Friday, 10 September 2010

How the BNP Spins Failure

There were a few election results from the BNP last night.

One of them will no doubt be publicised on the BNP website and used by the sock puppets to try and bolster up Griffins crumbling support base.

The others will vanish into the BNP memory hole.

Middlestone Moor by-election result: BNP 47, Labour 358, Lib Dem 202.

Spennymoor by-election result: BNP 264, Independent 53, Labour 422, Lib Dem 494.

The BNP also contested just one ward in the 13 wards on Exeter Council.

Priory ward, where they polled 2.7%

Turnout 28.8%

Lab 1029
Con 634
LD 115
Grn 64
BNP 53

and also

POOLE Newtown

Jo Clements (Liberal Democrat) 809
Tony Reeves (Conservative) 481
Jason Graham Sanderson (Labour) 205
Diana Mary Butler (UK Independence Party) 114
William Kimmet (British National Party) 66

Guess which ones will vanish ?

The Spennymoor result and Priory Ward results are a total disaster for the BNP.

The party threw all its remaining activists at the constituency, it spent a lot of money on the election campaign and even promoted Adam Walker in the media recently with the idiotic trip to Japan to form the New Axis.

Yet the result, around 21 % did not win the election.

The party were beaten into third place even when a conservative candidate was not standing in the area, or an independent candidate and also no UKIP candidate was standing in the election.

It should have been a walk in, instead it was a waste of time.

This is a disastrous result as it proves that the BNP cannot now win elections, regardless of how much work and money is thrown at an election and how favourable the surrounding circumstances are.

There is virtually no elections fought elsewhere in the country where there is no conservative candidate, no independent candidate and no UKIP candidate standing against the BNP candidate.

Adam Walker was a good candidate standing in his own area and a person who has a lot of public support for his persecution by the school that he was dismissed from.

Griffin threw a lot of resources and people at this election as he needed to win it in order to divert the members attention away from the allegations of corruption, perversion, rape and fraud that are rife in the party.

Yet even Adam Walker with all the support he got from the Griffinites, and remember that Adam is being groomed by Griffin to be his puppet leader after he retires at some vague point in the distant future, could not win this election.

This shows us that the present BNP is now unelectable.

The other result last night in the Middlestone Moor result was a normal BNP election.

It was a local election, with local activists and used local funding and is representative of the sort of vote that local BNP units will be getting in local elections in the future.

The Middlestone Moor, Poole and Priory Ward results are similar to the recent medway vote and others which were around 2 % .


The BNP cannot take power with Griffin at the helm, not only is he toxic in relation to our public image at the same time his utter incompetence means that the party is under performing.

Griffin must go.

The party must have a rebrand and officers appointed on the basis of probity and merit, not croneyism and nepotism.

Only then will the BNP be a functional party capable of winning elections.

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Unknown said...

Good rundown Lee, anyone, after checking the facts, who still supports Griffin continuing as chairman is a fool.
I hope Simon Darby participates in the next reform meeting.
If we rebrand, sort out the finances, and implement your ideas we could rapidly grow into a political force.
Everyone knows something is very very wrong, not just with our party but with the country.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever done any electioneering Lee? Dont bother answering that - i know the answer, youve never done any leafleting any canvassing or anything related to the hard graft of electioneering. Just shut the f up you headcase. You are so far up your own arse you can daylight out your big mouth. Griffin is the best man for the job and he stays. The disappointing results are more to do with public disinterest in politics everywhere. No one on the doorsteps we knocked on knew anything at all about the internal bickerings from people like you and Butler and Bennett. F off back to your padded cell you loony bastard.

Anonymous said...


Time is running out, he is now starting to really annoy Nationalists all over Britain. When a man doesnt have honour, when he is holding and damaging the greater cause, then he wil be resented and vilified in years to come.

On a personal note, Lee keep it true, the traitor Griffinites are committing an act of treachery in supporting failure.

Time is running out...

Anonymous said...

I thought Adam Walker would have done better. I know the Walker brothers are Griffin cultists of the highest order.

He Lost his |Eye Arsing About with Explosives said...

gri££in has done what all state assets do: wrecked the movement so there is no trust left. It will take the cause 10 years to get over this like the 1986 NF, 1990s C18 etc. and then some other shyster will come along to wreck things in a different way.

gri££in has destroyed not only the bnp: the whole country. 10 years from now we'll be a minority in most areas.

hail gri££in!

Anonymous said...

Walker is a smug, arrogant individual as is his brother, they both rose through the ranks very quickly indeed. May be one day
Gri££in may shit on them from high, as he has on the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

There are things wrong with the party at the moment, but I believe we should correct the problems in-house and not have break away groups.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Simon Darby to take over

alanorei said...

Something's not right. The Party was polling typically 10-30% in by-elections up until a couple of years ago.

I agree that public disinterest could be part of the explanation. The trouble is, the voting public appear to have become far more disinterested in the BNP than in the old gangsters.

If Spennymoor is an example of the new high-tech BNP approach to elections, then the Party leadership has much to reflect on. A couple of years back, a hard-working Hartlepool BNP activist got 27% and came second in his ward by a mere 57 votes using only the conventional campaigning methods of the time.

Anonymous said...

One more very important point Lee. Adam Walker stood for a town council which as you know is basically the same as a parish council.
Non political and with absolutely no power.
Most town and parish cllrs are co opted on because they have been put forward by the community. Or they walk on unopposed as Jefferson did as there was ten seats up and only 8 people put forward for same.
When the relevant councils are forced to call an election they have to pay for it out of there annual budget.
So to clarify the BNP threw everything it had at Spennymoor election. They will have made the town council spend a huge part of its budget on it. Now that same council will not have as much money at its disposal for the rest of year.What a pointless exercise .How not to win friends and influence people

Anonymous said...

Lee the problem is that after the last election the press built us up to be losers, this was propaganda and is used by detractors such as yourself for various reasons to knock the party and it will take some time to shake off.

It will be shaken off and the BNP will rise again bigger than ever when people realise what the Tories are like, this will start to sink in over the next year, then people will desert the tories en mass, that is also why the press is trying to build up gerrymandering Labour.

I see nothing drastically wrong with the Griffin leadership that was holding us back other than his refusal to do interviews around the time of the election (including Simon Darby) and his being in the pay of the state (the EU) and his over the top reaction to clinging to power, which in fact could be seen as both a plus and a negative (it destabilises and stabilises at the same time.

Is Gtriffin now a wreacker, is he bought through the EU?

I don't think so as he is still making the right noises, more so than any other faction, and even if he was you lot with mainly personal issues went the wrong way about it.

Even Butler said if Nick had won a seat he would have remained silent, so ALL we have here is an over reaction to an unwinnable election that has gathered up ever malecontent sniping from the sidelines making hideous and damaging claims, many of which are based on hearsay alone, you (the original malecontents) decided to strike after the election as that is when the leadership and party is weakest, which is what any mole would try to do, it failed, and Nick being `harsh` on all those that joined this gang of destabilisation at a time when the party needed to regroup and work out a stronger future rather tyan fragment into enemy camps, but thoes with a grudge or whatever specifically chose this time of weakness and I think most of the moles were activated. It was critical to crush this or see the party split under the grifin/Butler camps when it was at its weakest.

Anonymous said...

cont...I don't blame you for being concerned over some of the issues raised, such as Dowsons apparent monopoly and methods, many of us are concerned with that, though there seems to also have been some positives from this also.

But it seems no one is concerned over the EU's claim over the party by effectivly buying off our leadership as the leadership and other MEP's with the over inflated saleries they offer.

This personal finance has done NOTHING positive for the party but be a source of potential blackmail and infighting.

NO-ONE is dealing with this, not you, not Butler not Cass, yet it is critical.

Butler and yourself talk of Nick clinging to power to get his hands on the EU pention, well this may be true, but WHERE is your solution, get rid of Griffin so you too can get your hands on the EU pention pot and we are back on the merry go round again!

I don't see anyone proposing any solution here which is why you will all fail, 70% of the EU wage should be donated to the party, to increase party funds and that goes for all the employeess also, giving them all an average after expenses of around £400 PW no more than that and only one term as an MEP at a time to lose the pention hold and to give more experience to more people.

Then the party will pull together more, less green eyed monsters and less chance (almost certain) of the EU running the show from behind the curtain.

The extra funds could net the party about £50,000 per year.

yet no one is discussing this.

all we get is UAF style smears that are actually discrediting YOU not Nick!

You got over emotional Lee and never really thought it through, you have now tried to do so much damage through such underhand methods that you will probably never be part of the BNP again, even if it came out that Nick was state it may not redeem you or the other malecontents in the eyes of the members.

That is a shame Lee, a great shame and why in future we need to keep a cool calm head and not turn on each other over the first rumour or smear we hear, where you try to destroy the party (even being quoted by the media) in order to get the democratically elected leader out!

With your blog stalked by the UAF and malecontents making resemble the LUAF blog for content and comments and anyone with a counter view to your own called cultists, insane, blah blah blah, just like you used to call everyone Nutzis etc, and this is helpfull?

You have guts, you write interesting articles, stop being an arse.