Tuesday 14 September 2010

The Comments Have It

For a perfect example of how the mainstream media lie, then read the comment below.


POLICE officers swooped to quell a racist confrontation which flared up shortly after soldiers had paraded through Nuneaton yesterday afternoon.

Members of the English Defence League attended the ceremony, which granted the Borough Council’s Freedom of Entry to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

The acting servicemen, carrying machine guns and led by a regimental band, were cheered by large crowds who lined the town centre streets.

As the march came to an end, the 60-strong EDL entourage headed towards the Edward Street area of the town, which is the heart of the local Muslim community.

“We were expecting some people connected with the EDL to be at the parade and after it had finished they congregated at The Crew bar in Queen’s Road,” said Chief Inspector Chris Lewis.

“They positioned themselves outside and raised tensions with the Muslim community, which caused a few minor skirmishes but nothing of any consequence.

"We moved in to keep people at a distance and to calm things down. The EDL members were then escorted away from the scene and back to Nuneaton train station.”

The Warwickshire force commander, who was in charge of policing the parade, added: “We are constantly scanning for intelligence and knew that the EDL were planning to be in attendance for this occasion.

Many of them had travelled from other parts of the country but they also had some local supporters.”


2:14 AM on September 14, 2010

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Absolute rubbish! Once again the media is making the fanatical Muslims seem like the injured party. I was there, because I'm a serving Soldier in the 2nd Battalion and the Muslims blocked our parade and started heckling us, calling us baby killers once again! This country is a complete joke, we lost 4 lads in Afghanistan and we have to come home to this? Pathetic!

The EDL were only doing what our Government should be doing: Stopping the Muslims abusing it's serving soldiers. How dare they!? The funny thing is, the police always protect the protesters over the English people. Why do I bother serving for this country?

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Adrian P said...

Tony Blair awarded Liberty medal

1.2 million violent deaths since we invaded, 500,000 died previously in Iraq and around 500,000 in Gulf War I.

Clinton said Blair was instrumental in preventing ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.

You've got to laugh havent you.

This is how it works, it's all a charade, all they have to do is pretend the world works the way they want it to, present it that way in the media and at least 10 million people will not bother to look behind the curtain, they will simply accept it as portrayed by the media.

The people orchestrating the NWO know this, they are masters at mass manipulation, just present the world as you want the public to see it and the majority will simply accept it.
Hide the bits you dont want them to know aboutm, show them or fabricate the bits that you do want them to see and the majority will simply accept it, the few that dont, well, no one will hear their voice.

They are shaping the concensus, it doesnt matter if 100 or 100,000 know the truth so long as millions fall for it.

GriffinWatch said...
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