Thursday 14 April 2011

Cameron Is SCUM !

More pathetic, politically correct weasel words from the coward conservatives.

1) Immigration hasnt caused 'discomfort and disjointedness' it has caused black on black gun crime, mass criminality, muslim paedophile rape gangs, an epidemic of criminality against the indigenous population, Islamist terrorism and the importation of diseases like TB and AID's.

To say it has caused 'discomfort' is a total slap in the face for every victim of these crimes called a racist for daring to articulate their anguish. It has caused social breakdown, fear, murder, politically correct tyranny and liberal fascism.

Kriss Donald didnt experience 'discomfort', he was stabbed, blinded, castrated and set on fire.

Nor did Charlene Downes exoerience 'discomfort' - she was raped, chopped up and put into a mincing machine and then sold as kebabs to people in blackpool.

To call the breakdown of our society caused by the importation of millions of colonists into our communities who have never integrated, and who have in fact imposed their way of life and cultures on us, as 'disjointedness' is the language of either a politically correct cretin or a posh boy who has never had to experience real life ever due to their wealth insultaing them for reality.

To blame the unemployed for being unemployed due to them choosing to be unemployed whilst all these wonderful altruistic foreigners came here to assist the business elite to grow rich - is such a disgusting, vile, slur on his own people that I would call it treasonous.

Mass immigration was used by Labour for cheap votes and the tories as cheap labour.

The welfare state was designed by tory and labour to allow mass immigration into the UK whilst keeping British people in poverty. After Thatcher closed down the manufacturing industries and factories that employed the WORKING class ( those who once made the things that we as a nation once sold to the world and whose labour was the source of our national wealth) theywere thrown into the welfare system.

Thatchers took us into the global system ,exported our industries, threw our WORKERS onto the dole and turned our nation into a service economy based on neo-liberal global financial trade as the main source of our national income. The welfare state was the cage where our people were kept as the British economy was globalised. We were welfare slaves on the plantation, waiting to be given work by our massers, if we were lucky.

Oh yes and lets all remember the entire Thacther boom was based on just one thing NORTH SEA OIL, we could have been run under communism at that time and we would still have had a national economic boom due to us being able to sell the oil.

Thatcherism destroyed our industrial base when we could have invested the oil money to create a high tech, high efficient, high productivity industrial base in Britain of nationalised industries that would have allowed us to have become the worlds manufacturing nation - instead the oil money went into the pockets of the rich and the financial system and has been lost forever in the credit crash.

Thatcherism, followed by Blair and Brown who also adhered to Thatcherite neo-liberal globalist economics, have destroyed our country.

The working class were thrown on the dole as virtually the entire manufacturing base of this country was offshored, cheap economic migrants allowed in to take the low paid, mcjobs that were then created as a result of globalisation, as to pay British workers decent wages and conditions ensured those companies were not productive, hence they employed cheap foreign labour.

The traitor business class have chosen to employ cheap foreign labour instead of the British people, simply as they can pay them less.

In the meantime our people have been thrown on the dole and kept there.

To blame the unemployed for the deliberate policies of Thatcher, Brown and Blair and Cameron are the words of an evil, arrogant, cruel and spiteful upper class parasite.

There is no need for a single immigrant to come into this country to do a job, we need to create a new model of a National Economy where we change the present globalist economic, service industry and financial services economic bases, into a self sufficient, national production manufacturing base.

We need a new Industrial Revolution based on national self sufficiency.

We have a ten year plan to invest billions into new transport infrastructure, new manufacturing industries, new energy production sectors (eg coal, wave, nuclear and geo-thermal) and at the same time we create a new Welfare to Work Model that directs the unemployed into training schemes to staff these new industries once they are established.

We then impose high taxes on foreign imports to bolster demand for British produced goods.

Do not need to import in foeign labour, we need to create jobs for our own people by withdrawing from the globalist system that offshores British jobs and imports in cheap goods and cheap labour from abroad.

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Nationalist4UK/Irish_Kid said...

Theres a video i found about the German News reporting on the Muslim gangs in the UK which the BBC Never reports on.

No wonder why the UAF and other left wing movements support Muslim rape gangs because they oppose the EDL!
The UAF are a disgrace to rape victims!

Anonymous said...

I've had no work this week. I'd work 7 days a week if i had the chance like i used to.
But i can't complete with the millions of immigrants who have come into this country.
I can't sign on as i have savings so i'm doomed to never ever get a proper job again and go week to week depending on small low paid work my friends and family get me.

extant said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lee,very well put, that's it in a nut shell.

Whistle said...

Lee, please stop blaming Mrs. T.for ALL our ills,you are an intelligent person,so please look at the 'Coal,Iron and Steel Treaty' signed in 1952 by 6 Countries.I was 6yrs old at the time,knew nothing of politics,but the politicians did.In 1957,the Treaty of Rome was signed by the same 6 Countries,again,I knew nothing of Politics.To sum that up,the intent was to pool the industrial bases of those 6 Countries so war would never happen between them.Our lot of self-serving politicians took us in,knowing full well that our industrial base was to be shut down.And,if you look back to the 70's,that was when it started to happen.WE MUST EXIT THE EU AS SOON AS POSS. After that, everything will fall into place.

Anonymous said...

If you put half the amount of effort into getting a job as you do writing your blog you would have one. How lucky that you have the luxury of sitting down all day, writing your little articles while the rest of us struggle. You make spiteful claims about other cultures, creating a 'them and us' mentality when really you should be looking a bit closer to home and observing your own behaviour. Parents, regardless of nationality, need to support their families and provide, end of, do you support yours?

Anonymous said...

THIS is the real agenda, WAKE UP!

Cameron is a liar his speech was nothing to do with immigration! He was declaring war on the welfare state !

Cameron said, firstly we must tackle the abuse of the welfare state before we can tackle immigration.

This lying, cheating, man has blamed the white working classes and not immigrants for abusing the welfare state.

Mark my words, the white British people who are disabled, sick, or or unemployed will be blitzed yet again by Cameron. Whilst the immigrant scroungers will go untouched as usual

Anonymous said...

extant said...

14 April 2011 11:17

unless you at least give us some ideA WHAT they are about then i wont watch them as you request, so give a header or quit wasting peoples time.

Adrian P said...

If there is a need to import foreign 'talent' it's only because the ruling elites have fucked up the education system as well.

They have worked out that they can create false realities.

Man made Global warming isn't real, but if politicians keep spouting that it is, if the Media only spouts the same message that's the reality that the masses will perceive.

Anyone who comes along to challenge is ignored, like Lord Christopher Monckton or Sacked and ignored like David Bellamy.

Similarly Lybia, we all know it's regime change, control of oil, etc but they spout it's about protecting civilians.

George Orwell spotted the decline in 1946.

Orwell on Language

It's easy to see what's going on, we are being race replaced, but, as you have just illustrated, it's hidden by censorship, lies and spin.
Rape and Murder are hidden from the mainstream media so the masses don't see it.
It doesn't matter if we know about sites like I am an Englishman

It doesn't matter if hundreds of thousand know about it and similar sites, so long as 50 million other Brits do not.

That's what is going on, it is all a charade for the 'masses', they know many see through them, but it doesn't matter so long as most do not.
There is a very serious agenda in the media to demonise the indigenous.
If people have a choice between welfare and working 40 hrs to obtain barely any extra, it's not worth the effort, those who decide not to have made the correct decision, it is not worth the effort and the system was designed that way to discourage work so that the working class will weigh up the pros and cons and make the decision many have.
It's a thoroughly evil plan designed to entrap the White working class onto welfare, then demonize them, and then replace them.
The white working class are quite deliberately being turned into the new Jews, ready for a future Cull.
Whatever Hitler may or may not have done, it can be argued he tried to save his people from what we are facing now.
Truly the ruling elites of Britain are beyond evil, to do this to their own people.

It is a numbers game, we must educate the masses to see the charade for what it is before the ruling elites reach their endgame.

Adrian Peirson said...

Gerald Celente Warning

Anonymous said...

Same party,same message,same bullshit,just a different generation.

gatesofvienna said...

"OPERATION SOUTHERN MISTRAL" = "Operation Odyssey Dawn"

"SOUTHLAND" = "Libya"

"Security Council Resolution 3003" = "Security Council Resolution 1973".

"DICTATORSHIP" = "Qadhaffi Regime"

Under the war games scenario Security Council Resolution 3003 was proposed by France, whereas "the real life" UN Security Council Resolution 1973 was proposed by France, the UK and Lebanon.


Letter from an American congressman link.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with this article more, I'm actually a young New Zealander and looking back, most of my ancestors came from Devon and my family fought for England in WW1 before coming over. I'm afraid that we have the same thing happening in NZ as well, it seems when my father was young the community functioned as a stable one would, but now it seems every shop is owned by immigrants of whom can't even speak English and my cousin is out of work due to cheaper immigrant labour. I've certainly noticed rather an obsession with politically correctness in our government also of which is preventing it from doing what is really correct for the great country of New Zealand and it's people.