Tuesday 12 April 2011

The Burka Is Already Banned In Britain

The Burka is already illegal in Britain under the Public Order Act 1936 that prohibits the wearing of a 'political uniform'.


The demonstrations of the Islamists are also illegal under the POA 1936.

The wearing of the Burka is a political statement of support for Islamism which is a political ideology whose adherents demand the imposition of sharia law to replace the rule of law and the democratic political system.

Those that wear the Burka are demonstrating their support for a political agenda against the state, in support of sharia law, in support of the status of women being relegated socially and politically below that of men, it is also worn in support of Islamist terrorism and it is worn in support of the imposition of Sharia Law to replace the rule of law and democracy.

The Koran does not state the Burka has to be worn. It just says women must dress modestly. Wearing a tent is not dressing modestly.

Wearing the burka is like wrapping oneself in a giant swastika flag, it is a statement of political intent not of religious observance.

The Burka is a propaganda tool of the Islamists, it is a way to say 'F*** you' to everyone in this country, our culture and our democratic political system.

Therefore the Burka is already illegal, those who wear it can be arrested already and prosecuted.

But the PC police are too thick to know the law already exists to ban the burka and the CPS too politicised and PC to prosecute them for wearing it.

We in The British Freedom Party will enforce the law.

We will issue orders to ACPO, the CPS and the courts that the wearing of the Burka is as much a political act as the wearing of a swastika armband and jackboots.


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Anonymous said...

Are we really supposed to give a shit if they want to cover there ugly bodies from head to toe? I thought loud mouth arse holes like Choudry were doing us all a favour in drawing attention to the obstinate fascist islamists in our midst. Besides, there is more than a wiff of Ogdens poem the Hangman about the whole argument "For I answered straight and I told you true:The scaffold was raised for none but you."

Anonymous said...

indeed, we need to look at what benefits us now and our rise to power not what is seen as some idealism of the future while laying down your coat for the NWO to walk upon.