Wednesday 15 September 2010

Where We Are and Where we Need To Go

The time has come for a real Nationalist Resistance to take to the streets and lead the British people against the traitors that run our country.

It is obvious that the Far Left in the trade unions are going to try and trigger another Winter of Discontent.

The RMT leader Bob Crow has said ;

At a fringe meeting hosted by the far-Left newspaper The Morning Star, Mr Crow said: ‘If you’re having your benefit cut you can’t go on strike because you don’t have an employer.

‘You can crawl away into a shell or go out on the streets and fight.

'Why shouldn’t pensioners who are having their pensions attacked be able to sit on the M25 and demonstrate?’ "

He is right.

When British workers are being thrown onto the dole because of the importation of tens of millions of foreign workers, and then they are supposed to just sit back as they then have their dole cut by governments that have given trillions of pounds to foreign banks and bankers, then any governments that impose this sort of tyranny need to be confronted.

The BNP under Griffin has in effect destroyed British Nationalists of the two mian tools in their armoury - a radical street movement and an effective political voice.

Under Griffin the voice of the BNP has become marginalised and despised amongst the masses in elections, whilst Griffins choice to stand down the BNP from street activities, and his simultaneous condemnation of the EDL, has meant there is no effective street movement in British Nationalism.

Some say it is no coincidence that Griffin has defused all the strategic 'pressure points' of Nationalism, at the same time as he has condemned the one street group not under the control of the State, the EDL, for a generation.

Problems go deeper than just within the BNP though.

The role of Solidarity to act as a focal point of organising a Nationalist trade union street movement has effectively been destroyed by Pat Harringtons decision to work for the BNP and accept a role as a paid BNP officer.

Therefore any pretence that Solidarity is an independent Trade Union is now revealed as false.

Therefore its ability to organise in workplaces, and communicate to the masses, has been destroyed.

A BNP front group is just a BNP front group.

Its role as the focal point of a Nationalist street movement and organisational hub for British workers in the event of a revolutionary social breakdown scenario, has been disabled.

Griffin runs Solidarity via paying Harrington, and therefore Solidarity will be under the direct control of Griffin.

Therefore Solidarity is now defunct as a useful tool in the event of a Far Left upsurgence and a social breakdown scenario.

So at this moment in time because of Nick Griffin ;

1) The BNP is politically neutralised
2) The British Nationalist street movement is neutralised
3) The British Nationalist trade union movement is comprimised and neutralised
4) The only radical street movement not controlled by the State, the EDL, has effectively proscribed the BNP

Of course there are no doubt many tongue dragging lickspittles in the Griffinite Kamp that regard Griffin as capable of running the BNP, being an MEP and capable of leading a British Nationalist street movement whilst using a Nationalist trades union to mobilise British workers into defending their rights.

I dont.

Griffin must be shuffled off to the European Union and be kept there as much as possible.

He must concentrate on the one job he appears quite capable of, that of being an MEP.

The Solidarity Trades Union also needs new leadership.

Pat Harrington is too close to the BNP and paid by Griffin, and therefore he will not speak out against Griffin or do anything that Griffin does not approve of.

Therefore it is also defunct.

I set up the Solidarity Trades Union with Clive Potter and Pat Harrington, and it was set up as an INDEPENDENT Nationalist trades union, with the strategic aim of being able to use the union of organising workers in any national crisis.

It is now incapable or organising the workers due to it being merged with the BNP.

During the coming Second Great Depression, the workers will become radicalised.

The Far Left will seek to organise the workers and use their propaganda to say they want to impose a radical Far Left government on our country in the interests of the workers, when in reality the aim of the Far Left is simply to use violence to empower the State - but this State power will not exercised in the interests of the British workers of course, but in order to allow the State to pass the laws that it needs to destroy our nation, smash the British Nationalist movement and terrorise our people into silence.

This will of course be exactly what the Globalists in the Global Corporate Fascist state, The New World Order, want.

The more the Far Left confront the British State, the more laws the puppets of the globalists in the government can pass to restrict all our liberty, civil rights and ancestral freedoms.

Violence against any state power merely increases the power of the state.

Then once the Globalist Corporate State system, which is what we live under, is armed with all the laws it needs to impose its fascist system of the New World Order, then it will destroy the Far Left - and the true resistance, which is the NATIONAL RESISTANCE of the British Nationalists as opposed to the fake resistance of the Internationalist Far Left.

The Far Left that Bob Crow represents is INTERNATIONALISM, not any Nationalism.

They do not care about British workers, they simply care about the workers.

The Far Left, who are now Neo-Trostkyites merge with the Global Corporate Fascist State via the Neo-Conservatives.

The International Far Left is subsidised by billionare capitalist globalist bankers like George Soros and his human rights bodies and operates to remove nation states, national borders, to internationalise populations, support global mass immigration and want to allow free movement of workers around the world.

The free movement of workers of the world for the Far Left merges with the capitalists who simply want to allow free movement of capital and goods around the world.

Both aim to destroy the Nation States of the world an impose their Globalist Capitalist tyranny or International Communist tyranny.

Bob Crow would be delighted if fifty million Chinese Communist workers came to Britain and colonised our country, as they would be used as his Gulag guards for anyone who dared oppose him.

Bob Crow doesnt give a flying fuck about British Workers.

British Workers are to him 'racist' and 'reactionary', they are not who he represents.

Bob Crow is a Communist and therefore the British Workers are regarded by the Communists as the enemies of internationalism and Communism due to their innate patriotism, nationalism and refusal to organise into Red Guards to kill the Queen.

But Bob Crow has a platform, a trades union movement to protect and fund him and money to organise his people to confront the state.

Therefore we as Nationalists need to undertake a major strategic re-appraisal in relation to these issues.

As British Nationalists cannot depend either on the BNP to become electable again by dumping Griffin or the Solidarity Union being nothing more than a BNP front group following the failed ideas of Nick Griffin - then we have but one chance to organise a true National Resistance to both the traitors in our government and the Far Left useful idiots that will seek to empower the British State and use it to crush nationalism.

We must organise a radical Briish Nationalist street movement.

This cannot be done under the aegis of any political party, simply as the Nationalist movement is so politically divided that any attempt to organise a street movement by one party will repulse all the others.

Therefore it must be an independent British Nationalist movement not directly linked to any political party nor any overt political aims.

It must be a broad based British Nationalist civil rights movement, similar to that used by the Civil Rights protestors in America and Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland.

Its aims must be economic, social and cultural, not political.

We need to form a British Charter of Rights which define the economic, social and cultural rights of all British citizens.

These are rights such as ;

It is the right of all British citizens to have priority for all British jobs.

It is the right of all British citizens to earn a decent living wage.

It is the right of all British citizens to have priority for all local housing.

It is the right of all British citizens to have priority for places in schools.

It is the right of all British citizens to be prioritised in the NHS.

It is the right of all British citizens to free speech.

It is the right of all British citizens to be protected by the British Constitution.

It is the right of all British citizens to not be subject to foreign laws, legislation and legal jurisdictions.

It is the right of all British citizens to remove foreign criminals from our country.

It is the right of all British citizens to live in a society free of convicted terrorists and criminals.

It is the right of all British citizens to defend our national borders.

It is the right of all British citizens to be consulted before our government passes any laws that remove our freedoms, civil rights, constitutional rights and freedoms and national sovereignty.

It is the right of the English people to have an English Parliament that represents their interests.

It is the duty of all British governments and all British politicians to serve only the British people.

It is the duty of all British governments and politicians to defend the rights and liberties of the British Constitution.

There are many more than can be added.

We need a new Charter of British Rights and a new civil rights movement organised to promote Nationalism in the event of the Far Left and State entering such a phase of planned 'deconstruction of democracy'.

How we do that is my next article.

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Adrian P said...

Can't argue with your 'rights', but think of this as a wargame, you are hoping to recruit an ideological army to fight the globalist Army and their factions.

Many if not most within the BNP are decent Brits, do not destroy the BNP.

If Griffin goes the wrong way, they will desert and join you.

If you destroy the BNP now you put them in disarray mentally.

If you are correct, and there are two sides to this argument, there are around 500,000 to 1 million BNP supporters out there.

Do not destroy the BNP, you need them.

If you can set up something, do it in a way that works with the BNP, at least in not fighting or alienating their voters, many of whom are simple people who have no real knowledge of what is going on, they simply want to go out to work and raise their families.

You can't win against the NWO by demoralising the 500,000 to 1 million who have become concious of what is going on, by all means argue against Griffin, by all means voice your opinion, but think of those 500,000 as loyal Brits, you are going to need them, and even if they don't see things your way, they will be another thorn in the NWO side.

I'd say two armies is better than one anyway.

If you can set something rolling which gains credibility then good luck to you, if the BNP doesn't give the British what they want then they will desert and Join you, that's 500,000 to a million.

But, they are not going to switch to you until they see a better alternative.

Insults are not going to do it, they can be countered, it gets messy and will pit Brit against Brit.

Telling the average working class Brit who currently votes BNP they are idiots and lickspittles is not the best way to recruit them, and the best weapon of all is education.

There is masses of videos out there the public need to see, and in what is coming the internet will be restricted.

Those videos and articles need downloading and distributing to the public, so growing awareness cannot be stopped.

there are a lot of tools out there to burn vids to disc, you can burn 3hrs of video onto a single dvd-r that will play on any home dvd player.

50 dvd-r will cost around £10 if u shop around.

Short of turning off the leccy, there is no stopping that information once it's out there.

If it's good enough, and there is plenty of good stuff out there on youtube, google videos, veoa etc, if it's good enough, it will be copied and passed around.

The public need educating about what is going on, so when it happens they know the main culprits are not the migrants but our leaders.

You need to stop the public blaming the migrants for the loss of their jobs and focus their anger where it belongs, aimed at our traitorous political and liberal elites.

Do not fragment the British people, that's exactly what they want.

The Corporate Fascist New World Order

The Corporate anti Human New World Order

As our Good friend Tony said, Education, Education Education.
Don't just put on what others suggest, put on these discs what pushes your buttons, what woke you up, etc.

These vids can be burnt to disc using

or from

Anonymous said...

the resistance is in the form of the EDL, unfortunately they have been called everything from a zionist organisation by the BNP, police grasses, MI5 agents, on the left they are branded as fascists and neo nazis, so any and all Nationalist street movements are doomed to fail.

Look at France, they cannot even kick out 160 Romas illegally in their country without having to face mass opposition and heavy fines from the EU bureaucrats. You think that Europe will allow a Nationalist government?

Anonymous said...

All groups who become involved in street protests will eventually slide into violence, because our enemies will confront us on the streets. Groups who depend on protests can have theit activities blocked and neutralised. Just look at the NF, they were avoided by most voters because of their violent image. Also when they marched it showed how weak they were, a group of 100 marching down the street is derisory. their tactics were neutralised ny the banning of marches.I think agovernment will ban organistaions they cause violence, they will eventually ban the EDL and anyone associated with them.
Its easy for the left, they have the trade unions which cannot be banned , we on the other hand are isolated. There is nothing wrong with getting involved with various organisations like trade unions but any sign of violence from the nationalist movement will be stamped on hard

Anonymous said...

griffin should move over or shove his begging bowl thermometer up his arse

Anonymous said...

I've been calling for the BNP to become a British civil rights movement since the end of last year Lee so you have my support on this.

Democracy in the UK has been completely corrupted, the ballot box is not the way. It is a battle we cannot ever win. A civil rights movement encompassing civil disobedience is the only peaceful option remaining and we're running out of time very quickly.

The problem we face is this: Marxism holds hegemony in our society. The vast majority of Britons are brainwashed by it and therefore, easily manipulated and controlled by the Marxists in the media, government, judiciary and education systems. How do we address this Lee?

Looking forward to your follow up article, this is the direction we must take I am convinced of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Please read the below link.

Would someone ever end up in court in such a serious case as this if they were genuinely nothing to do with it? I find it doubtful but I would like to hear your legal opinion on this.

Anonymous said...

The Unions are planning a Winter of Discontent and quite right. I am a public sector worker. It is not the Nirvana that the press make it out to be but when do the press tell anything like the truth. I remember years ago under the Thatcher government (although she has my admiration now), it was the single mother who was the anti-christ. Now it is the lazy, good for nothing, always on the sick public sector worker. I do agree that the public sector is probably fatter than it has to be - usually with pen pushers. I am a front line worker in childcare. We are dealing with drugs, drink, prostitution and in many cases violence on a daily basis. At one time we only dealt with the young people. Now, not only do we deal with these issues, not to mention emotionally distrubed young people, but we also have to cook, clean and do laundry - all the while being completely responsible for what happens on a shift. In my line of work, our jobs have completely changed - but the banks are paying out bonuses again. It is time the people of this country had a revolution. Perhaps when poverty hits us we will. The Unions need to hit this country hard - and good luck to them.

Ade said...

Well when you set up your new party and get in to no 10 can I suggest our military can speak directly to you rather than having to go through some spotty civil servant.

Dannat had to Ambush brown to speak to him

Then there's the real IRA wanting to target bankers, they seem to have most of the picture but people like Fred Goodwin are not the real culprits, it was the BofE and Westminster that set these casino banking practices up.
Even if Fred goodwin had sain no Im not dioing it its immoral, someone would have taken his place, how many people would say no if the law says you could carry out an activity that could net you million pound bonuses.

The real culprits are much higher up than people like Fred Goodwin.

Not that im agrreing they ought to be blowing anyone up, i think you can do more good with a dvd than a gun.

The Infowar

Anonymous said...

Lee you make many good points here and echo much of what i said some time ago about the left trying to highjack the countries woes as the NWO start their robbing to turn the country into a real third world state.

I also said that to defeat this the blame MUST be laid at the door of the left and the trade unions as you pointed out in the article.

I also said at the time that the BNP needed to be active in public, like the EDL especially as the EDL hav proven that their is a need and a following and that this could be done with the BNP as the BNP hit a peak following also.

Where i disagree with you other than a few ignorant contradictatory statements and the general crass anti Griffin remarks, is that the BNP are the perfect group to carry this out, we have 10,000 or so member and and past members and if we lowered membership fees we may be able to increase the numbers further, the state has already done all it could to demonise the BNP and as the state brings the people to its knees the anti state is what the people will seek and the BNP are the largest anti state organisation.

up until this point street protest was semi counter active as the people were braodly content in times of plenty, now however it is a different story.

you seem to have an aversion to the BNP and nationalist organi9sations in general, which i think is due to the state persecution, but as said you may have had a point up until the age of plenty ended, yu are still living in the past along with the BNP and falling for their propaganda, you are a beast of capitulation and not integrity.

People will be looking for a strong leader and group with integrity and balls.

So yes the BNP need to get active, now is the time, to stand back and watch the left highjack the movement would be worse than what we have now, which i believe is what you hinted at.

The BNP need to go full steam ahead and reach the masses in any way possible - lower membership fees more street visability, identify the people that created the mess.

Now is not the time to shy away from the BNP, that would be suicide and aimless, you could never defeat the Left with union backing starting from scratch, that is laughable and you adulation for the EDL is missplaced, they will be used as pawns in the same way as the left.

Anonymous said...

Cont...The BNP need to take the EDL members who in reality are BNP supporters cowering from the bad state press, that cowering will soon come to an end and with the coming storm they will find this easy when the EDL members would proscribe the internationalist EDL themselfs.

So Lee you are half right, but still come across as bitter and spiteful rather than truly pragmatic and you still appear to cower from the powerr of the state press.

Now If Nick does not act and act pretty soon with skill and comitment on the comming storm in an effective manner then Nick will find that I and many other will see him as a dead wieght around the neck of the party, but Nick has indicated that something will be done, and slowly we are seeing some action such as the Bliar situation that you ironically and moronically put down! but he must act now - right now and that mean Lee that you should get behind the party and push for this, stop going off on pointless tangents that lead us down a blind ally, that is what a state subversive would do!

First Nick needs to lower the mebership fee to £10-£15 and make it well known, raising the gold fee to £100, this would reduce paperwork costs and streamline the membership process making some savings while increasing numbers.


WE NEED NUMBERS to be active on the street protests. in a time of conformity and anti BNP media, numbers create more numbers, numbers is absolutley VITAL.

The BNP with large and increasing numbers and skillfull organisation could make the EDL look like a sad joke (which is what it is) within a year, that is when the state conformity breaks down and the numbers snowball out of control, when people see large numbers standing up for what they believe but were always too scared to state it through conformity oppression.

Next Nick being owned through pay, expensise and pentions by the EU has to be dealt with, i have dealed with this before where no BNP member can stand two years running to remove the pention trap and anything over £400 PW goes strait into the party that paid to put them their, it is also a good idea to ban the leader from being an MEP and once the finacial incentive is gone including pention, this will no longer be an issue, until Nick does that then he and any other nationalist leader in his current postion will be held suspect as being self serving at at great risk of blackmail and that includes Butler and others who will not deal with this issue.

So Lee the time is right, your solutions are half right, and Nick Has to get his shit together make the guesture to the party that he will end the EU gravy train and NOT seek another 4 years.
Off course that will NOT happen as the money has corrupted Nick as it would corrupt all if no safety measures were put in place from the start - measures i demanded at the time it was clear we had a real chance of winning and i knew the road it would take Nick down, and Nick is responsable for this and it was his biggest mistake, nationalism took a backseat to money, same as it would butler and all the rest without a constitutional reform to prevent this, yet no one said a damn thing.

If all my measures are done then there is no reason Nick could lead the party to the greatest hights and for many years to come, if not then we are doomed no matter what as no one else is putting forward pragmatic REALiSTIC solutions, and that includes you and the band of morons trying to scupper the BNPs first moves back onto the street.

Now let us hope nick does the right thing, if not it is time he retired to brussles and was never seen or heard of again as he would be one of theirs, however if he does the right thing he could be PM and lead the country back to greatness, this is the one last opportunity we have, so nick is it money or the country?

and Lee, is it constant anti nationalist shitty sniping or backing the BNP on the street, the countries only real hope!
not your pipedream nonsense.

Kevin said...

I do believe that it is very sad that many people lose their jobs in the world economy that we have today. However, I also believe that all men are created equal, and that we all have the right to look for jobs, including those from over seas. Perhaps this is already the future, and we will just have to find ways to adapt. What is your opinion on this?

Rijker said...

Kevin, I'll give you my opinion:

You are deluded and naive.

Anonymous said...

Kevin enjoy your bowl of rice a day, you shanty town and high mortality rates amoungst children, while losing every right you have!