Thursday 23 September 2010

The New Levellers Update

First of all in a meritocracy only those with merit deserve a slice of the land, so that people should apply and then be trained in financial management, environmental care, farming skills etc etc before they are given the land.

That way the people who get the land are people who are trained, dedicated, intelligent and skilled enough to ensure the land will not be damaged or squandered. Everyone can apply for a plot, they then have to be trained and if they pass they get a plot.

That way the undeserving rich, whose sole claim on the land is that they were the 1 sperm in 20 million that managed to find the egg, are not replaced by the undeserving poor.

We are not socialists who want an equality of outcome, but Nationalists who want to create a meritocracy.

Socialism sought to impose equality of outcome via class war, we aim to impose a meritocracy through class equality.

The monarchy will remain the monarchy with their castles and property, but their land holdings will be vastly reduced - so will the Crowns, the government owned land, the land owned by the Church, foreign corporations etc.

Finally the British people whose land was stolen from them via the Enclosures Acts ewc etc will have a chance to get some it back.

Then the land should be given to people solely on the basis that it cannot be sold, traded, used as collateral for loans etc but has to be passed on to their children or in the event of no children be given to another family.

People will EARN their wealth from the work they do on the land, not from the land itself.

That way we avoid the idiots, greedy, lazy getting a big freebie - in a meritocracy only those who demonstrate their merit get a slice of the land.

I also see community owned land plots for community farms to produce local agricultural goods and employ local people on a decent wage, as opposed to immigrant workers on the cheap.

These community farms can also be used to assist the creation of local economies and local currencies to escape the globalist economic nexus which the pound is ensnared within.

Sure the programme will need a lot of work, but the tax the rich policy is hugely popular and this plan will integrate well with our plan for national agricultural self suffiency and also be popular with young people and families.

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extant said...

Thats my Lee, I knew you would think further ;o)

It is a hugely complex area that drives and controls the whole country and it should be the people who drive the land , not the Beurocrats and the undeserving Aristocratic scum!!

Final Conflict said...

You should read up on Distributism. There are some great books available.

Anonymous said...


I would love a little bit of land to be able to grow a crop on to feed my family and to perhaps trade some food for other things.

I now have a small garden that I can only grow so much in, with more land I could keep hens. maybe a small goat for milk and cheese.

The enclosure acts were just to drive people into the capitalist maw, a treason performed on the British people.

Anonymous said...

The communists were right about one thing and one thing only, the ownership of land is slavery, you should be biorn with a right to a stake in a family plot, this means you no longer need benefits to help you survive in the slave system when you are no longer needed, this means that you have equal opportunity and it is down to you to make the most of it, if you are born into a world where a private person ownes every of it then you are their slave and the more they own the more you are their slave.

then the rich talk of charity, after robbing the poor of everything they have, much like the bankers robbing the third world and then setting up the fake charities. give us back OUR birsthright, our family plot of land.

in a tim of mass immigration and the route to global slavery this could ring out loud with the masses.

all those stately homes built on blood money, corruption and slave wages and a slae system, how we admire what they stole from us.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to know exactly who owns the land in the Uk and specifically England. I suspect a lot is owned by anonymous companies and not aristocratic families.
As someone pointed out in the 19th century using steel nib pens and ink they managed to record all the land holding in the UK with no problem but in the late C20 this was deemed impossible by, I believe Mrs Thatcher.
What I would like to see is that land registry documents include details of the religion and maybe racial background of the new owner. Also cause the document so that all other properties owned by that person or persons are traceable. It would give us a clear impression of the squalid little property empires that have been created in England by Asians and Africans. I have known of Asians and Africans who were buying property to let with a mortgage and yet living in council or housing association property.
Unbelievably, outrageous.