNP members.

Griffin cannot be trusted with power.

Therefore he must go, and with him all his halfwit henchmen who do his bidding.

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alanorei said...

You have raised many issues that have not been answered satisfactorily, Lee.

This morning I received an email circular from a deeply committed Party activist that supports all you say. This person is understandably disillusioned and distressed and won't be either donating or renewing membership until necessary reforms have been carried out.

Neither will I.

Re: "A party that will not investigate those allegations, that will not give its own members a fair hearing, that will slander and abuse those women to try and silence them, who will treat our sons and daughters as mere pieces of meat to be used and discarded on a whim - IS A POLITICAL PARTY THAT CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH POWER.

Kind of like the government of Saudi Arabia, isn't it?


Durotrigan said...

You’re absolutely right Lee. Either the BNP must undergo root and branch reform and remove its self-seeking unprincipled elements (including the incumbent leadership clique) or face oblivion. As you point out, the party at present is not fit to govern. I had thought that the BNP could transform itself into the credible nationalist party that the country so desperately needs, but I am increasingly of the opinion that it is finished and that a new party needs to be founded by its reformist wing. The population is crying out for such a party, but will never vote for Griffin or his obedient creatures who so willingly abuse individuals and attempt to trash their reputations to feather their own nests. Such behaviour is utterly abhorrent and blackens the name of nationalism in our country.

Channel 200 Sky said...

If Griffin is not a state agent then he is doing a bloody good job of impersonating one.

Anonymous said...


There you have it. Those few words have made my mind up about my future in this Party. I love the Party and i am commited to it's principles, but the refusal to even sit down and debate the allegations and problems, suggests that something is not right. I was witness to the whitewash that spooned out in Coventry earlier this year and bullshit doesn't come any clearer than this. I'm having none of it!

a man from brum said...

Like many members of BNP I realised several years that it was in serious decline and required radical and far -reaching changes to its policies, organisational systems and practices. Sadly the party continues its headlong fall into oblivion, without even recognising, as you have pointed out, how it is negatively viewed by the general public. Its failure to rid itself of neo-nazi, racist, criminal and immoral baggage, its failure to respond quickly and positively to UK social and political changes and its failure to operate an internal democratic structure have all done for it. I believe the British National Party name and image is so tarnished and held in such contempt by the general public at large that only a new nationalist party based on modern principles of transparency, inclusiveness and democracy can hope to have any degree of political success.

100% BNP said...

Lee Barnes finally shows his hand- this State asset is now telling members to resign.

You are a lying piece of cr4p Barnes. Your name is known and we know where you live and also where you spend most of your time which is not at your registered address. Finally you reveal what many of us suspected - you are telling people to resign thereby revealing the very fact that you want to destroy the BNP.

One word for people like you - SCUM

and you have the affront to call our dedicated chairman "filth". Barnes your time is short. You'll be dealt with as God sees fit.

Defender of Liberty said...

Ha ha ha here we see the true face of the Griffinite thugs - using threats of violence to try and silence people.

They are all nutters, as you can see.

You know where I live, and that is excellent - please come and say hello any time you like.

You know what I look like.

But be ready though, what you start you had better be able to finish big man - because if you dont I will finish you.

Trust me on that.

As for your god, then that is satan.

Its not the god of decent christian people.

Thats because you are an evil little piece of filth, and hence you are an evil little man whose god is evil.

Fuck off you loony, satan worshipping nutter.

Anonymous said...

Barnes well their are now two rape allegations you say?? OK, then the "ladies" involved should go to the police?? of course they have not !! we have the (yet another) excuse made for Collets ravings, and by the by we do not hear your sexual moralizing about Butlers brothel cruising or Collets well known screwing everything that he can persuade to hold still, yet we are supposed to believe Shelly Rose who lives with two UAF types when she is well known to have screwed everyman that would have her and she has a web site that advertises it. Then we have Butlers ever changing bullshit story about now Hammond alleged hundreds of thousands of pounds were stolen by Griffin, which Hammond denies and has no credibility because the entire 100 person plus ac who have seen the Accounts report no such theft and and obviously the electoral commission would be salivating over it if it were true. Now we have the horse manure about donations, urging people not to donate will for sure help the cause of British nationalism right?? finally We have the math showing three years of essentially quadrupled donations under Dowson. Which is undeniable. and on the other hand we have you who tries to justify your anti Semitism by trying to split the non existant difference between Jewish ethnic nationalism and Zionism?? Barnes your description of Griffin at the end of the article, applies only to yourself

Anonymous said...

Really have to echo what Durotrigan said. After having great faith in the BNP and to see what it has become, is incredible.
The most annoying thing is that the UAF and the other lunatics must be rubbing their hands with glee at what is happening, but we are not going to go away and give up on this country. Change must and will come, maybe this is the best thing to happen and will see a new party with NO baggage and a clear course of policies.

I await with great anticipation!

Anonymous said...

By the way, watching the footage of the BNP campfest on the Green Arrow site was depressingly sad and very weird. It just seems like a classic case of putting on a brave face when all around is crumbling.
I have never been a BNP member but have voted for them in the last two years and it is such a bloody shame that it has come to this, but like I said, it's got to be a good thing, only problem is how do you do it without having any baggage as that is what the press will do, dig and dig until they find something or make it up.

Seegar said...

Instead of issuing threats to people, you should be demanding that any allegations are refuted by the party hierarchy.There are too many people demanding answers for the blame for dissent to be laid at any individuals door.Trying to shut up people asking questions will only uncover the next person asking questions.I am a new member.How do you think this appears to someone like me? Before you say, the party can do without people like me, can I say that as an ordinary Joe,I am exactly what the party wants but I come with a brain that is inquisitive.It's a two way street.I give my support and honesty and the party gives me honesty and support.
It's lee's blog so it's up to him but he does himself no favours by insulting the insulters......just to balance things out from my perspective.
Fight words with words...imply violence and you have immediately lost the argument.
Do we want to belong to a little club called nationalists or do we want real change.To get real change you need to enthuse the population about what it is you believe in.Trust me...intimidation doesn't do it for most people nor tit for tat name calling.
This is getting silly.

Vote Conservative..we know where you live.
Vote Labour if you want to see increased violence in Britain.
Vote Lib Dem or we'll smash your f***ing face in.
Why haven't these parties used slogans like that if they are such vote winners?
Let's all grow up, please.
Healthy debate.
Remember..potential members are reading the comments too, god help them.

Defender of Liberty said...

'Hammond' who is 'Hammond'.

Oh here we see another Griffinite troll, yet one so retarded he doesnt even know the name of the party treasurer.

That is the sort of people who support Griffin and believe everything Griffin says - people so 'in the loop' they don t even know who to spell the party treasurers name.

The moral and mentally retarded.

Seegar said...

My local paper has loads of letters all from the same person on a whole host of subjects. Their name is anonymous.
Everywhere I go they post on the same message boards that I visit.
Does anyone know who they are?
Is anonymous a British name?
They certainly get about and mostly their letters and posts are ill advised,poorly researched and downright negative.
Does anyone know where they live so we can threaten them with a tv dinner and make them watch a Sex and The City movie or Mamma Mia the movie.Actually,maybe that sort of punishment far outweighs the crime.
I believe everything Griffin says but only on every 8th day of the week.
How do you find time to write all this Lee?Respect.

Anonymous said...

100% BNP said...
Lee Barnes finally shows his hand- this State asset is now telling members to resign

Lee Barnes state asset? Get a grip you clown. You use the 'state asset' quip in the very same way the left use the word 'Racist' in order to silence their opposition.
If you take the time to read what Lee has printed you will find him declaring opposition to the status quo. What you are displaying by your tired 'state asset' comments is to silence that opposition.
Disagree all you want with LB's comments, call him a bare faced liar, but for fucks sake lets leave the 'state asset' shite out of it. You may as well call him an afro carribean immigrant.